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Chinese Hair Prices In Ghana And Where To Buy

The Chinese hair industry stands out as the most vibrant among global hair industries, contributing to over 50% of hair extensions sold worldwide.

For those seeking insights into Chinese hair prices and reliable purchase options, this article provides comprehensive information on the subject.

Chinese hair, known for its coarser texture, holds a distinct position among popular hair types, with a diameter twice that of Caucasian hair.

Available primarily in shades of black or various tones of dark and light brown, this hair type is traditionally sourced from ethnic minorities in China.

However, in recent times, it is also imported from countries worldwide. The popularity of Chinese hair is primarily attributed to its affordability.

Despite its widespread appeal, Chinese hair, in its natural state, may not meet the preferences of European markets.

To enhance its suitability, the hair undergoes a series of processes. Initially, it is subjected to an acid bath to refine its texture, a procedure that often strips most of the cuticles bare.

Subsequently, a coating of silicone is applied, imparting a temporary shine and softness to the hair.

While Chinese hair is budget-friendly, its durability is limited. Even with proper care, it typically lasts for about 6 months to a year.

The classification of Chinese hair is based on grades, with 3a and 4a being low-cost options that may include a blend of synthetic hair, while 10a represents the highest grade, consisting of 100% virgin hair.

For those interested in purchasing Chinese hair, trusted stores offer reliable options. Continue reading as I share insights into Chinese hair and recommend reputable establishments where you can make your purchase.

Price Of Chinese Hair In Ghana

The cost of Chinese hair in Ghana spans from GHS 250 to GHS 779, with pricing influenced by both the desired length in inches and the source of purchase.

This range provides individuals with flexibility in selecting Chinese hair options that align with their preferences and budget considerations.

When considering the purchase of Chinese hair, it’s essential to factor in the desired length and choose a reputable source that meets your quality standards.

This information aims to guide individuals in making informed decisions as they explore the diverse offerings of Chinese hair in the market.

Where To Buy Chinese Hair In Ghana

If you are looking to purchase quality Chinese hair, here are some trusted shops that offer reliable options:

Price Of Chinese Hair At Jiji Online

Wig NamePrice
Chinese-style human hairGHS 480
China wig bang hair capGHS 250
Chinese bone straightGHS 1,125

Price Of Chinese Hair At Gh Loozap Online

Wig NamePrice
Chinese hair wigGHS 160

Price Of Chinese Hair At Ali Express

Wig Name Price
Chinese highlight bob wigGHS 423.21
Chinese straight human hair wigGHS 811.83
Lace front Chinese wig human hairGHS 779.68
Synthetic hair weave 36 inchesGHS 109.33
Colourful Chinese body wave hair bundlesGHS 103.85
Straight hair bundle Chinese weaving bundlesGHS 302.59

Wrapping Up

The Chinese hair industry dominates the global market, consistently selling a substantial volume of hair extensions and wigs year after year.

Characterized by its coarse texture, Chinese hair undergoes processing to enhance its suitability for the European market, where its natural state may not meet preferences.

To achieve a more refined texture, Chinese hair is subjected to an acid bath, resulting in finer strands.

Additionally, a coating of silicone is applied to impart a shiny and silky appearance. It’s important to note that Chinese hair, despite processing and maintenance efforts, has a relatively short shelf life.

Classified based on grades, with 10a representing the highest quality, Chinese hair offers a range of options to cater to diverse preferences.

For those interested in acquiring Chinese hair, reputable online platforms such as Jiji Online, Gh Loozap Online, and Ali Express provide accessible avenues for purchase, ensuring a variety of choices for consumers.

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