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Chinese Hair Prices In Ghana And Where To Buy

The Chinese hair industry is the most vibrant of the hair industries, as over 50% of hair extensions sold all over the world are sourced from China.

Want to know more about Chinese hair prices and where to buy one for yourself or for your loved one? Then this article is for you.

Since we have decided to let you know more about wig prices in Ghana, we have articles covering various wig prices in Ghana that you can check out.

Read on as I share with you everything you should know about Chinese hair and some trusted stores you can purchase it from.

Chinese hair is the most coarse of all the popular hair types, it is twice the diameter of Caucasian hair. It comes in a variety of colours, mainly black or shades of dark or light brown.

This hair type is sourced from ethnic minorities in China, but in recent years it is imported from countries across the globe. Want to know why Chinese hair is so popular? Simply because of its low pricing.

However, Chinese hair in its natural form won’t really sell in European markets, so it undergoes some changes before it becomes suitable.

First, it is processed through an acid bath to make the hair finer. During this process, most of the cuticles are stripped bare.

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After the bath of acid, the Chinese hair is coated in silicone, and this makes it shiny and soft temporarily.

Chinese hair doesn’t last for long, no matter how well it is kept. It can last for about 6 months to a year.

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Chinese hair is classified based on grades, with 3a and 4a typically low cost with a mixture of synthetic hair, and 10a made up of 100% virgin hair.

Price Of Chinese Hair In Ghana

The price of Chinese hair ranges from GHS 250 to GHS 779. The price is also determined by the inches you want to buy and where you are buying from.

Where To Buy Chinese Hair In Ghana

Read on as I share with you some trusted shops where you can purchase good Chinese hair.

Price Of Chinese Hair At Jiji Online

Wig NamePrice
Chinese-style human hairGHS 480
China wig bang hair capGHS 250
Chinese bone straightGHS 1,125

Price Of Chinese Hair At Gh Loozap Online

Wig NamePrice
Chinese hair wigGHS 160

Price Of Chinese Hair At Ali Express

Wig Name Price
Chinese highlight bob wigGHS 423.21
Chinese straight human hair wigGHS 811.83
Lace front Chinese wig human hairGHS 779.68
Synthetic hair weave 36 inchesGHS 109.33
Colourful Chinese body wave hair bundlesGHS 103.85
Straight hair bundle Chinese weaving bundlesGHS 302.59

Wrapping Up

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Chinese hair has the greatest market in the world, selling lots of hair extensions and wigs year in and year out.

This hair type is very coarse and isn’t suitable for the European market in its natural state.

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As such, it undergoes some processing to make it suitable. It is processed in an acid bath to make the hairs finer and then coated in silicone to make the hairs shiny and silky.

Note however that Chinese hair has a very short shelf life, regardless of how well it is maintained.

It is classified based on grades, with 10a being the highest and of the best quality. You can buy Chinese hair from Jiji online, Gh Loozap online, and Ali Express.

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