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Closure Hair Prices In Ghana And Where To Buy

This article is going to take you through closure price in Ghana, the types, and where to buy, and also take you through why you need to get yourself closure hair.

Due to their easy maintenance and styling, many prefer to incorporate closures when constructing wigs. 

Another perk of closures is they come at a lower price. Before reading this article, you might also want to read our articles on wholesale wig shops in Accra and where to buy bone-straight hair.

If you want to know more about closures, read as I share with you some specific features and trusted places where you can purchase closures.

A closure is similar to a frontal; it includes a piece of lace sewn with hair extensions- into the base of a wig. 

Closures copy how a natural scalp looks, so you don’t need to leave some of your natural hair out to blend with the hair extensions. 

To get the wig as natural-looking as possible, it is best to bleach the knots to decrease the appearance of lace. 

Closures are also great for protecting your natural hair against damage and also helping your hair to grow.

Although the closure is similar to a frontal, it is more limited in styling as it isn’t as versatile as the frontal

The closure hairpiece is usually a rectangular or square patch placed at one section of the head-usually middle- to close off the wig or hair extensions. 

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With the closure, the scalp space is decreased, and there is a smaller parking space.

Closures are great for women who don’t like to change their hairstyle and stick to the same style daily. 

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You can go for a middle or side part on your head’s left or right side. Wearing bangs with a closure is also possible, but you can’t create half ponytails or up-dos with this hairpiece.

How Much Is Closure in Ghana?

The price of closure hair in Ghana ranges from GHS 290 to GHS 990. The price is also determined by the size you want and where you are buying from.

Stores That You Can Buy Closure Hairs From And Their Prices In Ghana

Below are some shops you can purchase quality and lasting closures in Ghana, as well as their respective prices.

The Hair City

The hair city is situated in Madina, around Zongo Junction. The calling numbers are 0243882372 or 0264595849. 

Working hours are from 8:00 am to 10:30 pm on Mondays to Thursdays and 8:00 am to 11:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. 

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Price Of Closure Hairs At Shika Hair Gh

The closure prices at The hair city are as follows;

8″GHS 290
10″GHS 320
12″GHS 350
14″GHS 400
16″GHS 450
18″GHS 500
20″GHS 550
22″GHS 600

Glam In Inches

Glam in Inches is located at Dansoman, on Doctor Busia Street. For all inquiries on their closure prices, you can reach them at 0548833167. 

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Price Of Closure Hairs At Glam In Inches

Closure prices are as follows;

Size Price 
10″GHS 440
12″GHS 470
14″GHS 500
16″GHS 520
18″GHS 600
20″GHS 620
22″GHS 700
24″GHS 780
26″GHS 800

Jane’s Hair

You can find Jane’s hair on Sunkwa Road at Osu. They also have another branch at East Legon and can be reached at 0264236832. 

Closure prices at Jane’s Hair are as follows;

Size Price 
10″GHS 220
12″GHS 250
14″GHS 280
16″GHS 310
18″GHS 350
20″GHS 370
22″GHS 700
24″GHS 780
26″GHS 800

Shika Hair GH

You can find Shika Hair GH at Dome Pillar 2, specifically K Boat Junction, and its contact number is 0504592012. 

Price Of Closure Hairs At Shika Hair GH

Closure prices at Shika Hair GH are as follows;

Size Price 
8″GHS 350
10″GHS 370
12″GHS 420
14″GHS 460
16″GHS 540
18″GHS 610
20″GHS 680
22″GHS 720
24″GHS 770
26″GHS 820
28″GHS 870
4*4 Closure Prices
Size Price 
8″GHS 390
10″GHS 430
12″GHS 470
14″GHS 520
16″GHS 600
18″GHS 660
20″GHS 720
22″GHS 770
24″GHS 820
26″GHS 870
28″GHS 900

Wrapping Up

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There are many kinds of hairs in Ghana but closure is one of the most popular and easy to use, in this article, we went through closure price in Ghana, closure types such as the price of frontal closure in Ghana, and answered all questions surrounding closure hair.

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You can purchase any of the closures from these trusted sources; The hair city, Glam in Inches, Jane’s Hair, and Shika Hair GH.

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