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Darling Passion Twist Price In Ghana

Are you searching for price of passion twist in Ghana? The use of Darling passion twist to braid hair has increased over the past years.

This is because of the increasing popularity of hairstyles like spring twist, passion twist, and fairy locs, as these hairstyles require the use of passion twist hair extensions.

Want to know more about Darling passion twist? Then this article is for you.

In this article, I’ll share with you all you need to know about passion twist hair, why you need to purchase Darling passion twist to braid your hair, as well as its prices in Ghana.

Passion twists are simply two-strand twists that are created using the passion twist or wavy hair extensions.

They have gained popularity in recent times due to their boho and stylish look.

This hairstyle is also done in no time, as you just have to twist the two strands around each other and you’re good to go.

Although passion twists don’t last as long as rasta braids, they can look good for about 4-6 weeks with proper care and maintenance.

To make them retain their luster and shine, don’t forget to moisturize your hair with natural oils, and always put your hair in a bonnet before going to bed.

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Passion twists, when kept well, are a great protective style for your natural hair. However, if you keep it in for too long, your hair could end up getting damaged.

There are different types of hairstyles you can achieve with passion twist hair extensions. They include the following:

  • Long passion twists
  • Passion twists in a half bun
  • Shoulder-length passion twists
  • Highlighted passion twists
  • Passion twist in a bun
  • Fairy locs

Why Do You Need to Purchase Darling Passion Twist Hair?

For all your braiding needs, Darling passion twist is perfect for you. It comes with a beautiful luscious and smooth texture is relatively long and is very easy to install.

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The added advantage of Darling passion twist is that it is very lightweight, weighing only 120g, thus you barely feel any weight on your head with these hair extensions.

For a full head of hair, only 3 packs of this hair extension are needed.

For all my daring and fun-loving ladies, the Darling passion twist comes in other colors apart from black, such as wine, dark brown, light brown, and blue.

In caring for your hair extensions, simply oil sheen occasionally and use mousse to give it additional volume, so how much is passion twist in Ghana? let us find out.

Price Of Darling Passion Twist Hair

The price of Darling Passion Twist ranges from GHS 45 to GHS 150, the price is also determined by the inches and the bundles you are buying.

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Also, the price is sometimes determined by where you are buying this Darling passion twist from.

To conclude, Darling passion twist hair is perfect for your passion twists. It is cost-effective, lightweight, long, and lustrous. Don’t hesitate to purchase it today. You can also check out Obaa sima hair prices which is also part of the darling brand.

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