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Mongolian Hair Prices In Ghana And Where To Buy

Mongolian hair is one of the more popular hair types which Ghanaian ladies like to purchase. Thus, read on as I share with you everything you need to know about Mongolian hair; including where you can buy it in Ghana.

Mongolian hair is from the country of Mongolia; and is got specifically from poor Mongolian women who cut their hair off in exchange for money.

It is a cross between Malaysian and Chinese hair; thinner and coarser than Chinese hair and not as soft as Malaysian hair.

This hair type comes in a wide variety of colors; from black to light blonde, and also comes in different styles, making it extremely versatile.

Mongolian hair is quite expensive because it is difficult to acquire, as the country has a population of only 2.6 million people.

It can be used as an alternative for Indian or Chinese hair if they are not available. Due to how fine the hair is, you won’t get the thickness that you see with Brazilian or Peruvian hair.

However, its somewhat coarse nature makes it a good fit for Afro-Caribbean hair, as it blends in well with them. It is also durable and light.

Mongolian hair extensions can be used for numerous purposes; whether to braid hair, make wigs, or be worn as a ponytail.

Extensions can come in straight, body wave, deep wave, and curly hairstyles, all-natural and 100% unprocessed.

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There are also 2 types of Mongolian hair on the basis of the donor;
Single donor means the hair is from one woman and is thus called Mongolian natural virgin hair extensions.

Price Of Mongolian Hair In Ghana

The price of Mongolian hair ranges from GHS 450 to GHS 1,800. The price of Mongolian hair is also determined by the inches you want and where you are buying from.

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Different donors mean the hair extensions are from multiple women and are thus called Mongolian natural Remy hair extensions.

Thus, if you want to purchase Mongolian hair, read on as I share with hair shops you can get it from, as well as the prices.

Stores That You Can Buy Mongolian Hair From In Ghana

Price Of Mongolian Hair At Jiji Online

Wig Name Price
Mongolian hair 10 inchesGHS 450
20 inches Mongolian grade 10a wig capGHS 825
Classy Mongolian wet curls grade 10a with 4*4GHS 550
Mongolian bob unitGHS 320
Mongolian fringe bangGHS 460
Mongolian wet curlsGHS 560
Mongolian Miss Ryle virgin hairGHS 1800

Price Of Mongolian Jumia Online

Wig NamePrice
16 inches Mongolian curly wigGHS 620
8 inches Mongolian wet curlsGHS 580
18 inches Mongolian grade 10a hair wigGHS 2000
26 inches Mongolian virgin hair wig cap whiteGHS 1800

Price Of Mongolian At Ali Express

Wig namePrice
QT lace front wig Mongolian kinky curlyGHS 1132.83


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To conclude, Mongolian hair can be used as an alternative to Indian or Chinese hair; it is thinner and coarser than Chinese hair and not as soft as Malaysian hair.

Mongolian hair extensions are used to make wigs, braid hair, or be worn as a ponytail. It comes in a variety of styles, all-natural and unprocessed.

Mongolian hair can come from either a single donor or multiple donors. You can purchase this wig type from Jiji online, Jumia online, or Ali Express.

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