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Brazilian Hair Prices In Ghana And Where To Buy

Brazilian hair was one of the first hair types to blow on the market and is popular to this day.

In this article, I’ll share with you everything you must know about Brazilian hair; why it is well-loved as well as shops you can purchase it from.

Contrary to popular belief, Brazilian hair is not sourced from Brazil. Most of this so-called Brazilian hair is got from India, with some coming from China and other countries in Asia.

The name isn’t necessarily associated with where the hair comes from, it is merely a marketing scheme to satisfy customer demand for a particular texture, pattern, luster, or softness.

This hair type is commonly seen in wigs and hair extensions. “Brazilian hair” is hair that has medium luster, a soft feel, and natural durability, able to maintain styles under various temperatures and conditions.

It comes in straight, wavy, or curly patterns. Note however that the straight textures are not bone straight, and need to be straightened out with a flat iron for a sleek look.

Another advantage of this hair is that it blends well with most ethnic hair textures, giving you a natural look.

It also doesn’t tangle or shed and handles dyes fairly well, so you can color the hair to your satisfaction.

Brazilian hair is very thick and dense; you can use fewer bundles than usual to create a full head of hair. It is also more humidity resistant than most hair types.

With proper maintenance, mainly washing, conditioning, and steam processing, your Brazilian hair can retain its quality and last for many years.

Price Of Brazilian Hair In Ghana

brazilian hair price

The price of Brazilian hair ranges from GHS 132 to GHS 2,600. The price of Brazilian hair is determined by the inches you want to buy and where you are buying from.

Where To Buy Brazilian Hair In Ghana

Want to know where you can purchase such thick and silky wigs from? Well, read on as I share with you shops where you can Brazilian hair.

Price Of Brazilian Hair At Jiji Online

Wig Name Price
18 inches Brazilian wet curls wig capGHS 899
Brazilian Remy bouncy curlsGHS 855
Remy Brazilian hairGHS 530
Luxury bouncy curls grade 12aGHS 2,600
Luxury human hair grade 12aGHS 1,500
12 inches double drawn bouncy curlsGHS 1,250
Brazilian hairGHS 240
12 inches layered Brazilian Remy water curlsGHS 755
20 inches original Brazilian Remy water curls wigGHS 1,485

Price Of Brazilian Hair At Jumia Online

Wig Name Price
Glueless bob wig Brazilian StraightGHS 195
Kinky straight Brazilian virgin hairGHS 550
Brazilian hair pixie cut wigGHS 170
Brazilian virgin hairGHS 360
Bob style human fibre hair wig BrazilianGHS 132

Price Of Brazilian Hair At Gh Loozap Online

Wig NamePrice
Brazilian hair 12aGHS 330

Price Of Brazilian Hair At Ali Express

Wig Name Price
Ali Annabelle Brazilian straight lace front human hair wigGHS 1,806.21
13*4 Brazilian bone straight lace front human hair wigGHS 1,825.64
30 inches Brazilian curly human hair wigGHS 568.02
Brazilian body wave lace front wig 13*4GHS 1,189.79
Brazilian loose body wave 13*4 lace frontal wigGHS 1,830.36
Remy 30 inches Brazilian body wave 13*6HD lace front wigGHS 1,149.37

You can purchase quality Brazilian hair bundles or wigs from any of the stores mentioned; Jiji online, Jumia online, Gh Loozap online, and Ali Express. Brazilian hair is very popular and is preferred by most due to its medium lustre and shine, soft feel, and natural durability. It doesn’t tangle or shed and can hold dyes fairly easily.

For other similar hair brands, you can also check out Chinese hair prices, Indian hair prices, Peruvian hair prices and Mongolian hair prices in Ghana.

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