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Human Hair Wig Prices In Ghana

Are you searching for a human hair wig price in Ghana? Then this article is for you.

Maintaining your hair in its natural state can be pretty tricky work. 

In our part of the world, our natural hair is the 4C type, tightly coiled strands that get knotted easily and are prone to dryness and shrinkage. 

Even for those with relaxed hair, there’s only so much you can do with it without looking monotonous and boring.

Incessant braiding is also not good for your hair as it can cause traction alopecia, hair breakage, loss, and dandruff buildup. 

Don’t get me wrong; braiding is a great protective style, but it helps to take a break and let your hair rest.

And this is where wigs come into play, they are convenient, realistic-looking, and perfect for natural hair protection. 

Wigs come in two broad types, whether synthetic or natural, that is, human hair. 

Synthetic wigs are made of fiber and can be worn straight from the box as they are already pre-styled. 

They are known for their style-retaining ability, even in rain or humid weather, and are cheaper than human hair wigs. 

Human hair wigs can be washed and styled with heat, just like natural hair. They can also last for many years and, in my opinion, are a better choice over synthetic wigs.

Thus, human hair is the way to go when choosing a wig to buy. Read on as I share with you some human hair wig options in Ghana, as well as their prices.

Human Hair Wig Price In Ghana

The price of human hair wig ranges from GHS 153.00 to GHS 1,789 across all hair retail stores. The price is also determined by the inches you are buying, the type of wig hair you want, and also where you are buying from.

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Types Of Human Hair Wigs With Their Prices

Bone Straight

We can not talk about the prices of wigs in Ghana without talking about bone-straight hair.

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This human hair type has become quite popular in recent years. It is silky, flat, and permanently straight, and a must-have. 

This hair doesn’t tangle or shed and requires little or no styling,

differentiating it from natural straight hair. Bone straight may be single drawn, which makes it complete

at the top, moderate at the middle, and thin getting to the end, or double drawn, where the hair has even thickness from root to tip and is more expensive. 

It doesn’t need any strict maintenance; occasionally, washing will do. 

However, this hair type is costly; the longer it is, the more expensive. You can read this guide on where to buy bone-straight hair in Ghana.

Bone Straight Hair Prices In Ghana

8″GHS 400
10″GHS 470
12″GHS 500
14″GHS 550
16″GHS 590
18″GHS 670
20″GHS 740
22″GHS 800
24″GHS 860
26″GHS 920
28″GHS 990
30″GHS 1100
32″GHS 1150
34″GHS 1170

Body Wave

The body wave wig comes in an undulating pattern, creating a natural-looking wave or a consistent ‘S’ shape. 

It is usually worn for important occasions such as weddings and other parties. 

This hair type is dense with constant volume and undergoes minimal shedding. 

It is versatile and can be styled in various ways, held into an updo, or straightened with a flatiron.

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When caring for body waves, use your fingers for thorough detangling from ends to root. 

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After that, use a brush to smooth your hair and style it in any way you please. 

Body wave isn’t as expensive as bone straight, and 2-3 bundles are needed for a full head, depending on the preferred length. 

Body Wave Hair Prices In Ghana

Size Price 
8″GHS 85
10″GHS 110
12″GHS 130
14″GHS 150
16″GHS 170
18″GHS 200
20″GHS 250
22″GHS 270
24″GHS 300
26″GHS 330
28″GHS 370
30″GHS 400
32″GHS 430

Deep Wave

This natural-looking human hair wig is quite the rave these days as it gives a youthful look. 

It has the same texture as a body wave but a tighter curl pattern. 

It can hold different styles reasonably well and doesn’t shed or tangle. 

Deep waves are easy to maintain; washing and finger-combing the waves will do. 

You can also use a paddle brush, however, too much brushing will loosen the curls. Using a brush, always work your way from the ends to the roots. 

Deep waves can last 1-2 years with proper maintenance and care. 

Deep Wave Bundle Prices In Ghana

Size Price 
8″GHS 100
10″GHS 120
12″GHS 140
14″GHS 160
16″GHS 190
18″GHS 210
20″GHS 250
22″GHS 290
24″GHS 320
26″GHS 350
28″GHS 395
30″GHS 420
32″GHS 430

Water Curls

Water curls also called water wave hair, are similar to the deep wave, just that they have a curlier look. 

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Water wave got its name from how it flows like water and looks natural, thick, and full. 

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This hair is also tangle-free with minimal shedding. The great thing about water curls is it requires fewer bundles to give a full-head look. 

It is also easy to maintain and style and quickly holds various kinds. 

This human hair wig can last for 1-2 years with good maintenance.

Water Curl Bundle Prices In Ghana

Size Price
10″GHS 490
12″GHS 540
14″GHS 590
16″GHS 650
18″GHS 740
20″GHS 860

Frequently Asked Questions When It Comes To Human Hair Wig Prices In Ghana

Price of human hair in Ghana

The price of human hair ranges from GHS 77.87 to GHS 915. The price is determined by the inches you want and where you are buying this human hair.

Natural hair wig price in Ghana

The price of natural hair wig price in Ghana ranges from GHS 41.00 to GHS 160,000 across all retail stores in Ghana.


So these are the human hair wigs and their prices in Ghana. We have the straight bone wig, the body wave wig, the deep wave wig, and the water curls wig. 

You can choose one based on your preference or buy all types if you have the funds.

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