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Bone Straight Hair Prices In Ghana: Types, Where To Buy And More

Certainly! Bone straight hair has gained immense popularity in Ghana and Nigeria since 2020, becoming a highly sought-after hair type.

In this article, we will delve into bone straight hair prices in Ghana, exploring where to buy, different types, and additional relevant information.

Bone straight hair is renowned for its silky and flat texture, characterized by its non-tangling and non-shedding qualities.

It also offers the convenience of not requiring extensive styling and is low-maintenance, typically needing only simple washing to maintain its allure. There are two distinct types of bone-straight hair:

  1. Single Drawn: This type of hair is full at the top, moderate in the middle, and thin towards the end.
  2. Double Drawn: Characterized by even thickness from root to tip, double-drawn bone straight hair tends to be more expensive.

For those keen on discovering bone straight hair prices, sizes, and the best places to purchase, this article will provide comprehensive insights.

You can expect to find information not only on bone straight hair prices but also on the pricing structures at various hair shops.

Additionally, the article will cover the prices of Kim K Closure hairs, offering a well-rounded guide for those looking to invest in quality hair products.

Stay tuned as we guide you through the intricacies of bone-straight hair prices from reputable sources in Ghana.

How Much Is Bone Straight Hair?

A picture of bone straight hair

The cost of bone straight hair varies, with prices ranging from GHS 400 to GHS 5,170. The determining factors include the desired length in inches and the specific seller.

Now, let’s delve into establishments offering bone straight hair, exploring their respective prices for this particular type of hair product.

Stores That You Can Buy Bone Straight Hairs From And Their Prices In Ghana

Shika Hair Gh

Renowned for its premium bone straight hair, Shika Hair is conveniently situated at Dome Pillar 2. In particular, you can find them at K Boat Junction, and their contact number is 0504592012. For those seeking top-notch quality and service, Shika Hair stands as a reliable option.

Price Of Bone Straight Hairs At Shika Hair Gh

The hair prices are as follows, with 2 to 3 bundles needed for a full head;

Price per bundle:

8″GHS 400
10″GHS 470
12″GHS 500
14″GHS 550
16″GHS 590
18″GHS 670
20″GHS 740
22″GHS 800
24″GHS 860
26″GHS 920
28″GHS 990
30″GHS 1100
32″GHS 1150
34″GHS 1170

Price Of Kim K Closure Hairs At Shika Hair Gh

8″GHS 350 – GHS 390
10″GHS 370 – GHS 430
12″GHS 420 – GHS 470
14″GHS 460 14 – GHS 520
16″GHS 540 – GHS 600
18″GHS 610 – GHS 660
20″GHS 680 – GHS 720
22″GHS 720 – GHS 770
24″GHS 770 – GHS 820
26″GHS 820 – GHS 870
28″GHS 870 – GHS 900

The Hair City

Situated in Madina, near Zongo Junction, The Hair City is a reputable hair store offering quality products. To get in touch with them, you can call either 0243882372 or 0264595849.

The Hair City caters to customers looking for both quality and affordability in wigs. For bone straight hair, the prices are outlined below, and it’s recommended to purchase 2-3 bundles for a complete head transformation:

Price Of Bone Straight Hairs At The Hair City

8″GHS 330
10″GHS 370
12″GHS 400
14″GHS 460
16″GHS 550
18″GHS 650
20″GHS 750
22″GHS 900
24″GHS 950
26″GHS 1,050
28″GHS 1,100

Price Of Kim K Closure Hairs At The Hair City

8″GHS 350 – GHS 290
10″GHS 370 – GHS 3200
12″GHS 420 – GHS 350
14″GHS 460 14 – GHS 400
16″GHS 540 – GHS 4500
18″GHS 610 – GHS 500
20″GHS 680 – GHS550
22″GHS 720 – GHS 600

Luxuriant Strands

Luxuriant Strands, located at Lakeside in Accra, is your go-to destination for raw donor hair, particularly in the coveted bone straight style.

In addition to premium hair, they offer services like custom wig-making and expert hairstyling.

For those considering Luxuriant Strands for their bone-straight hair needs, here are the prices, keeping in mind that 2 to 3 bundles are typically required for a full head transformation:

Price per bundle

Price Of Bone Straight Hairs At Luxuriant Strands

8″GHS 350
10″GHS 450
12″GHS 480
14″GHS 520
16″GHS 590
18″GHS 685
20″GHS 700
22″GHS 750
24″GHS 800
26″GHS 880
28″GHS 980
30″GHS 1,150

Price Of Black Closure Hairs At Luxuriant Strands

10″ (4*4)-GHS 480 
10″ (5*5)GHS 550 
12″ (4*4)GHS 580
14″ (4*4)GHS 600 
22″ (2*4)GHS 650
24″ (4*4)GHS 700 
26″ (6*6)GHS 980

Price Of BlackFrontal Hairs At Luxuriant Strands

12″ (13*6)GHS 1000

Glam In Inches

Glam in Inches, a well-known vendor of super double-drawn (SDD) and double-drawn (DD) straight hair, is conveniently situated at Doctor Busia Street in Dansoman. For any inquiries, you can contact them at 0548833167.

For those interested in their exquisite range, here are the prices for Glam in Inches’ straight hair. Typically, 2 to 3 bundles are recommended for achieving a full head of luxurious hair:

Price Of Bone Straight Hairs At Glam Inches

The hair prices are as follows, with 2 to 3 bundles needed for a full head;

Price per bundle:

8″GHS 380
10″GHS 420
12″GHS 480
14″GHS 550
18″GHS 620
20″GHS 740
22″GHS 680
24″GHS 820
26″GHS 860

Jane’s Hair

Operating from Sunkwa Road in Osu, this reputable hair vendor also has an additional branch in East Legon.

If you’re in search of top-quality hair, look no further. For inquiries and purchases, you can reach them at 0264236832.

Their commitment to providing clients with premium hair options makes them a noteworthy choice in the industry.

Price Of Bone Straight Hairs At Glam Inches

Bone straight prices are as follows, with 2 to 3 bundles needed for a full head;

10″GHS 300
12″GHS 360
14″GHS 435
16″GHS 500
18″GHS 550
20″GHS 670
22″GHS 780
24″GHS 830
26″GHS 870

Wrapping Up 

Understanding bone straight hair is crucial for those seeking quality and style. In this comprehensive article, we’ve covered the bone straight hair prices in Ghana cedis, explored their sizes, and provided insights into where you can make your purchase.

For a detailed look at the prices offered by various reputable hair shops in Ghana, we’ve highlighted some trusted names like Shika Hair GH, The Hair City, Luxuriant Strands, Glam in Inches, and Jain’s Hair. You can find them on Instagram as well.

While we strive to provide accurate information, we recommend that readers conduct their investigations, especially when it comes to transactions involving payments.

Ensuring the legitimacy of the shops adds an extra layer of security to your shopping experience. Happy styling!

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