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Frontal Hair Prices In Ghana

Do you want to try out frontal hair? Have you ever searched for the price of frontal hair in Ghana? Or frontal wig price in Ghana?

Then this article is for you, in this article, we are going to give answers surrounding frontal hair such as:

  • How much is frontal in Ghana?
  • Where to buy frontal hair in Ghana

When you want a wig done, you want it to look as natural as possible. With your hair bundles secured, it’s time to decide whether you want a frontal or closure, depending on your preferences.

Thus, this article is for you if you opt for a frontal. Read on as I share everything you need to know about frontals and their prices in Ghana.

A frontal hairpiece encloses your entire hairline, going from ear to ear. Part of a frontal is composed of Swiss lace, sewn into the base of a wig together with hair extensions. 

The Swiss lace mimics your scalp and gives the wig a natural-looking appearance. 

Some people even add baby hair around the edges to make it look more realistic.

Wearing a frontal is advantageous because it helps protect and preserve your natural hair. 

This is ideal for those with receding hairline, thinning hair, or alopecia. 

As such, people can braid their natural hair into cornrows, helping the hair to grow and repair itself from damage.

Another benefit of the frontal is that it closes off an install; thus, you don’t need to leave out some of your natural hair to match with or blend into the hair extensions. 

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A frontal is versatile and allows flexible parting; you can part your hair in several ways. 

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The hair can be parted to be worn in the middle or on either side of your head. 

The hair can also be pulled back into a low ponytail or high bun without making it obvious that you’re wearing a wig. 

A frontal hairpiece is perfect if you like your hair pulled back and away from your face.

How Much Is Frontal in Ghana

The price of frontal hair in Ghana ranges from GHS 820 to GHS 1,900. The price is based on the size you want to buy and also where you are buying from.

Now let us dive into the price of frontal hair in the various shops in Ghana, you will get to know how much each wig shop is selling their frontal hairs and their sizes.

Stores Selling Frontal Hair In Ghana

Below are some shops you can purchase quality and long-lasting frontals from, as well as their prices.

Shika Hair GH

Shika hair GH is located at Dome pillar 2. Specifically, K Boat junction and its call number are 0504592012. 

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It is open from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm on Mondays to Saturdays and closed on Sundays. 

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Frontal Hair Prices At Shika Hair GH

Frontal prices for bone straight are as follows;

Swiss Lace 13*4 Frontal
10″GHS 820
12″GHS 870
14″GHS 970
16″GHS 1,000
18″GHS 1,100
20″GHS 1,200
22″GHS 1,350
24″GHS 1,450
26″GHS 1,500
HD Film Lace 13*4 Frontal
18″GHS 1,450
20″GHS 1,500
22″GHS 1,600
24″GHS 1,750
26″GHS 1,900

Glam In Inches

Glam in inches is located in Dansoman, on Doctor Busia Street. Working hours are from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm daily, except Sunday, when the store is open from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. 

For enquiries, reach them on 0548833167. 

Frontal Hair Prices At Glam In Inches

Frontal prices are below;

Straight/ Body Wave HD Frontal
16″GHS 1,400
18″GHS 1,460
20″GHS 1,530
22″GHS 1,590
Island Curl HD Frontal
16″GHS 1,430
18″GHS 1,490
20″GHS 1,560
22″GHS 1,610

Jane’s Hair

Jane’s hair can be found on Sunkwa Road at Osu. They also have another branch at East Legon and can be reached on 0264236832. 

Frontal Hair Prices At Jane’s Hair

Frontal prices are as follows;

Grade 11a Frontal
10″GHS 295
12″GHS 345
14″GHS 395
16″GHS 435
18″GHS 450
20″GHS 500
22″GHS 550
24″GHS 600

The Hair Bundls GH

The hair bundls GH is situated in Dansoman, at Adinkra Loop. 

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To enquire about their virgin hair, closures and frontals, you can reach them on 0570763535. 

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Frontal Hair Prices At The Hair Bundls GH

Frontal prices are as follows;

13*4 Frontal
12″GHS 1,200
14″GHS 1,300
16″GHS 1,400
18″GHS 1,500
20″GHS 41,600


To conclude, the frontal hairpiece is great for its versatility and flexible parting while protecting your natural hair from damage.

In this article, we covered the price of closure hair and answered all questions surrounding frontal hair and also where to buy frontal hair in Ghana. 

You can purchase quantity frontals for your wigs from Shika hair GH, Glam in inches, Jane hair, The hair bundls GH and many others.

If you are also all into bone straight hair, then you might want to read our article on the best shops to buy bone straight hair in Ghana.

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