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Ashfoam Low-Density Mattress Price In Ghana

Have you ever searched for the price of a low-density mattress in Ghana? This article is going to cover ashfoam low-density mattress prices in Ghana.

There are many mattresses in Ghana but the low-density mattress is one of the best mattresses you can buy as it comes with so many benefits when you sleep on it if you can not afford to buy the ashfoam high-density mattress or the orthopedic mattress.

If you are someone who wants to buy a mattress that will last longer for the next generations to use, then you need to get yourself a low-density mattress.

This article is going to be your number one guide to everything you need to know about Ashfoam low-density mattresses such as:

  • Why you should buy an Ashfoam low-density mattress
  • Benefits of low-density mattress
  • Ashfoam low-density mattress prices in Ghana
  • Ashfoam king size low-density mattress price in Ghana
  • Ashfoam low-density mattress queen size price in Ghana
  • Ashfoam contact and showrooms

So, What Is A Low-Density Mattress?

Low density mattress

A Low-density mattress is the type of mattress that comes with a high weight per cubic foot which makes the mattress last long and sleeping on it more enjoyable, the difference that comes with high density and low density is the height, low density is made for people that can not afford the high density or those that prefer to place their bed on the floor.

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Why Should You Buy an Ashfoam Low-Density Mattress?

Now that you have got to know what a low-density mattress is, let us dive into why you need to buy yourself an Ashfoam low-density mattress

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It Helps In Sleeping 

a low-density mattress provides better pressure relief which allows you to have a perfect deep sleep. If you want to have better sleep then you need to get yourself a low-density mattress.

Ashfoam Low-Density Mattress Sizes

  • Small size (36” X 75”)
  • Medium size (42” X 75”)
  • Large size (54” X 75”)

Ashfoam Low Density Thickness

Ashfoam low-density mattress comes in 17 types of thickness depending on the thickness you want, the types of thickness are:

  • 4″
  • 5″
  • 5.5″
  • 6″
  • 6.5″
  • 7″
  • 7.5″
  • 8″
  • 9″
  • 9.5″
  • 10″
  • 11″
  • 11.5″
  • 12″
  • 14″
  • 16″
  • 20″

Ashfoam Low Density Mattress Price In Ghana

The price of Ashfoam low density mattress ranges from GHS 710 to GHS 2,600 across all Ashfoam retail stores in Ghana, the price is also determined by the size you want and where you are buying from.

Below are the updated ashfoam low-density mattress prices in Ghana

4″GHS 363 – GHS 710
5″GHS 404 – GHS 784
5.5″GHS 416 – GHS 836
6″GHS 449 – GHS 888
6.5″GHS 469 – GHS 923
7″GHS 495 – GHS 952
7.5″GHS 521 – GHS 989
8″GHS 600 – GHS 993
9″GHS 619 – GHS 1,092
9.5″GHS 685 – GHS1,142
10″GHS 685 – GHS 1,192
11″GHS 755 – GHS 1,287
11.5″GHS 772 – GHS 1,345
12″GHS 808 – GHS1,384
14″GHS 858 – GHS 1,620
16″GHS GHS 981 – 2,016
20″GHS 1,227 – GHS 2,518

Ashfoam Showrooms And Their Contact Details

You have now gotten to know Ashfoam mattress price list in Ghana, now is the time to check out Ashfoam showrooms and their contact details.

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Ashfoam Main Showroom

  • Location: North Industrial Area, Opposite SSB Bank, Accra
  • Contact: 0243 200 729/0244 336 664
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Ashfoam Awoshie Showroom

  • Location: Awoshie Traffic Light, Awoshie
  • Contact: 0244 148 421/0208 136 579

Ashfoam Kumasi Ahodwo Showroom

  • Location: Opposite Unibank, Ahodwo, Kumasi
  • Contact: 0264 066 413/0540 105 080

Ashfoam Tafo Showroom

  • Location: Before Tafo Cemetery Inside Magasin Kumasi
  • Contact: 0208 112 130

Melodi Kumasi

  • Location: Ahisan Opposite Ghana Commercial Bank, Kumasi
  • Contact: 0544 352 785/0248 005 300

Ashfoam Koforidua Showroom

  • Location: Opposite Old Library, Jackson Park
  • Contact: 0244 642 481

Ashfoam Mankessim Showroom

  • Location: 1 Kilometre Off Roundabout
  • Contact: 0208 136 579 / 0247 189 391

Ashfoam Sunyani Showroom

  • Contact: 0249 192 655

Ashfoam Techiman Showroom

  • Location: Opposite Zongo Market, Techiman
  • Contact: 0209 394 992

Ashfoam Wa Showroom

  • Contact: 0201 722 361

Ashfoam Tamale Showroom

  • Location: Abrabo Road, Adjacent First Allied Bank, Tamale
  • Contact: 0208 220 150

Ashfoam Accra Mall Showroom

  • Location: Accra Mall, Tetteh Quarshie Roundabout, Accra
  • Contact: 0558 271 912

Ashfoam Labone Showroom

  • Location: Labone Arcade Opposite Zin Gardens
  • Contact: 0244 255 555

Ashfoam Dzorwulu Showroom

  • 0244 665 907

Ashfoam Airport Road Showroom

  • Location: Near Main Roundabout, Takoradi
  • Contact: 0244 665 907 / 0203 193 106

Wrapping Up

When looking for the best low-density mattress, you don’t have to go for any brand other than ashfoam low density mattress.

In this article, we covered ashfoam low-density mattress prices in Ghana, types, and inches and lastly, we covered ashfoam showrooms in Ghana and their contact details so that you can purchase your low-density.

You can also check out Ashfoam student and comfy mattress prices in Ghana.

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