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Water Curls Hair Price In Ghana And Where To Buy From

If you’re on the lookout for the prices of wet curl wigs in Ghana, you’re in the right place. Wet curls, also known as water wave hair, are highly favored for their natural appearance and versatility, characterized by thickness and bounce.

In this article, I’ll provide you with a comprehensive understanding of water curls and guide you to quality options at affordable prices.

Water curls, often referred to as water wave hair, share similarities with deep wave hair but feature a curlier look.

The name “water wave” is derived from its flowing, natural, thick, and full appearance, resembling the movement of water. Unlike deep-wave hair, the curls in water-wave hair don’t follow a uniform direction.

This hair type is particularly well-suited for African American hairstyles, seamlessly blending with natural hair for an authentic look.

Comprising 100% human hair, water wave hair holds curls effectively, allowing for versatile styling options.

One notable advantage of water wave hair is its tangle-free nature with minimal shedding. Moreover, it requires fewer bundles to achieve a full-head look, making it a cost-effective choice.

Maintenance and styling are straightforward, and with proper care, a water curls wig can endure for 3-4 years.

For those interested in purchasing high-quality water curls wigs at unbeatable prices, stay tuned as I share information on a few recommended places.

Price Of Water Curls Hair In Ghana

The cost of water curls hair in Ghana varies, ranging from GHS 300 to GHS 1,624. This price range is contingent on the specific inches you desire and the source from which you make your purchase.

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The diversity in pricing allows individuals to select options that align with their preferences and budget constraints.

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When considering water curls hair, keep in mind that the chosen length and the vendor’s location play pivotal roles in determining the overall cost.

Now, armed with this pricing information, you can make informed decisions as you explore options for acquiring water curls hair in Ghana.

Stores That You Can Buy Water Curls Hair From In Ghana

Now let us dive into all the stores that you can order water curls from in Ghana.

Price Of Water Curls Hair At Jiji Online

Name Price
Wet curls wig capGHS 300
20 inches original Brazilian Remy water curls wigGHS 1,485
18 inches Brazilian wet curls wig capGHS 899
10 inches Italian water curls wig capGHS 595
Peruvian wet curls fringe wig capGHS 350
12 inches double drawn water curls wig capGHS 1,385
12 inches Caribbean wet curls closure wig capGHS 655
14 inches grade 12a wet curls human hair wig capGHS 955
20 inches Caribbean wet curls closure wig capGHS 855

Price Of Water Curls Hair At Ali Express

Brazilian water wave HD lace front wigGHS 768.83
30 inches water wave lace front wigGHS 539.25
13*4 kinky curly lace front wigGHS 1,624.86

Price Of Water Curls Hair At Jumia Online

Name Price
Curly wig glueless full lace wigGHS 372
Pixie wet curls hair wig 10 inchesGHS 480
Mongolian curly wig 16 inchesGHS 620

Price Of Water Curls Hair At Tonaton

24 inches Caribbean wet curls closure wig capGHS 1250
Malaysian wet curls frontal capGHS 980
18 inches Caribbean kinky curls frontal wig capGHS 1,499
12 inches Indian human hair wet curls frontal capGHS 1,150

Glam In Inches

Glam in Inches, a renowned and popular hair brand in Accra, is conveniently located in Dansoman on Doctor Busia Street.

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Operating from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm daily, except on Sundays when the store opens from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Glam in Inches provides a convenient window for your hair needs.

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For inquiries or purchases, you can contact them at 0548833167. The brand takes pride in offering quality hair products that are designed to last for years, ensuring a durable and satisfying investment.

Among the variety of wigs available at Glam in Inches, you can explore options such as velvet straight double drawn and super double drawn, Mexican curl, kinky straight, and Dior body wave, among others.

This diverse selection caters to different preferences and styles, allowing customers to find the perfect fit for their needs. Visit Glam in Inches for quality and a wide range of stylish hair options.

Price Of Mexican Raw Curl At Glam In Inches

10”GHS 490
12”GHS 540
14”GHS 590
16”GHS 650
18”GHS 740
20”GHS 860

Price Of Island Curl At Glam In Inches

16”GHS 500
18”GHS 540
20”GHS 580
22”GHS 680
24”GHS 770
26”GHS 850
28”GHS 910
30”GHS 950


For those in search of water curls, consider making your purchase from reputable stores like Glam in Inches, Jiji online, Jumia online, Tonaton, and Ali Express.

These platforms offer a variety of options to suit your preferences and ensure a satisfying shopping experience.

Water waves stand out as an excellent hairstyle choice, closely resembling natural hair with its distinct curl pattern and voluminous look.

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Notably, water wave hair possesses the advantage of being tangle-free and resistant to shedding, making it a low-maintenance and durable option.

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With proper care, a water curls wig has the potential to last for several years, providing a long-lasting and stylish investment.

Don’t hesitate to explore these trusted stores for your water curls needs and enjoy the beauty and convenience that this hairstyle brings.

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