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Body Wave Hair Price In Ghana And Where To Buy

The body wave hair bundle stands out as a highly favored choice among Ghanaian women, following the trend of bone-straight hair.

In this article, we will delve into the comprehensive aspects of body wave hair, providing insights on where to conveniently acquire it in Accra or through online platforms like Jumia and Aliexpress.

Distinguished by its undulating pattern, the body wave wig offers a natural-looking wave or a consistent ‘S’ shape.

This particular hair type serves as an excellent alternative for those seeking a departure from straight hair without venturing into excessively curly styles.

Crafted from 100% virgin Remy human hair, it ensures a uniform quality sourced from a single donor, free from harmful chemicals.

The versatility of body wave hair remains a key factor in its popularity, allowing wearers to experiment with various styles.

Whether for special occasions like weddings or casual gatherings, this hair type adds a touch of elegance.

Known for its density, constant volume, and minimal shedding, maintaining a body wave wig is notably hassle-free.

Styling options are limitless, ranging from elegant updos to sleek straightening with a flatiron. Proper care involves detangling with fingers from ends to roots, followed by smoothing with a brush, allowing for diverse styling possibilities.

Embracing the body wave hair bundle ensures not just a stylish look but also a manageable and enduring choice for the Ghanaian woman.

Price Of Body Wave Hair In Ghana

The cost of body wave hair varies, spanning from GHS 85 to GHS 3,885, contingent on the chosen size in inches and the source of your order. In contrast to bone straight hair, body wave hair is relatively more affordable. Typically, acquiring 2-3 bundles is sufficient for a full head, with the precise quantity depending on the desired length.

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For those eager to procure body wave hair bundles or wigs, the following information outlines both recommended shops and corresponding price ranges.

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Stores That You Can Purchase Body Wave Hair In Ghana

Price Of Body Wave Hair At Jumia Online Store

Wig Name Price
Body Wave Lace Front Synthetic Hair Wig 13X1 Lace wigGHS 393.00
SAI Wavy Synthetic Wig for Black Women Black and Blonde, Natural EffectGHS 84.00
Fashion Raw Wavy Wig Pre-Filled Front Body Wave 4×4 WigGHS 518.00
Soft Synthetic Lace Front Smooth Body WaveGHS 465.00

Price Of Body Wave Hair At Jiji Online

Wig NamePrice
18 inches luxurious body wave wig capGHS 1,350
24 inches Cambodian luxurious body wave wigGHS 1,895
18 inches Vietnamese SDD body wave wig capGHS 1,655
22 inches Indian Remy luxurious body wave wigGHS 1,399
12 inches grade 10a Brazilian body wave wigGHS 895
30 inches Russian luxurious body wave wigGHS 2,995
18 inches Peruvian body wave wig capGHS 1,188
30 inches luxurious body wave wig capGHS 3,885

Price Of Body Wave Hair At Tonaton

Wig NamePrice
Grade 11a Vietnamese body wave closure wig capGHS 880
24 inches Indian Remy virgin body wave wig capGHS 1,545
Peruvian virgin hairGHS 1,100
Naked virgin hair body waveGHS 480

Hair By Naa Shormey

Hair by Naa Shormey, a prominent raw donor hair vendor, is conveniently situated on Dantu Avenue, Awudome Roundabout, opposite St.

Theresa’s Catholic Church in Accra. For inquiries or purchases, you can reach them at 0278661348.

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The store operates from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm every day, except on Sundays when it remains closed.

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Specializing in luxury raw donor and virgin hair, Hair by Naa Shormey offers a diverse range of high-quality options.

Notably, their single donor super bone straight hair stands out for its exceptional characteristics, boasting a tangle-free and shed-resistant nature.

In addition to the super bone straight variety, the store features a collection of other premium hair types, including Caribbean deep waves, Vietnamese body waves, and pissy curls, among others.

This variety ensures that customers have a wide array of choices to suit their preferences and styling needs.

Visit Hair by Naa Shormey to explore their exquisite range of raw donor and virgin hair options.

Price Of Body Wave At Hair By Naa Shormey

8”GHS 85
10”GHS 110
12”GHS 130
14”GHS 150
16”GHS 170
18”GHS 200
20”GHS 250
22”GHS 270
24”GHS 300
26”GHS 330
28”GHS 370
30”GHS 400
32”GHS 430


In conclusion, you now possess comprehensive information about body wave wigs, along with convenient options in Accra to acquire top-notch quality.

The undulating pattern of the body wave wig not only adds a natural touch but also ensures ease of maintenance with minimal shedding.

One notable advantage is the simplicity of styling, making it a versatile choice for various looks. With proper care, a body wave wig has the potential to last for many years, providing a durable and stylish investment.

For those eager to make a purchase, Hairbynaashormey on Instagram, Jiji online, Jumia, and Tonaton stand out as reputable platforms where you can explore and acquire your desired body wave wig.

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These avenues offer a range of options to cater to different preferences, ensuring a satisfying shopping experience for your hair needs.

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You can also check out Peruvian and frontal hair prices in Ghana.

Frequently Asked Questions

Soft wave hair food price in ghana

The price of soft wave hair food ranges from GHS 100 to GHS 300 across all hair food retail stores in Ghana.

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