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Lace Wig Price In Ghana And Where To Buy

Over the years, the quality of wigs made in Ghana has improved drastically.

There have been many changes to how wigs are made, and one of the latest additions is the use of lace as a scalp. There are two types of lace on the market, frontal and closure.

In this article, I will share with you everything you need to know about frontals and closures, including some shops you can purchase them from.

A frontal is a hairpiece that encloses your entire hairline; going from ear to ear. Part of a frontal is composed of Swiss lace, which is sewn into the base of a wig together with hair extensions.

The Swiss lace mimics your scalp and gives the wig a natural-looking appearance. Some people even add baby hair around the edges to make it look more realistic.

Wearing a frontal is advantageous because it helps protect and preserve your natural hair.

This is ideal for those with receding hairline, thinning hair, or those suffering from alopecia as such people are able to braid their natural hair into cornrows, helping the hair to grow and repair itself from damage.

A closure is similar to a frontal; in that, it includes a piece of lace that is sewn-with hair extensions- into the base of a wig.

Closures copy how a natural scalp looks, so you don’t need to leave some of your natural hair out to blend with the hair extensions.

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To get the wig as natural-looking as possible, it is best to bleach the knots to decrease the appearance of lace.

Closures are also great for protecting your natural hair against damage and also helping your hair to grow.

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Although the closure is similar to a frontal; it is more limited when it comes to styling as it isn’t as versatile as the frontal.

The closure hairpiece is usually a rectangular or square patch that is placed at one section of the head-usually the middle- to close off the wig or hair extensions.

Price Of Lace Wig In Ghana

The price of water curls hair ranges from GHS 350 to GHS 2,250. The price of the lace wig is also determined by the inches you want and where you are buying from.

With the closure, the scalp space is decreased, and as such, there is a smaller parting space.

Stores That You Can Buy Lace Wig In Ghana

Want to know where you can buy a lace frontal or closure wig? Well, read on.

Price Of Water Lace Wig At Jiji Online

Name Price
20 inches glueless lace front wigGHS 350
16 inches Brazilian silky straight 360 lace frontalGHS 1,550
Full lace braided wig capGHS 650
20 inches lace front wine straight wigGHS 3,700
26 inches Cambodian Remy closure wig capGHS 2,250
Pixie cut closure unitGHS 320
12 inches double drawn with 3-part closureGHS 1,255
10 inches double drawn closure capGHS 1,150

Price Of Water Lace Wig At Jumia Online

Name Price
Curly lace front wig human hair loose waveGHS 79
Peruvian curly human hair wig glueless lace frontGHS 200.10
Short lace front human hair wig pre-pluckedGHS 358
Straight lace front human hair wigGHS 619
High-quality lace closure body wave human hair wigGHS 391
Human hair 4*4 closure curled wigGHS 1,100
Unprocessed virgin hair with closure 14 inchesGHS 550

Price Of Water Lace Wig At Ali Express

Name Price
HD lace frontal wig straight transparent 13*4 laceGHS 1,111.16
Peruvian body wave lace front wigGHS 1,079.33
13*4 frontal wig straight natural hair wig BrazilianGHS 748.10

Purchase your lace closure or frontal wigs from these stores and thank me later; Jiji online, Jumia online, and Ali Express

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