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Cerelac Prices In Ghana, History, Retail Shops, And More

Which variant of Cerelac do you typically prefer? Are you a consumer of Cerelac products? If you are keen on acquiring information about the pricing of Cerelac in Ghana, this article is tailored to your needs.

In the following sections, we will delve into an in-depth analysis of Cerelac prices in Ghana, reputable retail outlets where these products can be purchased, frequently asked questions and additional pertinent details.

Please proceed to read the entirety of this article for a comprehensive understanding.

About Cerelac

cerelac in ghana

Cerelac stands as a reputable and longstanding brand in the realm of baby food, earning the trust of Ghanaian parents over several decades.

Originating in 1949, this renowned product was introduced by the Swiss company Nestle, a name synonymous with quality and nutrition.

Crafted as an infant cereal, Cerelac was meticulously developed to provide essential nutrients, offering a convenient feeding solution for infants in the crucial transition to solid foods.

Over the years, Cerelac has achieved global recognition, cementing its status as a dietary staple for children worldwide.

The brand’s enduring popularity attests to its unwavering commitment to delivering nutritional excellence for the well-being of young ones.

Nutritional Values Of Cerelac

There is so much importance to consuming Cerelac regularly. Some basic importance of taking Cerelac are:

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During the critical phase of a child’s growth and development, Cerelac stands as an indispensable source of nutrition.

Meticulously formulated to address the specific nutritional requirements of infants, Cerelac offers a comprehensive blend of essential vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats.

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The well-balanced composition of Cerelac plays a pivotal role in fostering optimal development.

It contributes to the fortification of strong bones, supports cognitive function, enhances the immune system, and facilitates healthy digestion.

Recognizing the significance of these foundational elements, Cerelac remains a trusted choice for discerning parents seeking a nutritionally sound option for their child’s early years.

Retail Stores Selling Cerelac In Ghana

Cerelac, owing to its widespread popularity and the trust it has garnered from parents across the country, is readily available in numerous retail outlets throughout Ghana. Below, we highlight some reputable shops where parents can conveniently purchase Cerelac:

  1. Supermart Ghana: Renowned for its diverse selection of baby products, Supermart Ghana consistently stocks a variety of Cerelac options to cater to the nutritional needs of infants.
  2. Melcom Ghana: A trusted retail chain, Melcom is known for its comprehensive inventory of household and baby care items, including a range of Cerelac products.
  3. Shoprite Ghana: As a well-established supermarket chain, Shoprite ensures a consistent supply of Cerelac, making it easily accessible to parents seeking this trusted baby food brand.
  4. MaxMart: With a commitment to providing quality products, MaxMart is a favored destination for parents looking to purchase Cerelac for their infants.
  5. Pharmacies: Many pharmacies across Ghana, such as Ernest Chemists and Good Morning Pharmacy, stock Cerelac, recognizing its significance in infant nutrition.
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By exploring these reputable retail outlets, parents can confidently find and acquire Cerelac to meet the nutritional needs of their infants.

Cerelac Prices in Ghana

The prices of Cerelac in Ghana may vary depending on the store, location, and particular product variant.

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On average, a 400g pack of Cerelac typically ranges between GHS 20 and GHS 30. However, prices of Cerelac may fluctuate due to factors such as market demand, import costs, and exchange rates.

Parents should compare prices across different stores and platforms to find the best deals while ensuring product authenticity and quality.

Below are some Prices of Cerelac in Ghana.

Cerelac TypePrice (GHS)
Cerelac Maize (Can, 400g) 6m+42.00
Cerelac Fruit With Milk (Can 400g) 8m+42.00
Cerelac Wheat With Milk (Can, 400g) 6m+252.00
Cerelac Biscuity With Milk (Can 400g) 6m+42.00
Cerelac Rice With Milk(Can, 400g) 6m+42.00
Cerelac Fruits With Milk (Sachet, 50g) 8m+28.00
Cerelac Maize With Milk (Sachet, 50g) 6m+28.00
Cerelac Rice With Milk (Sachet, 50g) 6m+28.00
Cerelac Biscuity With Milk (Sachet 50g) 6m+28.00
Cerelac Millet With Milk (Sachet, 50g) 6m+28.00
Cerelac Wheat With Milk (Sachet, 50g) 6m+28.00

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I begin giving Cerelac to my baby?

Cerelac is generally recommended for infants aged six months and older. It is designed to complement breastfeeding or formula feeding as babies transition to solid foods. However, it’s always recommended to consult with a paediatrician before introducing any new food to your infant.

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Can I replace Cerelac with breast milk or formula entirely?

Not really, Cerelac should not replace breast milk or formula entirely, especially during the first six months of a baby’s life. Breast milk or formula remains the primary and basic source of nutrition for infants, providing essential nutrients and antibodies. Cerelac should be introduced gradually alongside breastfeeding or formula feeding, as guided by healthcare professionals.

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Cerelac remains a steadfast choice as one of the most trusted infant foods in Ghana, addressing the fundamental nutritional requirements of infants.

However, it is crucial to emphasize that Cerelac should never serve as a complete replacement for breast milk, which stands as the primary source of nutrition for infants.

In the preceding sections of this article, we delved into a comprehensive discussion about Cerelac, elucidating its nutritional components, the significance of introducing Cerelac to infants, and the availability of this trusted product in various retail establishments across Ghana.

Additionally, we addressed frequently asked questions to provide readers with a well-rounded understanding of Cerelac and its role in infant nutrition.

This holistic exploration underscores the importance of informed choices in nurturing the health and well-being of infants.

You can also check out Milo prices in Ghana since they are all part of the Nestle family.

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