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Jeba Hair Food Prices In Ghana

Jeba is one of the most popular and well-known hair food brands in the country, and rightfully so. Infused with ingredients that are designed to make your hair grow thick and healthy, Jeba is perfect for natural hair ladies, and even those with relaxed hair.

If you want to know more about Jeba hair food then this article is for you. Thus, read on as I share with you everything you need to know about Jeba hair food, including its price in Ghana.

Jeba hair food has been specially formulated to make your hair healthy, thick, and lustrous. Enriched with ingredients like papaya, shea butter, and menthol, it seeps deep into your hair, providing nourishment and strength to the follicle itself.

For those battling hair thinning, breakage, or loss, Jeba hair food is the best product to use.

Jeba Jair Food Price In Ghana

The price of Jeeba hair food ranges from GHS 17 to GHS 40. The price is determined by the size you want and where you are buying from.

With its strong herbal formula, it helps prevent dandruff, keeping your hair moisturized. It also helps prevent baldness in women. Don’t know how to apply it?

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After washing your hair thoroughly, simply massage it into plaited, natural, or relaxed hair. It can also be used to style hair after washing and drying.

Stores To Buy Jeeba Hair Food From

There are many places in Ghana from which you can purchase Jeba hair food. Read on as I share with you these shops and stores.

  • Meslam Online – GHS 17
  • Jumia Online – GHS 40
  • Healthonlineghan – GHS 17.10
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