Nestle Ghana products prices in Ghana

Nestle Ghana Products And Their Prices In Ghana

Are you searching for nestle ghana products and prices? Nestle Ghana Limited has been in business in Ghana since 1957. And it has won the hearts of many Ghanaians. 

Do you know the brands that produce Maggi, Cerelac, and Nido?

I am sure you recently took in one of these products, and today we will let you know the brand behind these popular products in the Ghanaian market.

This article will take you through Nestle products and their current prices in the Ghanaian market. First of the many items is; 


buy milo in ghana

Milo is a drink loved by almost all Ghanaians. Made from a wonderful mixture of milk, cocoa, sugar, malt barley, and other minerals and vitamins. 

Due to its natural nature, it has a lot of nutritional benefits that make it one of the best. 

Milo contains:

  • Carbohydrates are a great source of energy for the human body. 
  • Calcium which aids in stronger bones and teeth 
  • Iron helps in the production of red blood cells in the body, and it also contains 
  • Vitamin C plays a major role in the repair of body tissues as well as body growth 

Price Of Milo 

The price of Milo depends on the quantity being purchased. Here are the various prices of Milo

  • The 20g sachets(whole strip) – GHS 12.00
  • The 400g sachet – GHS 20.00
  • The 400g tin – GHS 21.00
  • The 800g sachet – GHS 42.00


Nescafé is a coffee drink made by Nestle which is loved especially by adults in Ghana. 

They love drinking Nescafé because it contains caffeine, which prevents sleep and keeps them energized. 

It also helps in metabolism. 

Nescafé has a secret benefit which is its ability to prevent diseases.

Price Of Nescafe 

  • A 50g tin of Nescafé – GHS 13.66
  • A 2g sachet of Nescafé – GHS 0.8


Nido is a Nestle milk product that came in big in the Ghanaian market. People loved it because of its great taste and ability to dissolve in hot, lukewarm, and cold water. 

Before its introduction, very few milk powder beverages could dissolve in cold water. 

Due to this, most people depended on liquid milk products. Not only does it taste good, but it also contains:

  • Calcium which aids in stronger bones and teeth 
  • Proteins that aid in muscle growth and development 
  • Iron and vitamin C help in brain development. 

Price Of Nido

Nido comes in different quantities and prices. They are:

  • The 14g sachet (whole roll) – GHS 9.00
  • The 26g sachet (whole roll) – GHS 25.00
  • The 365g sachet – GHS 27.32
  • The 400g tin – GHS 43.00

Ideal Milk

Ideal milk is one we can not leave out of the list. Not only has it proven to be loved by people, but it also has many uses. 

It can be used in breakfast-related diets as well as daily kitchen dishes. It became popular when it was used in different forms of ice creams, smoothies, soups, and other beverages. 

Ideal milk is a good source of vitamins and minerals( potassium, B12, calcium, and vitamin D). 

It has a good source of protein to help aid in body development and tissue regeneration. 

It helps strengthen bones and also helps to maintain one’s weight. 

Price Of Ideal Milk

The price of the different quantities of the product are;

  • The 29g milk strip – GHS 1.50
  • The 160g milk tin – GHS 7.00
  • The 390g milk tin – GHS 13.00


cerelac in ghana

Since its introduction into the market, mothers have felt relief since they no longer had to spend hours breastfeeding their kids. 

Cerelac helps babies in more ways than one. It helps newborn babies almost past the breastfeeding stage develop a taste for different foods and drinks. 

It comes in different types: cereals, maize, wheat, millet, fruits, and rice. 

Price Of Cerelac

The prices of the cereal products are as follows: 

  • The 50g sachet (whole strip) – GHS 30.79
  • The 400g tin – GHS 22.77


Chocolim is a Nestle product that rivals Milo on the market since they are both made of similar components. 

Nestle chocolim has more cocoa which gives it the chocolate taste and flavor. 

Due to their similarities with Milo, they have the same benefits. 

Price Of Chocolim

The product price is as follows; 

  • The 1kg sachet – GHS 35.00
  • The 500g sachet – GHS 14.20


When we hear the name Maggi, our minds don’t come close to Nestle. 

But in 1947, the Maggi company merged with Nestle, making it a Nestle product. 

Maggi has been one very helpful ingredient in the kitchen since it provides the food with great taste and flavor. 

Price Of Magic Cube Box

The price of the full Maggi cube box – GHS 18.72


There are so many foods in Ghana that you never know the brand behind them. In this article, I covered the brand behind most of the foods that we eat each day.

The name of the brand is Nestle. This article covered all the Nestle products and their prices in Ghana and the ingredients and benefits of each product.

In recap, the most popular Nestle products are:

  • Milo 
  • Nescafe 
  • Nido 
  • Ideal milk 
  • Cerelac 
  • Chocolim 
  • Maggi 
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