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How Much Does Synthetic Hair Cost? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

how much is synthetic hair? Synthetic hair is another popular hair extension and wig choice. For those who can’t afford the more expensive human hair wigs, then synthetic hair is for you.

Although far cheaper, it still looks almost as good as human hair and comes in a variety of styles. Want to know more about synthetic hair and wigs? Then this article is for you.

Thus, read on as I share with you everything you need to know about synthetic wigs, including how much it costs and where you can purchase them.

Synthetic hair is used to produce wigs and other hair pieces. Keratin, a component of human hair, isn’t found in synthetic hair. Instead, synthetic hair is created using man-made polymers and plastics.

Natural polymers and cellulose are also used in some cases. Due to the materials used in the making of synthetic hair, there are many advantages to choosing it over human hair, besides its cost-effectiveness.

Synthetic hair retains a style that is very long, much longer than its human hair counterpart. As such, it can be worn right after purchase without any styling as the style pattern is permanently set.

As it’s so easy for synthetic hair to retain its shape and style, it is challenging to re-style it using heat, and the hair can even become damaged in the process. Although there are some heat-friendly synthetic wigs on the market, they are sometimes tricky to re-style as well.

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With daily wear, synthetic wigs last for about 4-6 months; they are not as durable as human hair wigs. The heat-friendly ones only last for 2-3 months. However, with proper care, you can extend the lifespan of your synthetic hair.

How Much Does Synthetic Hair Cost?

The price of synthetic hair ranges from GHS 89 to GHS 337. The price is determined by the inches you want and where you buy it from.

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Read on as I share with you trusted places that sell quality synthetic hair and how much they cost.

Best Places To Buy Synthetic Hair In Ghana

Jumia Online

Synthetic Wig NamePrice
Short synthetic hair wigGHS 182
Afro women kinky curly lace front synthetic wigGHS 306
Women’s short bob straight hair wig syntheticGHS 89
Women’s wig synthetic long hair straight blackGHS 157
Adjustable gradient colour short synthetic wigGHS 296
Women’s short brown curly hair synthetic wigGHS 159

Ali Express

Synthetic Wig NamePrice
Long ombré brown synthetic wigGHS 109.42
Long wavy brown synthetic wigGHS 164.84
Aimeya long lace front wig syntheticGHS 334.05
Easihair dark brown wavy synthetic bobGHS 138.33
Gemma long straight synthetic wig ombré brownGHS 120.37
Aimeya ginger synthetic wig long wavy lace frontalGHS 336.68

Soher Wigs

SoHer is renowned for its synthetic fiber wigs, which are of good quality and look very much like human hair wigs. Although this wig shop is known for its synthetic wigs, they also sell luxurious human hair wigs.

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It is located at Golf Hills Street in Achimota, and call numbers are 0203097369 or 0500675444. Working hours are from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday and 9:00 am to 5:30 pm on Sunday. When ordering a wig from SoHer, you can opt for in-store shopping, in-store pickup, or delivery.

Soher Wigs Synthetic Hair Prices

Synthetic Wig NamePrice
Christa lace wigGHS 310
18 inches modern wavesGHS 250
Honey brown Neesha 206GHS 300
22 inches Sephina lace wigGHS 300
Wig Austin’sGHS 350

Jiji Online

Synthetic Wig NamePrice
Bob synthetic wigGHS 200
Short synthetic hairGHS 225
Handmade synthetic fringe wigGHS 53

Wrapping Up

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All in all, it’s best to buy synthetic hair if you want something cheap and with a permanent style. You can purchase quality synthetic hair from Soher Wigs, Jiji online, Jumia Online, and Ali Express.

We have covered all the prices of the various hairs in Ghana, you can check out bone straight hair, closure hair, Mexican hair, and bob wig hair prices on this website. You can also browse through all our wigs and hair tag.

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