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Ashfoam Supreme Mattress Price In Ghana

Over the past two decades, Ashfoam Ghana Limited has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of mattresses and other foam products in Ghana.

With a factory in Tema and retail showrooms across the country, Ashfoam has become a household name known for its high-quality mattresses.

The company’s flagship mattress is the Ashfoam Supreme, which is regarded as a premium mattress in Ghana.

Pricing is an important consideration for customers when purchasing the Ashfoam Supreme or any mattress.

Getting the best deal possible while still ensuring high quality and durability is a priority for most shoppers.

Understanding the price range and price fluctuations for Ashfoam Supreme empowers consumers to make the right choice for their needs and budget.

Ashfoam Supreme Mattress Sizes

  • Small size (36” X 75”)
  • Medium size (42” X 75”)
  • Large size (54” X 75”)

Ashfoam Supreme Mattress Price In Ghana

Superfoam mattress

The price of Ashfoam supreme mattress price in Ghana ranges from GHS 4,303 to GHS 10,040 across all Ashfoam retail stores in Ghana.

Below are the updated ashfoam supreme mattress prices in Ghana

Medium sizeGHS 4,303
Large sizeGHS 6,457
Queen sizeGHS 8,605
King sizeGHS 10,040

Overall, the Ashfoam Superfoam hits a sweet spot between price and quality. It provides a comfortable sleeping surface at an accessible price point to meet the needs and budgets of Ghanaians looking to invest in a quality, locally-made mattress.

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Some Key Features And Benefits Of The Ashfoam Supreme Mattress Include:

  • 12-inch profile for enhanced comfort and support
  • Medium firm feel to accommodate most sleeping positions
  • Open cell memory foam top layer molds to your body shape
  • Motion separation between sleep partners to minimize disturbance
  • Cooling gel infusion in memory foam regulates the temperature
  • High-density foam support core for durability and edge support
  • Hypoallergenic materials resist dust mites and allergens
  • Stain-resistant, removable outer cover for easy cleaning
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Overall, Ashfoam Supreme mattresses provide an outstanding blend of comfort, support, durability, and value.

Customers can confidently invest in these quality mattresses, knowing they are getting the finest materials and technology Ashfoam has to offer.

After comparing options, sizes, and prices, choose the Ashfoam Supreme model that best fits your needs and budget.

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