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How To List Your Business On Glovo Ghana? [Step By Step Guide]

Are you searching for how to sell on Glovo Ghana? How do I list my business on Glovo? And how to register restaurants in Glovo has been asked by many business owners who have seen the growth of Glovo and how store owners are benefiting from Glovo delivery.

This article will take you through everything you need to know, such as how to list your business on Glovo Ghana and get orders with the help of Glovo.

You will also get to know Glovo courier work and many more You can also read how to order food online using Glovo.

About Glovo Ghana

how to order food online from glovoapp

Glovo offers online delivery to customers. Glovo has a wide variety of providers, including restaurants, bakeries, pharmacies, and other businesses. 

Glovo is a fast and convenient way to order physical products online. By installing the application and registering on Glovo, you can instantly accept orders with the click of a button.

Glovo’s mission is to serve users better by making purchases simple, allowing us to get anything we need as if using a traditional store. 

Glovo makes it easy for business owners to list their businesses so that it will reach many customers and, at the same time, increase sales for shop owners.

This guide will show you how to sign up on Glovo Ghana. Also, I will get into more detail on how to edit your listing after signing up. 

Unlike Uber Eats and Jumia Food, Glovo works with many small local businesses across the country. 

This means you can list any business and start earning income through it.

Many businesses in Ghana are looking for ways to market their business and get more customers and orders.

Advertising can be expensive, but with so many vendors on Glovo Ghana, business owners have one more option for expanding their customer base.

Now that you know more about Glovo, let us dive into listing your business on Glovo.

Why You Should List Your Business On Glovo

Monitor Your Orders

When you list your business on Glovo, you are given a dashboard to track all your transactions, delivery, and many more.

You will be able to know what the customer thinks of your product, how long it took for the buyer to receive your order, and also get to know how many sales you made at the end of every month.

Grow Your Brand

Glovo has over 6 million monthly visitors according to the similar web, which means when your business gets listed there, it will reach many audiences.

Glovo Help Deliver Your Orders Quickly 

Glovo has many riders across the country. When your business gets listed on Glovo and someone orders from your shop or restaurant, Glovo riders will come and pick it up and deliver it to the buyer within 30 minutes. 

This will make your customer come back for more.

Now that you know more about Glovo, let us dive into listing your business on Glovo.

How To List Your Business On Glovo 

  1. Visit and click on Become a partner 
  2. Fill in your details, such as your company name, full name, country, city, and many more, and click on Send
  3. Now fill in the details about your business name
  4. Choose how you want to pay for the collaboration proposal. You can choose to make a one-time payment or let Glovo deduct 30% from every order and then insert your payment details.
  5. Upload your menu 
  6. Glovo will review your submission, and after 5 days, your restaurant or shop will go live.

Glovo will give you access to a seller’s portal where you can track orders; you will be able to see people ordering from you, how they want you to package it, and many more.


Online delivery service is booming in Ghana, and now Ghanaians use delivery services for almost everything. 

Glovo also helps business owners sell their products and deliver them faster to buyers.

If you want to list your business on the Glovo app, this article covers everything you need to know.

This article covered how to list your business on Glovo, why you should list your business on Glovo, and everything you need to know about Glovo delivery.

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