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How To Order From WeChop [Step By Step Guide]

Are you tired of boarding a car each time you want to buy food? What is exasperation like? We are in the modern days now.

Gone are the days when we had to walk a long distance to buy food when we were hungry.

We sometimes felt we wished we were birds so we could just fly or a super so we could get food very quickly when we were hungry.

Sometimes by the time you get to buy the food and come home, your appetite for the food has also vanished.

Thanks to food delivery services like WeChop and the rest. Today you can just sit in the comfort of your home or office and with just a few taps on your phone with or without the internet your food is with you and you are happily enjoying it.

The delivery services are becoming rampant of late and hens the quality of service is underrated, but do not worry with WeChop you are safe and secure.

In this article we will discuss everything you should know about WeChop including how to order from WeChop, location, contact details, menu, frequently asked questions, and more.

About WeChop

With WeChop we say “ Lunch with no wahala”. That is the slogan WeChop which is a good delivery platform.

This food delivery company is aiming so high to curb the problem of having to buy expensive delivery foods for most workers.

With WeChop you have your food ( lunch )delivered to you at your office with no delivery fee. It is free.

WeChop orders a short curated menu from most favorite lunch spots and serves up different cuisines throughout the week with new restaurants and dishes all the time.

WeChop says your food will be delivered to you right on time with no delays for example if you order by 11: AM your food will arrive at 12:30 PM.

They are into delivering food from restaurants in Tema and Accra, all in the Greater Accra region of Ghana.

Do you know that WeChop is the first food delivery service to offer food to customers with no delivery fee? Sure, I know you are amazed. They are bent on eradicating expensive meals.

With this food delivery service, you got to save a lot for other important stuff. They launched weChop in Ghana in the year 2017 and it has relentlessly served Ghanaians well.

They deliver from Eddy’s Pizza, Burger King, KFC and 17 others within Accra and Tema.

How To Order From WeChop

There are two ways you can order from WeChop either through the website or by call or via the mobile app. And we are going to learn all of them in this article.

Ordering Food Via WeChop Website And Phone

Ordering food through their website is as simple as A, B, and D. Just follow the simple steps below. To sign up on the WeChop waiting list,

  1. check out their website which is to signup
  2. Browse through the menu list available and place your order. Again, you can order food from them by dialing their number 0547797803 directly to make your order.

Placing Order With WeChop Mobile App

  1. You first have to download the WeChop App and create an account
  1. Then you should browse the Menu available
  2. You then have to place your order when you choose your desired meal.
  3. You can now track your order as the rider gets on his way to your destination.
  4. You can now enjoy your Meal after the food has been delivered successfully. Make sure you check your meal very well to see if that is what you rightfully ordered

WeChop Menu Prices

These are the affordable menu without delivery when you order with WeChop delivery services.


  1. white rice – GHS 30
  2. jollof rice – GHS 30
  3. fried rice – GHS 30
  4. spaghetti – GHS 30

African Dishes

  1. Amala – GHS 30
  2. Semo – GHS 30
  3. Pounded Yam – GHS 30


  1. Egusi – GHS 30
  2. Efo – 30


  1. Goat meat – GHS 30
  2. Chicken – GHS 30
  3. Turkey – GHS 30
  4. Beef – GHS 30
  5. Pommo – GHS 30
  6. Titus fish – GHS 30

Location And Contact Details Of WeChop Food Delivery Services

They are located at One Airport Square, Accra, Ghana and they can be contacted at 0547797803 or follow them on Instagram:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does WeChop Charge a Delivery Fee per Order?

WeChop does delivery-free service.

Can I order via phone call?

Yes sure, you can also order by calling th


The emergence of food delivery services has brought lots of relief in satisfying the gut and the stomach.

Most of these food delivery services charge vast sums of money as delivery fees which gets consumers obsessed.

Choose WeChop and get delivery-free food so that you can save enough money for other important stuff.

In the article, we provided several ways you can order food from WeChop and have it right on time.

We also gave a brief narrative about WeChop. We provided their location and contact details as well. Get ready to order your first delivery-free meal.

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