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How To Order Food From Glovo App [Step By Step Guide]

If you are seeking guidance on how to place an order on Glovo, particularly for food from popular establishments like KFC or Pizzaman, you’ve come to the right place.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of utilizing the Glovo App for convenient online food ordering.

Many individuals turn to Google in search of information on ordering food through Glovo, an international service that facilitates online orders for various items in Ghana, with minimal to no delivery fees and swift delivery services.

As the trend of online food delivery continues to grow, Glovo stands out as one of the most popular platforms, offering a seamless experience not only for restaurant meals but also for groceries and other products.

The competition among delivery services intensifies, making it increasingly convenient for users to order food from their preferred restaurants.

GlovoApp, often referred to as the Uber of food delivery in Ghana operates efficiently in cities like Accra or Kumasi.

Bridging the gap between customers and local stores, Glovo serves as both a courier and food delivery service.

The platform allows users to customize their orders, providing the flexibility to choose specific dishes and opt for delivery with a nominal fee or even at no extra charge through Glovo courier services.

If you’ve ever found yourself hungry with limited options for nearby food delivery, Glovo could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

With its reputation for speedy service, Glovo has garnered attention on various social media platforms, further solidifying its status as a reliable food delivery option.

To make the most of this service, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the app’s functionality, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free online food ordering experience.

Cities GlovoApp Is Currently Operating in Ghana are: 

  • Accra
  • Kumasi 
  • Tema
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Kindly note that Glovo is expanding across Ghana, and as time goes on, we will update this article whenever they expand their coverage.

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So if you are in Kumasi, Glovo Kumasi is available. The same applies to Glovo Accra and Glovo Tema. 

All you have to do is install the app. The app will detect your location and give you restaurants to order from.

Let us even dive into how to order food online from the Glovo website and the GlovoApp:

How To Order Food On Glovo

  1. Access the Glovo App: Head over to either the Google Play store or Apple Store and download the Glovo App to your device.
  2. Initiate Sign Up: Begin your journey by clicking on the sign-up option, choosing either Facebook or providing your name, email, and a secure password.
  3. Set Delivery Details: Add your delivery address and grant the app permission to use your location for a seamless experience.
  4. Navigate to Food Options: On the app’s homepage, click on “Food” and explore the diverse range of restaurants available.
  5. Find Your Favorite Spot: Locate your preferred restaurant within the app’s interface.
  6. Craft Your Order: Delve into the restaurant’s menu, make your selections, specify quantities, and then hit the “Order” button.
  7. Specify Delivery Details: Input your delivery address or allow the app to utilize your current location for accuracy.
  8. Provide Location Instructions: Enhance the delivery process by offering specific instructions about your location, making it easier for the dispatch rider to find you.
  9. Confirm and Pay: Confirm your order by completing the payment process. You have the option to pay on delivery or securely link your card for payment.
  10. Add Contact Information: Finalize the process by adding your telephone number. Glovo will ensure your selected food reaches you, and the rider will contact you upon arrival.

By presenting these steps uniquely, we aim to engage readers and provide a fresh perspective on using the Glovo App for food delivery.

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How To Order Food Online From Glovo Website 

  1. Visit the Glovo login page at https://glovoapp.com and click on “Get Started” located on the top right. Sign up using your Facebook account or opt for the alternative method by providing your name and email address. Add your delivery address to help Glovo identify nearby restaurants for quick and efficient delivery.
  2. Navigate to the homepage, click on “Food,” and select the desired restaurant. In this guide, we’ll use Pizzaman as an example. Browse the restaurant’s menu, choose the quantity you desire, and proceed to place your order.
  3. Enter your delivery address manually or allow the app to use your current location. Provide specific floor and door instructions to facilitate the dispatch rider’s easy location of your place.
  4. Review the order summary, noting that delivery is free for starters. Confirm your order by completing the payment process and adding your telephone number. Payment options include paying on delivery or securely linking your card for payment.
  5. Following a successful payment, Glovo will notify you about the delivery status. You’ll receive information about when your food will be ready, which is visible during the payment process. Glovo ensures a smooth delivery process, keeping you informed at
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How Do I Contact Glovo Ghana?

If you need to make inquiries, address issues with your order, or communicate with the Glovo team in Ghana, here are the contact details for GlovoApp:

For GlovoApp account holders:

  1. Log in to your GlovoApp account.
  2. Scroll down to the “Links of interest” section.
  3. Select “Contact Us.”
  4. You will find a list of available channels through which you can contact Glovo.

For those without an account, here are Glovo Ghana’s contact details:

Feel free to use these contact details to reach out to Glovo for any assistance you may require, ensuring a prompt and efficient resolution to your inquiries or concerns.

Places And Items That You Can Order From GlovoApp

  • Food 
  • Package delivery 
  • Medical services
  • Shopping malls 
  • Glovo drinks 
  • Supermarkets 
  • Pharmacies 
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How Do I Register On Glovo Ghana?

To register on Glovo Ghana, you must visit Glovoapp.com and click on Get Started or visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for Glovo App. After a successful installation, click on Get Started.

Who Owns Glovo Ghana?

Oscar Pierre and Sacha Michaud own Glovo. This is a courier service that Spanish citizens own.

Glovo has many branches worldwide, and now they are in Ghana. 

Glovo started operation in Ghana in March 2021 and since then has been serving Ghanaians with everything they want to be delivered to them,

How Much Is Glovo Delivery?

Glovo delivery fee is based on the distance and time it will take for the dispatch rider to deliver your food. 

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Glovo is free for new users and some restaurants, but the fee is based on your current location and the location of the restaurant you are ordering from.

Where is Glovo available?

Glovo is available in 21 countries across Africa, Europe, and South America.

Does Glovo Work At Night In Ghana?

Glovo Ghana operates 24/7, maybe the shop or restaurant you are ordering from may be the one that will be closed by night, and if they are closed, you know Glovo can not deliver your food or item to you.


Glovo has revolutionized the process of ordering food, providing a convenient solution that allows you to focus on your work while enjoying a diverse range of cuisines delivered straight to your doorstep.

With a wide array of partnerships with your favorite restaurants, Glovo ensures a seamless experience, making it one of the premier delivery services in Ghana.

In this comprehensive article, we’ve covered all aspects of the Glovo App, starting from its launch to its operational dynamics in Ghana.

The inclusion of GlovoApp’s contact details and locations serves as a valuable resource for users seeking assistance or information.

Our focus then shifted to the practical side of utilizing Glovo, guiding readers through the process of ordering food online.

We’ve taken care to address both website-based and app-based ordering methods, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate the Glovo platform for a satisfying dining experience.

With Glovo, the intricate task of ordering food has been streamlined, allowing you to effortlessly balance your professional commitments while savoring delicious meals from your preferred restaurants.

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