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How To Know Original Bone Straight Hair (Read This Guide)

Have you searched for how to know fake bone straight hair? Maybe you have gone through bone straight hair prices in Ghana and also gone through where to buy bone straight hair and now wondering how to know whether the bone straight hair you are buying is original or fake, then this article is for you.

This article is going to cover how to spot fake and original bone straight hair when buying, so the next time you head over to a wholesale wig shop in Accra or Kumasi, you can be sure of the hair that you are going to buy

Bone straight hair has become quite the rave these days. Although very pricey, it seems every woman wants to purchase this type of hair, whether long or short.

Due to how expensive it is, it is best to buy quality as there are many vendors who sell fake bone straight hair.

Thus, read on as I share with you everything you need to know about original bone straight hair, including where you can purchase it.

This human hair type has become quite popular in recent years. It is silky, flat, and permanently straight, and a must-have.

How To Spot Between Fake And Original Bone Straight Hair (Gude)

Bone straight hair doesn’t tangle or shed, and requires little or no styling, differentiating it from natural straight hair.

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Bone straight may be single drawn, which makes it full at the top, moderate at the middle, and thin getting to the end; or double drawn, where the hair has even thickness from root to tip and is more expensive.

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There is also super double drawn, which indicates the thickest hair extensions with even length from root to tip.

Original bone straight hair doesn’t need any strict maintenance and occasionally washing it will do.

After washing, you simply airdry it. There’s no need for styling as good bone straight naturally retains its straight style.

Note however that this hair type is costly; the longer it is, the more expensive even. Thus, it is important that before making the decision to buy bone straight hair, you have done adequate research on the vendor you’re going to purchase from, and believe that his or her business is legit.

You must ensure you buy from a trusted vendor, especially if you’re making your purchase online.

When buying from Instagram, do not choose a store based on the number of followers.

Look for reviews and photos of customers in the hair sold by the vendor. If the customers are tagged under the photos, you can contact them and ask about their experience with the store.

Carefully scrutinize the bone straight being sold by the vendor. Bone straight hair is very straight, and with great texture.

It also comes with a few split ends and lies very flat on the scalp. Some wig sellers may try to scam you by selling other hair textures as bone straight hair, but note that bone straight requires no styling and can’t be curled.

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It falls quickly back into place when you try to curl bone-straight hair.

The grade of the hair must also be considered. Many do not know this, but bone-straight hair comes in various grades.

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You can purchase the grade 7a, which is the least grade and least expensive, or 12a, which is the best and most expensive.

When buying bone straight hair, it’s best to start with a simple and neutral color such as natural black, jet black, or dark brown.

This allows for versatility, as you’ll be able to wear the hair to any program or event. Due to it being natural human hair, you can also dye it whenever you want to switch your look up a bit.

To conclude, buying bone-straight hair can be quite difficult, as there are so many vendors in Accra with different pricing.

Some wig dealers are also not legit and scam you of your hard-earned cash.

Before purchasing bone straight from a store, whether online or walk-in, you must have done adequate research.

You must compare prices, read reviews and if possible, contact those who have bought from the store you which to purchase from.

Best Places To Buy Original Bone Straight Hair

To make your work easier, here is a curated list of trusted places from which you can buy bone-straight hair;

Shika hair GH

The hair city


Oh my hairr

Prikels hair limited

The hair bundls gh

Belle luxury hair

Glam in inches

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