How To Know Original Bone Straight Hair (Read This Guide)

Are you in search of methods to identify counterfeit bone straight hair? Whether you’ve explored bone straight hair prices in Ghana or sought reliable vendors, this article is tailored to address your concerns.

This piece will elucidate the nuances of distinguishing between genuine and fake bone straight hair during your purchases.

Subsequently, your visits to wholesale wig shops in Accra or Kumasi will be characterized by confidence in the authenticity of your chosen hair.

The Contemporary Allure of Bone Straight Hair: In recent times, bone straight hair has gained significant popularity.

Despite its premium price, it has become a coveted choice for women, irrespective of the desired length.

Given the substantial cost, it is imperative to prioritize quality over cheaper alternatives, considering the prevalence of vendors offering counterfeit bone straight hair.

Continue reading to gain insights into everything you need to know about authentic bone straight hair, including reliable purchasing options.

This variant of human hair has witnessed a surge in popularity in recent years, characterized by its silky, flat, and permanently straight attributes, making it a staple for many.

How To Spot Between Fake And Original Bone Straight Hair (Gude)

Bone straight hair distinguishes itself by its resistance to tangling or shedding, requiring minimal styling compared to natural straight hair.

This hair type can be categorized as single-drawn, characterized by fullness at the top, moderate thickness in the middle, and thinning towards the ends.

Alternatively, double-drawn bone straight hair maintains uniform thickness from root to tip, commanding a higher price.

The super double-drawn variety signifies the thickest extensions with consistent length throughout.

Authentic bone straight hair demands minimal maintenance, necessitating only occasional washing and air-drying after cleansing. Its inherent straight style eliminates the need for additional styling efforts.

It is essential to recognize that the cost of bone-straight hair increases with its length. Thorough research on vendors is crucial before making a purchase, particularly when considering online transactions.

The number of Instagram followers is not a reliable metric; instead, focus on customer reviews and tagged photos to assess the vendor’s credibility.

When scrutinizing bone straight hair, observe its straightness, texture, and flat lay on the scalp, distinguishing it from other textures.

Beware of deceptive sellers attempting to pass off different hair types as bone straight. True bone straight hair does not require styling and resists curling attempts, quickly reverting to its straight form.

Consider the hair grade, ranging from 7a (least expensive) to 12a (highest quality). Opting for neutral colors like natural black, jet black, or dark brown provides versatility for various occasions.

As authentic human hair, bone-straight hair allows for dyeing to modify your look.

In conclusion, purchasing bone-straight hair in Accra requires careful consideration due to the diverse vendor landscape and potential scams.

Thorough research, price comparison, and customer outreach are essential steps to ensure a legitimate and satisfactory purchase, whether online or in person.

Best Places To Buy Original Bone Straight Hair

To make your work easier, here is a curated list of trusted places from which you can buy bone-straight hair;

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