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Bob Wig Prices In Ghana: Types, Where To Buy And More

A sleek bob wig exudes an undeniable sense of class and chic elegance. Bobs, characterized by their timeless appeal, are considered a must-have wig type suitable for individuals of all ages and versatile enough for various occasions.

For a comprehensive understanding of bob wigs, including where to purchase them in Ghana, this article aims to provide you with valuable insights.

The enduring popularity of bob haircuts transcends time, maintaining their fashionable status from the past to the present day.

Apart from their stylish appeal, bobs offer practicality, particularly in hot-weather months, ensuring comfort while remaining cost-effective.

The versatility of bobs extends to their ability to flatter every lady, regardless of face shape, personal style, or age.

Moreover, the convenience of minimal styling makes bob wigs an ideal choice for those on the go.

It’s worth noting that the world of bob wigs is diverse, featuring various styles and lengths to cater to individual preferences. Whether you prefer a classic short bob or a longer, more modern variation, there’s a bob wig for every taste.

As you delve into the realm of bob wigs, you’ll discover the multitude of styles available, each offering its unique charm and appeal.

Stay tuned for further insights into different bob wig types and where you can find quality options in Ghana.

Below Are The Most Popular Bob Wig Types;

  • Chin bob: This bob reaches your chin and is normally 8 or 10 inches.
  • Shoulder-length bob: This is slightly longer than the chin bob and reaches your shoulder. Most ladies prefer this length.
  • A-line bob: In this type, the hair at the front is slightly longer than at the back.
    Inverted bob: This is opposite to the A-line bob, with longer hair at the back.
  • Messy bob: This bob is usually shoulder-length with a messy, layered look.
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Bob wigs can last for several years if well-maintained. You can extend your bob’s life by gently detangling it with a comb, thoroughly shampooing it every fortnight, and also conditioning it.

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The Price Of Bob Wig In Ghana

The cost of bob wigs in Ghana spans from GHS 89 to GHS 2,200, with pricing influenced by both the desired length in inches and the source of purchase.

This diverse price range accommodates different preferences and budgets, offering flexibility for individuals seeking bob wigs.

When considering the purchase of a bob wig, it’s essential to factor in your preferred length and the specific characteristics you desire.

Additionally, the choice of where to buy your bob wig can impact the overall cost and quality.

For those in search of quality bob wigs, reputable places provide accessible options for purchase.

Whether you explore online platforms such as Jiji online, Jumia online, Gh Loozap online, or Ali Express, these sources offer a range of bob wigs, allowing individuals to select the length and quality that aligns with their specific preferences and style choices.

Whether you’re opting for a classic short bob or a longer, modern variation, the diverse pricing and availability of bob wigs in Ghana cater to a wide range of tastes and budgets.

Where To Buy Bob Wig In Ghana

The Hair City

Located in Madina, around Zongo Junction, The Hair City stands as a reliable source for quality and affordable wigs of various types.

For inquiries or purchases, you can contact them at the following numbers: 0243882372 or 0264595849.

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The Hair City ensures accessibility by extending their work hours from 8:00 am to 10:30 pm on Monday to Thursday, and from 8:00 am to 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

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Additionally, they are open from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Sundays, offering flexibility for customers to visit or make inquiries.

This establishment specializes in a variety of high-quality wigs, including first-rate options such as bone straight, ocean curls, pixie curls, and kinky straight, among others.

The diverse range of offerings caters to different style preferences, ensuring that customers can find the perfect wig to suit their tastes.

The Hair City goes beyond local accessibility, providing delivery services across the globe. This global reach enhances the convenience for customers who may be located both within and outside of Ghana.

Price of Double Drawn Wig Cap At The Hair City

8”GHS 600
10”GHS 700
12”GHS 800
14”GHS 900
16”GHS 1000
18”GHS 1250
20”GHS 1550
22”GHS 1750
24”GHS 1980
26”GHS 2200

Hair By Naa Shormey

For those seeking luxury raw donor and virgin hair, Hair by Naa Shormey stands as a reputable vendor located on Dantu Avenue, at Awudome Roundabout, opposite St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Accra.

To make inquiries or place orders, you can reach Hair by Naa Shormey at the contact number 0278661348.

Hair by Naa Shormey extends its services from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm daily, except Sundays when the store is closed.

This availability ensures that customers can visit or contact the store during convenient hours throughout the week.

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The vendor specializes in a range of premium hair options, with notable mention of the single donor super bone straight.

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This particular hair type is distinguished by its qualities, including being tangle-free and resistant to shedding.

In addition to the super bone straight, Hair by Naa Shormey offers other hair varieties such as Caribbean deep wave, Vietnamese body wave, and pissy curls, providing customers with a diverse selection to suit their preferences.

Whether you’re in search of a specific hair type or exploring various options, Hair by Naa Shormey’s commitment to quality and variety makes it a go-to destination for luxury raw donors and virgin hair in Accra.

Bob Wig Prices At Hair By Naa Shormey

Wig NamePrice
12 inches single drawn wig capGHS 650
12 inches double drawn wig capGHS 1150

Bob Wig Prices At Jiji Online

Wig NamePrice
Short bob braided Rasta wig capGHS 500
Short Brazilian Remy blunt cut wig capGHS 556
Short bob wig cap Brazilian RemyGHS 585
Brazilian Remy short frontal wig capGHS 895
Short frontal human hair wig capGHS 850
Short bob wig capGHS 585
Short bob of different shades human hair wigGHS 380
Burgundy short wigGHS 720
Top quality short human hair blonde wig capGHS 480

Bob Wig Prices At Jumia Online

Wig NamePrice
Straight bob wig hair natural blackGHS 66
Women’s black short straight hair with bobGHS 89
Fashion short straight hair bob wig black/burgundyGHS 125
Glueless bob Brazilian straight short lace wigGHS 195
Women fashion short straight-banged bob wigGHS 124
Straight unprocessed Brazilian bob wig with lace closureGHS 697
Natural human hair frontal bob lace wig capGHS 700
Bob short wigGHS 89
8 inches straight bob frontal wig cap PeruvianGHS 400
Synthetic short ombré straight wigGHS 172

Bob Wig Prices At Gh Loozap Online

Wig NamePrice
Bob wigGHS 100

Bob wigs are classy, sleek, chic, and perfect for all face shapes and ages. You can purchase quality bob wigs at Hair City, hair by Naa Shormey, Jiji online, Jumia online, and Gh Loozap online.

You can also check out Cambodian hair prices, Brazilian hair prices, and Chinese hair prices, for more hairs, you can visit our hair pricing section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Double drawn wig price in Ghana

The price of double drawn wig price in ghana ranges from GHS 80 to GHS 370 per bundle across all hair retail stores in Ghana

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