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Darling Products And Their Prices In Ghana

Which lady doesn’t know or hasn’t used Darling hair? Be it loose braids, passion twists, faux locs, or any other popular braiding style, Darling is widely used. Want to know more about Darling products? Then this article is for you.

Read on as I share with you everything you need to know about Darling products and their prices.

Darling has been operating in Africa for many years now, providing hair to countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, and South Africa.

As a company, Darling believes in the strength, confidence, beauty, and independence of African hair.

As such, they provide the highest quality of hair, at the lowest possible price. This hair company has many products which have been carefully designed to satisfy the beauty aspirations of every woman. They are listed below;

All Darling Hair Prices In Ghana And Why You Should Buy

Afro curl

Darling Afro Curly Twist

This hairstyle is quite short, kinky, and perfect for weaves. It has a smooth texture, and 2 packs are enough for one head.

To care for this hair, simply finger detangle and moisturize with water and leave-in conditioner.

  • Price: GHS 40 – 200
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Afro Twist

The afro twist is used for crochet braids, and 3 packs are needed for one head. For hair care, you can use water and a leave-in conditioner for a natural luster.

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Natural oil can also be used to soothe the scalp and avoid dryness and itching.

  • Price: GHS 55 – 200


darling ahoofe weave price in Ghana

This curly pixie hairstyle is perfect for weaves. You only need 1 pack for a full head. For a great curly and shiny look, use serum and mousse.

  • Price: GHS 55 – 150

Awula Braid

Darling Awula Braids price in ghana

With pre-cut and pre-picked ends, the Awula braid is perfect for braiding extensions.

The number of packs needed for a full head is 2. With this style, you’ll need to keep your scalp moist and also soothe it with natural oils.

  • Price: GHS 45 – 195


darling bouncy curls price in Ghana

This hairstyle is of short length with a natural-looking curl and human hair. It is suited for weaves and has a smooth texture.

Only one pack is needed for a full head. To care for the hair, you detangle it with a wide-toothed comb.

  • Price: GHS 55 – 150

Classy Braids

Darling Classy Braids

It is perfect for braiding hair as it is smooth, soft, and tangle-free. For a full head, 3 packs of classy braids are needed. To avoid itching and dryness with this hair, it is best to use a natural oil.

  • Price: GHS 45 – 150

Curly Twist

Used for crochet braids, curly twist makes you look adorable effortlessly. 2 packs are needed for a full head of hair.

Price: GHS 40

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Dancing Diva

darling dancing diva hair price in ghana

With more volume and bounce, dancing diva is great for weaves. You only need 2 packs for a head of hair. Finger detangling and moisturizing are great ways to care for this hair type.

  • Price: GHS 55 – 150
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Dazzler Amber

Darling Dazzler Amber hair price in ghana

With a natural wavy and soft texture, it is perfect for all weaves. It is very long and smooth as well.

The curls can look too frizzy at times, and you can use water and a leave-in conditioner to calm them down.

  • Price: GHS 60

Faux Dreads

This hairstyle is highly versatile and suitable for crochet. For a full head of hair, 2 packs of faux dreads will do.

For care of this hair, simply use water and a leave-in conditioner for a soft natural luster.

  • Price: GHS 45

Magic Braid

Darling Magic Braids

This hairstyle is very light and tangle-free, made with synthetic fiber. It is great for braiding hair.

For hair care and maintenance, simply moisturize with water and a leave-in conditioner. Some oil sheen is also great for adding luster.
Price- GHS 32

You can purchase any Darling product from salons around you. Don’t hesitate to use Darling hair for your weaves and braids, as they provide you with the best quality at affordable rates.

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