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Darling Dazzler Ruby Price In Ghana

Darling Dazzler Ruby, although not as popular as some of the other Darling products, is a great option for weaves, especially if you want a long one.

Want to know more about Darling Dazzler Ruby? Then this article is for you.

Thus, read on as I share with you everything you need to know about Darling Dazzler Ruby.

What Makes Darling Dazzler Ruby So Unique?

It is cost-effective and affordable, as you only need 2 packs to get a full head of hair.

It is also very light and airy, weighing only 120 grams thus it doesn’t feel heavy on your head.

Dazzler Ruby is very long, with curls on the lower half of the weave. This can be worn down or tied up into a bun, depending on your preference.

The added advantage of Dazzler Ruby is that its curls are long-lasting, thus there’s no need for extra styling.

Dazzler Ruby is also very soft and smooth and gives a luscious texture to your hair. It is available in a wide range of colors, including brown, black, light brown, blonde, burgundy, and others. This variety of colors gives you the chance to pick what you’d prefer.

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To care for your hair and make it last longer, do not expose it to water or heat, as this will make it hard.

It would help if you also moisturized your scalp regularly to avoid chaffing and dry skin, which is quite common with this weave. Regular moisturizing and conditioning will make the hair strong and healthy.

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Also when detangling, use a wide tooth comb and work your way from tips to roots. After, use a weapon brush to smoothen the hair.

Why Should You Choose Darling Dazzler Ruby?

If you’re looking for smooth, long hair of the highest quality for your weaves, then Dazzler Ruby is a perfect choice.

With Dazzler Ruby, you are assured of the weave lasting several years, while retaining its shine and luster.

Price Of Darling Dazzler Ruby

The price of Darling dazzler ruby ranges from GHS 55 to GHS 150, the price is also determined by the inches and the bundles you are buying. Also, the price is sometimes determined by where you are buying from.

Darling Dazzler Ruby is common and can be found in any salon or hair store around you. Purchase 2 bundles today and get a weave with them.

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