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Apple Girl Hair Price In Ghana

Apple girl hair is a very popular hair brand all over the world, especially in Ghana. Want to know more about Apple girl hair? Then this article is for you.

Thus, read on as I share with you everything you need to know about Apple girl hair.

Apple girl hair is high-grade hair, and completely unprocessed. It is simply Brazilian Remy hair. Since it’s human hair, it can be bleached, dyed, permed, highlighted, or styled easily.

What makes Apple hair unique is that the hair strands are double weft, and the hair is also tangle and shedding-free.

Apple girl hair comes in a variety of lengths, with 28 inches typically being the longest. It also comes in varying shades of black, dark brown, and light brown.

With proper maintenance and care, this hair can last for several years. Simply shampoo it regularly and when detangling, work your way up from the ends to the roots.

Price Of Apple Girl Hair In Ghana

The price of apple hair in Ghana ranges from GHS 60 to GHS 700 across all hair wholesale and retail stores in Ghana. The price is also determined by the inches and where you are buying from.

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Read on as I share with you places where you can purchase Apple girl hair.

Where To Buy Apple Hair In Ghana

Gh Loozap Online

  • Apple girl 7 pieces grade 12a – GHS 430
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Jiji Online

  • 20 inches original Apple girl water curls – GHS 1485
  • Apple girl naturals and Curls – GHS 60
  • Apple girl double drawn bouncy curls – GHS 1950
  • Apple girl Jerry curls frontal unit – GHS 880
  • 12 inches Apple girl hair blunt cut bob – GHS 695

Cedizon Online

  • Apple girl hair – GHS 300

Indeed, if you’re looking for quality hair extensions to buy, then look no further than Apple girl hair. This Brazilian Remy hair can be dyed, bleached, highlighted, and permed.

It allows you to choose from its wide range of lengths, with some as long as 28 inches. You can purchase Apple girl hair from Gh Loozap online, Jiji online, and Cedizon online.

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