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Obaa Sima Hair Prices In Ghana

Are you searching for Obaa sima hair price in Ghana? Obaa sima hair is one of the common hair extensions that is used to braid hair in Accra, and Ghana at large.

It is well-known for its synthetic hair fiber, which is of premium quality. Want to know more about Obaa Sima hair? Then this article is for you.

Thus, read on as I share with you everything you must know about Obaa sima hair, including its price in Ghana.

Obaa sima hair comes in a range of vibrant colors; it’s up to you to choose which you’d prefer for your hair. When using it to braid, it can be used on any hair length.

However, it comes out best when used on medium-length hair, as it’s quite easier to tuck the person’s natural hair into the braid to give it a neat look.

With Obaa Sima, your braided hair will look soft and shiny, with a luxurious feel to it as well. Although synthetic hair, looks very much like natural hair, allowing your braids to look almost fully natural.

Price Of Obaa Sima Hair In Ghana

The price of Obaa Sima hair ranges from GHS 10 to GHS 50. The price is also determined by the inches you are buying and where you are buying from.

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Read on as I share with you places where you can purchase quality Obaa sima hair and at great prices.

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Stores To Buy Obaa Sima Hair And Their Prices

Jiji Online

Darling Obaa sima max – GHS 23

Reapp Online

Darling Obaa sima max – GHS 20

Gh Loozap Online

Darling hair Obaa sima – GHS 10

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