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Cambodian Hair Prices In Ghana And Where To Buy

Cambodian hair is a favorite of Ghanaian women. Although recently introduced on the market, it has fast become a popular hair type in Ghana and Africa.

Want to know more about this hair type? Then this article is for you.

Read on as I share with you everything you need to know about Cambodian hair, including its prices at the various shops.

Cambodian hair, as the name suggests, is sourced from Cambodia in South East Asia. What makes Cambodian hair distinct is how lightweight it is, and coupled with its luster and shine, it is no surprise that it is so popular.

The hair comes in various textures, mainly wavy, straight, and curly. It is slightly coarse and holds styles very well, blending nicely with African American hairstyles.

This hair type is also known for its heat-resistant qualities, as it is slightly more heat-resistant than the other hair types.

It can also easily withstand dyes and color without affecting hair quality.

Cambodian hair comes mainly in a lighter shade of black, though shades of dark brown are also available.

The hair is healthy and natural, as it is sourced from one donor and doesn’t undergo any chemical treatment or processing.

The cuticles are intact and hair is in one direction only, reducing the risk of tangling and matting. To maintain Cambodian hair, simply wash it with shampoo regularly and carefully comb it out.

The Price Of Cambodian Hair In Ghana

The Price Of Cambodian hair in Ghana ranges from GHS 170 to GHS 1,562. The price is also determined by the inches you want and where you are buying from.

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Read on as I share with you shops that sell quality Cambodian hair extensions and wigs.

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Cambodian Bone Straight Hair Price In Ghana

The price of Cambodian bone straight hair ranges from GHS 200 to GHS 800 across all hair retail stores across Ghana.

Where To Buy Cambodian Hair In Ghana

Price Of Cambodian Hair At Jiji Online

Wig Name Price
Cambodian Remy silky straight wig capGHS 655
12 inches Cambodian straight wig capGHS 855
26 inches Cambodian Remy closure wig capGHS 2,250
26 inches grade 11a Cambodian Remy FrontalGHS 1,869
Cambodian Remy luxurious blunt cutGHS 899
Cambodian Remy human hair bouncy curlsGHS 1,445
18 inches Cambodian perm straight with Kim K closureGHS 855
12 inches Cambodian human hair frontal capGHS 950
12 inches Cambodian straight blunt cut wig capGHS 755
18 inches Cambodian unprocessed double drawnGHS 1,185
Grade 10a Cambodian silky straight wig capGHS 575
16 inches Cambodian straight wig capGHS 665
18 inches Cambodian Remy closure capGHS 899
Cambodian double drawn original three-part closureGHS 885
Cambodian silky straight human hair with closureGHS 1,210

Price Of Cambodian Hair At Gh Loozap Online

Wig Name Price
Cambodian wet curls fringe grade 11aGHS 170
Cambodian wet curls fringe grade 11aGHS 170

Price Of Cambodian Hair At Ali Express

Wig Name Price
Bone straight 13*4 lace front Cambodian wigGHS 1,161.84
Cambodian body wave lace front wigGHS 1,080.61
30 inches Cambodian body wave 13*6 HD transparent laceGHS 1,449.76
13*4 transparent lace front Cambodian hair wigGHS 1,848.88
Cambodian deep wave closure hair wigGHS 1,601.11
Cambodian HD lace frontal wig 13*4GHS 767.01
30 inches Cambodian deep wave HD frontal wigGHS 1,562.64

You can purchase quality Cambodian hair extensions and wigs from any of these stores; Jiji Online, Gh Loozap online, and Ali Express.

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