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Ultra Hair Prices In Ghana And Where To Buy

Are you searching for ultra hair price in Ghana? Which lady hasn’t heard of Ultra Hair? Ultra is the go-to hair extension for all things braiding. Want to know more about Ultra Hair? Then this article is for you.

Read on as I share with you everything you need to know about Ultra Hair, as well as its prices in various stores in Ghana.

The popular Ultra hair is perfect for creating micro plays, basket-weaved cornrows, box braids, singular dreads, and many others. It is the preferred hair type as it is lightweight, very soft, and tangle-free.

It is also flame resistant and can withstand curling and setting by hot water. The added advantage of Ultra hair is that it is suitable for all hair types; be it kinky or sleek hair.

It is also suitable for all braiding types, so feel free to be adventurous with the style you choose. You can mix and match different lengths, colors, and textures to create a unique look, according to your taste.

Ultra hair is 100% Kanekalon fiber and about 32 inches in length. For a full head of hair, it is recommended to use 3 to 5 packs, but this depends on head size, chosen hairstyle, and preferred thickness.

How Much Is Ultra Hair In Ghana

The price of ultra hair in Ghana ranges from GHS 14 to GHS 20 per bundle. The price is determined by the inches you want to buy and where you are buying from.

Stores To Buy Ultra Hair And Their Prices

Read on as I share with you where you can purchase Ultra hair, including the prices;

Jiji Online

XPression Ultra braid hair/ wig for braiding – GHS 14

Gh Loozap Online

Ultra hair – GHS 20

Don’t hesitate to buy your Ultra hair from these trusted sources; Jiji online and Gh Loozap online.

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