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Price Check: How Much Does The Ashfoam Standard Mattress Cost In Ghana?

Mattresses are an important investment for most households in Ghana. With the growth of the middle class, more Ghanaians are looking to upgrade from traditional sleeping mats to spring and foam mattresses.

This rising demand has led to an influx of mattress brands into the Ghanaian market. However, Ashfoam remains one of the most recognized and trusted mattress manufacturers in the country.

We recently covered Ashfoam low-density mattress prices in Ghana and this article is going to cover ashfoam standard-density mattress prices in Ghana.

This article provides an overview of Ashfoam’s standard density foam mattress models available in Ghana and their current price ranges.

We will look at the key product lines, pricing across different sizes, factors that influence costs, and how Ashfoam’s prices compare to other major mattress brands in Ghana.

The goal is to equip readers with information to make an informed decision when mattress shopping.

Ashfoam Company Overview

Ashfoam Ghana Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of polyurethane foam products in Ghana and West Africa. The company is headquartered in Tema, Ghana.

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Ashfoam operates large manufacturing facilities in Tema and Takoradi, with a production capacity of over 25,000 metric tonnes per year.

The company utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing technology from global leaders like Hennecke, Maxfoam, and Fomo.

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Ashfoam manufactures a diverse range of polyurethane foam products including mattresses, pillows, automotive seat cushions and interiors, furniture and bedding components, packaging solutions, and technical molded products.

The company’s mattress brand Star is a household name in Ghana with a dominant market share of over 60% in the country.

Ashfoam mattresses are available through over 300 dealerships and retail outlets across Ghana.

The company also exports its products to other West African countries like Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo and Burkina Faso.

Ashfoam is recognized as a leader in quality, innovation, and customer service in the polyurethane foam industry in Africa.

So, What Is A Standard Density Mattress?

standard mattress

A standard density is a mattress that is between high density and low density, they are not too hard and not too soft. Standard density helps in your sleep and if you are injured, it helps in quick recovery.

Why Should You Buy an Ashfoam Standard Density Mattress?

Now that you have got to know what a standard density mattress is, let us dive into why you need to buy yourself an Ashfoam standard density mattress.

To Save Money

Maybe you want to buy the high density but your money does not add up, you can go for the standard density, the only difference between the high density and the low density is the inches.

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It Helps In Sleeping 

A standard density mattress provides better pressure relief which allows you to have a perfect deep sleep. If you want to have better sleep then you need to get yourself a standard density mattress.

Ashfoam Standard Density Mattress Sizes

  • Small size (36” X 75”)
  • Medium size (42” X 75”)
  • Large size (54” X 75”)
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Ashfoam Standard Density Thickness

Ashfoam standard density mattress comes in 17 types of thickness depending on the thickness you want, the types of thicknesses are:

  • 4″
  • 5″
  • 5.5″
  • 6″
  • 6.5″
  • 7″
  • 7.5″
  • 8″
  • 9″
  • 9.5″
  • 10″
  • 11″
  • 11.5″
  • 12″
  • 14″
  • 16″
  • 20″

How Much Is Ashfoam Standard Density Mattress In Ghana

The price of Ashfoam standard density mattress ranges from GHS 1,300 to GHS 4,675 across all Ashfoam retail stores in Ghana.

Below are the updated ashfoam standard density mattress prices in Ghana.

4″GHS 480 – GHS 1,300
5″GHS 500 – GHS 1,484
5.5″GHS 580 – GHS 1,536
6″GHS 590 – GHS 1,536
6.5″GHS 710 – GHS 1,523
7″GHS 852 – GHS 1,692
7.5″GHS 900 – GHS 1,789
8″GHS 975 – GHS 1,822
9″GHS 872 – GHS 2,082
9.5″GHS 1,062 – GHS2,147
10″GHS 1,081 – GHS 2,277
11″GHS 1,185 – GHS 2,512
11.5″GHS 772 – GHS 2,645
12″GHS 1,253 – GHS2,798
14″GHS 1,398 – GHS 3,272
16″GHS GHS 1,598 – 3,739
20″GHS 2,000 – GHS 4,675


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Ashfoam is one of the leading mattress brands in Ghana, offering high-quality mattresses at affordable prices. Their standard mattress line provides excellent support and comfort without breaking the bank. Prices can range from 300-1,000 GHS depending on size and model.

When compared to other brands, Ashfoam standard mattresses are very competitively priced. They use quality materials and construction methods to produce durable, long-lasting mattresses.

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Factors like materials, manufacturing, and certifications influence the pricing.

For consumers looking to purchase a new mattress in Ghana, Ashfoam’s standard collection is definitely worth considering.

Try testing them out in stores to find the right comfort and support for your needs. Ashfoam offers excellent value compared to other major brands.

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