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Indian Hair Prices In Ghana And Where To Buy

Indian hair is the best hair extension currently available on the market today. It can be used for wigs and weaves or be worn as a ponytail.

If you want to know more about Indian hair then this article is for you.

Read on as I share with you everything you need to know about Indian hair, as well as where you can purchase it from.

Virgin Indian hair is unprocessed and raw Indian hair, with the best quality on the market, and thus very expensive.

It is highly lustrous and thick and holds a variety of styles easily. Indian hair looks great with most hair types and blends especially well with Caucasian hair. This hair type is smooth and barely tangles or sheds.

Indian hair is donated by Indian women to temples in South India as a form of ritual. To purify themselves, these Indian women shave off their hair and present them as an offering to their gods.

This ritual later blossomed into a business opportunity as a lot of women were interested in purchasing Indian hair extensions and wigs.

Virgin Indian hair is hair in its most natural form. It is 100% unprocessed, and textures range from natural wavy to natural straight to deep curly.

It comes in shades of dark brown and black, but can also be dyed to other colours.

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With proper maintenance and care, it can last for several years, while still maintaining its shine and other natural characteristics.

Price Of Indian Hair In Ghana

The price of Indian hair ranges from GHS 100 to GHS 3,955. The price of Indian hair is also determined by the inches you are buying and where you are buying from.

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Stores That You Can Purchase Indian Hair In Ghana

Below are some trusted shops from which you can purchase quality Indian hair.

Price Of Indian Hair At Jiji Online

Wig NamePrice
12 inches Indian Remy luxurious straight human hairGHS 655
10 inches Indian hair fringeGHS 680
Grade 10a Indian Remy pixie cut curlsGHS 850
12 inches Indian Remy SDD water curls with Kim K closureGHS 1,365
12 inches Indian hair blunt cut bobGHS 695
10 inches Indian Remy SDD bouncy curlsGHS 1,199
12 inches Indian Remy SDD bouncy curlsGHS 1,995
16 inches Indian hair super double drawnGHS 2,550
Indian Remy human hair bouncy curls fringeGHS 885
26 inches Indian Remy human hair wig capGHS 1,595
20 inches grade 11a Indian Remy wet curls wigGHS 1,195
14 inches Indian human hair wig capGHS 685
16 inches Indian hair wig capGHS 655
8 inches Indian hair blunt cutGHS 599
12 inches Indian human hair wet curls frontal capGHS 1150
24 inches Indian Remy virgin human hair wig capGHS 1895

Price Of Indian Hair At Jumia Online

Wig Name Price
Indian hair wig 16 inchesGHS 281
Fashion curly wig Indian Remy human hairGHS 99

Price Of Indian Hair At Tonaton

Wig Name Price
Italian unprocessed virgin hairGHS 1,299
24 inches double drawn Goddess frontal wig capGHS 3,955
24 inches Indian silky 180 frontal wig capGHS 1,585
14 inches Indian blonde hair blunt cutGHS 1,158
Indian virgin wet curlsGHS 530
24 inches Indian Remy virgin body wave wig capGHS 1,545

Price Of Indian Hair At Ali Express

Wig NamePrice
13*4 straight lace Indian frontal wigGHS 1,093.02
Bone straight 13*4 lace front wig IndianGHS 1,168.72
Indian body wave lace frontal wigGHS 574.61
Curly Indian human hair wigGHS 490.79

You can purchase Indian hair wigs or extensions from any of these stores; Jiji Online, Jumia Online, Tonaton, and Ali Express.

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While this article is focused on Indian hair prices, you can also check out Peruvian hair prices in Ghana and where to buy them from.

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