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Ashfoam Student Mattress Prices in Ghana – What You Need to Know

Have you ever searched for the price of a student mattress in Ghana? We recently covered ashfoam orthopedic mattress prices in Ghana and this article is going to cover ashfoam student mattress prices in Ghana.

One of Ashfoam’s most popular mattress lines is its student mattress range. These mattresses are designed specifically for students and young adults, with characteristics like affordability, durability, and portability in mind.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Ashfoam’s pricing strategy for their student mattresses in Ghana.

We’ll examine factors like production costs, competitor pricing, market conditions, and pricing trends that influence how Ashfoam sets and adjusts the prices for its student mattress products.

Understanding Ashfoam’s pricing approach can provide helpful context both for students looking to purchase a new mattress, as well as other players in the mattress industry in Ghana.

This article is going to be your number one guide to everything you need to know about Ashfoam student mattresses such as:

  • Why you should buy an Ashfoam student mattress
  • Types of Ashfoam mattress
  • Benefits of student mattress
  • Ashfoam student mattress prices in Ghana
  • Ashfoam king-size student mattress price in Ghana
  • Ashfoam student mattress queen size price in Ghana
  • Ashfoam contact and showrooms

So, What Is A Student Mattress?

Student mattress

student mattress is a type of mattress that is designed for students or people who have a small space for a bed.

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No matter the money you have, if you are going to school and decide to sleep in boarding, you definitely need to buy a student mattress because the beds there are only designed to occupy a student’s mattress size.

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Ashfoam targets the student mattresses primarily towards tertiary students living in dormitories, hostels, and rented accommodation.

University undergraduate students are the core target market. The mattresses are designed to meet their needs for affordable, hygienic, and comfortable mattresses suited for student lifestyles.

The student line focuses on durability, support, comfort, and value as its key positioning compared to other mattress brands and options targeted at students.

Ashfoam positions its student mattresses as the superior choice for students looking for quality sleep and rest during their academic years.

Types Of Student Mattress

There are two types of student mattresses and they are:

High-density student mattresses: These are mattresses that are known to be the thick type of mattress with 5 lbs per cubic foot.

Low density: Low density on the other hand is known to have a low-density foam, it comes with 3 lbs and is known to sink early while using.

Why Should You Buy Ashfoam Student Mattress?

Now that you have got to know what a student mattress is, let us dive into why you need to buy yourself an Ashfoam student mattress

It Fits Every Space

With a student mattress, you can just place it anywhere and sleep on it, due to its size, you don’t have to worry about taking up too much space in the room.

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They Are Affordable

Maybe you don’t have money to get yourself an orthopedic mattress, you can go for the student mattress in the means time and when you finally get the money, you can go and buy your preferred big-size mattress.

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Ashfoam Student Mattress Sizes

  • 27 x 72 x 3″
  • 27 x 72 x 3″ 1/2
  • 27 x 72 x 4″

Ashfoam Student Mattress Price In Ghana

The price of Ashfoam mattress price in Ghana ranges from GHS 140 to GHS 300 across all Ashfoam retail stores in Ghana.

Below are the updated Ashfoam student mattress prices in Ghana

SizeUncovered CoveredLeather
27 x 72 x 3″GHS 140GHS 175GHS 188
27 x 72 x 3″ 1/2GHS 160GHS 195GHS 197
27 x 72 x 4″GHS 173GHS 220GHS 220

Ashfoam Showrooms And Their Contact Details

You have now gotten to know Ashfoam mattress price list in Ghana, now is the time to check out Ashfoam showrooms and their contact details.

Ashfoam Main Showroom

  • Location: North Industrial Area, Opposite SSB Bank, Accra
  • Contact: 0243 200 729/0244 336 664

Ashfoam Tafo Showroom

  • Location: Before Tafo Cemetery Inside Magasin Kumasi
  • Contact: 0208 112 130

Ashfoam Awoshie Showroom

  • Location: Awoshie Traffic Light, Awoshie
  • Contact: 0244 148 421/0208 136 579

Ashfoam Kumasi Ahodwo Showroom

  • Location: Opposite Unibank, Ahodwo, Kumasi
  • Contact: 0264 066 413/0540 105 080

Ashfoam Sunyani Showroom

  • Contact: 0249 192 655

Ashfoam Techiman Showroom

  • Location: Opposite Zongo Market, Techiman
  • Contact: 0209 394 992

Ashfoam Wa Showroom

  • Contact: 0201 722 361

Melodi Kumasi

  • Location: Ahisan Opposite Ghana Commercial Bank, Kumasi
  • Contact: 0544 352 785/0248 005 300
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Ashfoam Koforidua Showroom

  • Location: Opposite Old Library, Jackson Park
  • Contact: 0244 642 481

Ashfoam Labone Showroom

  • Location: Labone Arcade Opposite Zin Gardens
  • Contact: 0244 255 555
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Ashfoam Dzorwulu Showroom

  • 0244 665 907

Ashfoam Airport Road Showroom

  • Location: Near Main Roundabout, Takoradi
  • Contact: 0244 665 907 / 0203 193 106

Ashfoam Mankessim Showroom

  • Location: 1 Kilometre Off Roundabout
  • Contact: 0208 136 579 / 0247 189 391

Ashfoam Tamale Showroom

  • Location: Abrabo Road, Adjacent First Allied Bank, Tamale
  • Contact: 0208 220 150

Ashfoam Accra Mall Showroom

  • Location: Accra Mall, Tetteh Quarshie Roundabout, Accra
  • Contact: 0558 271 912

Wrapping Up

Ashfoam’s student mattress line offers quality and affordability for students in Ghana. While mattresses can be an expensive investment, Ashfoam aims to make its student line accessible with competitive pricing.

Their pricing strategy factors in costs of raw materials, manufacturing, labor, transportation, and reasonable profit margins.

By localizing production in Ghana, they reduce certain costs compared to imports. However, fluctuations in material prices can lead to periodic price adjustments.

In this article, we covered ashfoam student mattress prices in Ghana, sizes, and lastly, we covered ashfoam showrooms in Ghana and their contact details.

You can also read about all Ashfoam mattresses and their prices in Ghana.

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