how to order food from eddys pizza online

How To Order Eddys Pizza Online [Step By Step Guide]

Have you ever searched for how to order Eddys pizza online?

If you are wondering how to order Eddy’s Pizza online, this guide will help you through the process. 

You will learn where and how to order online, what modes of payment are accepted, and you’ll find out how fast and free it is to have a delicious hot eddy’s Pizza delivered right to your door.

Eddys Pizza is one of the best pizza restaurants in Ghana.

They offer the best foods and discounts so you can also save money while ordering your favourite food items. 

With fast service, it offers online ordering and online payment options too. 

If you are hungry for Pizza, do not hesitate to order them here.

There are many ways of ordering food from Eddy’s Pizza, and we will cover all of them. 

Eddy’s Pizza has partnered with many online food delivery services, so sitting in the comfort of your house and ordering food online from them has become one of the easiest things to do.

How To Order From Eddys Pizza Using Glovo App

  1. Go to to access the Glovo login page.
  2. Click the Get Started button in the upper right corner.
  3. Sign up using your Facebook account, or sign up using your name and email address.
  4. Fill in your delivery information. This will help Glovo identify nearby restaurants so you can order and have it delivered quickly.
  5. Click on Food and then Restaurants on your homepage.
  6. Search for Eddys Pizza
  7. Browse their menu, select the required quantity, and then click Order.
  8. Enter your delivery address or allow the app to use your current location.
  9. Provide instructions for your floor door (how your area and front door look like, this will help the dispatch rider locate your place easily)
  10. Go through the order summary.
  11. Confirm your Order by making a payment and providing your phone number. You can pay upon delivery or link your card to make the payment.
  12. Glovo will deliver your food to you after you make a successful payment. Glovo will notify you when your food is ready, and you can even see it while making your payment.

You can go through our full glovo app guide on ordering food using their app or website.

How To Order From Eddys Pizza Using

  1. Visit and, on the top right, click Sign In. Sign on to the login page with Facebook, Apple ID, or Google+.
  2. After successfully signing up, click the Order Now button.
  3. Click on Search and look for Eddys Pizza.
  4. Go through Eddys Pizza’s menu and add the items you want to order to your cart.
  5. To make a payment, click Order Now and provide your address and contact information.
  6. Now sit back and wait for Pizarea to deliver your Pizza to you.

How To Order From Eddys Pizza Through Phone Call

Maybe you don’t have the internet to go online and order their food online. Eddy Pizza have also thought of that.

Because of this, they have also made it easy to order from them by just placing a phone call. To order from Eddy’s Pizza through a phone call, follow these steps:

You can order from Eddy’s Pizza by calling their delivery number 0561111153. 

You will be asked to choose from their menu and your details, such as your name, current location, phone number, and how you want it delivered.

The customer representative will let you know your total amount. You can choose to pay or pay on delivery. Now relax and wait for your Pizza to be delivered to you.

Wrapping Up

Now you don’t have to worry about ordering your favourite Eddys Pizza online because it has now become easy to order from them and have it delivered.

Now there are many delivery apps you can choose from when ordering from them, and in this article, we covered the step-by-step guide on ordering eddies Pizza online using the Glovo app and Pizarea website.

For those who are not always online, we covered how to order from Eddy’s Pizza by just placing a phone call.

You can also check out how to order from one of the best restaurants in Kumasi, which is Tasty Queen restaurant.

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