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The Secret Gardens Restaurant: Menu, Location, And Contact Details

Hey there, fellow food enthusiasts! Are you someone who loves trying out all sorts of tasty dishes from different restaurants? Or are you just like me, a big food lover?

Well, let me tell you, if you haven’t tried the food at Secret Gardens Restaurant, you’re seriously missing out. This place is something special.

First off, the natural vibe of the place is so awesome that you’ll feel like you’re in a food paradise.

And when it comes to the food, oh boy, it’s a game-changer for your taste buds. They serve all kinds of yummy dishes from around the world, so you’re in for a treat every time you’re hungry.

If you’re after a dining experience that’s not just delicious but also out of this world, Secret Gardens is the place to be.

Trust me, you’ve got to pay them a visit to truly understand what I’m talking about.

In this article, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about Secret Gardens Restaurant.

We’ll talk about where it’s located, how to get in touch with it, what’s on the menu, how to order, and a bunch of other cool stuff. So, let’s get started and explore this foodie haven without wasting any more time.

About Secret Gardens Restaurant

The Secret Gardens Restaurant was originally founded in Amsterdam. The Secret Garden is more than a restaurant, it is an experience where you can celebrate the flavors of the Nikkei Cuisine in a superb atmosphere.

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The setting of the restaurant is sure to put you in an unparalleled exotic and vibrant atmosphere in between nature’s green and contemporary art.

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The restaurant offers a unique blend of Japanese and Peruvian culinary traditions which is a mouth-watering culinary journey.

Meet the most harmonious colors, flavors, and aromas in contemporary cuisine through a boundless range of options.

The restaurant provides a wide selection of wines and cocktails inspired by the evolution of the Nikkei Cuisine.

There is a resident DJ in the Bar and Lounge who will entertain you as you enjoy a formal dinner in the restaurant.

What Should Encourage Me To Eat At The Secret Gardens Restaurant?

The Secret Gardens restaurant is a super awesome place to eat if you’re into trying all sorts of delicious foods. It’s not your regular restaurant, it’s a food wonderland.

Check out a menu with tons of different dishes from all around the world. You can try everything from your local favorites to dishes from far-off places.

And guess what? It won’t break the bank because their prices are totally reasonable.

But it’s not just about the food; the whole vibe of the place is amazing. They have resident DJs playing music that makes the atmosphere feel like a party.

You’ll have so much fun that you’ll want to keep coming back for more tasty adventures at this restaurant.

Secret Gardens Restaurant’s Dress Code

Secret Gardens Restaurant’s dress code is smart casual, which offers a comfortable yet polished style that strikes a balance between a relaxed and refined appearance.

When adhering to this dress code, consider combining well-fitted, clean-cut clothing items with a touch of sophistication.

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You can opt for items like collared shirts or blouses, neatly tailored trousers, skirts, or dresses, complemented by versatile footwear such as loafers, stylish sneakers, or closed-toe shoes.

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While there’s room for self-expression, it’s essential to maintain a put-together look by avoiding overly casual or sloppy attire.

This dress code allows you to showcase your style with a sense of understated elegance and professionalism, making it suitable for a wide range of social and professional settings.

Ordering From The Secret Gardens Restaurant

Guess what, no matter where you are, you can totally get your hands on some awesome grub from Secret Gardens Restaurant without even leaving your house.

Just pick up your phone and dial the magic number 024 311 0731.

Let them know what yummy food you’re craving, and before you know it, your order will be on its way, straight to your doorstep. It’s like a foodie’s dream come true.

The Secret Gardens Menu Prices

The restaurant provides a wide range of affordable dishes. Prices of dishes differ based on the type of dish but on average, you should expect to spend at least GHS 20. Below are the menu prices at Secret Gardens Restaurant.


ItemPrice (GHS)
Chicken Lettuce Wraps25.80
Salt and Pepper Squid Tentacles16.80
Vegetarian Spring Rolls8.80
Prawn Crackers5.50
Deep Fried Wanton8.80
Satay Sticks Chicken12.80
Prawn Toast13.80
Tempura Prawns15.80
Takoyaki Balls8.80
Deep Fried Fish Cake12.80
Wanton Soup8.80
Hot and Sour Soup8.80
Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup8.80
Mix Intestine Soup8.80
Tom Yum Soup9.80
Crab Meat and Sweet Corn Soup8.80
Vegetarian Soup7.80
Beef and Coriander Soup8.80
Seafood and Beancurd Soup9.80
Duck and Beancurd Soup8.80
Shanghai Dumplings14.80
Prawn Dumplings8.80
BBQ Pork Bun8.80
Pork and Prawn Dumplings8.80

Chicken Dishes

ItemPrice (GHS)
Honey Chicken24.80
Kungpow Chicken24.80
Salt and Pepper Chicken24.80
Sizzling Satay Chicken24.80
Salt and Pepper Boxing Chicken25.80
Boneless Lemon Chicken24.80

Beef Dishes

ItemPrice (GHS)
Sizzling Satay Beef25.80
Sizzling Mongolian Beef25.80
Sichuan Style Spicy Beef27.80
Crispy Vegetables and Butter Beef24.80
Sizzling Black Pepper Fillet Steak36.80
Black Bean and Capsicum Beef25.80

Pork Dishes

ItemPrice (GHS)
Sizzling XO Chilli Shredded Pork27.80
Ginger and Shallot Mixed Pork Intestines25.80
Spicy Mixed Pork Intestines Hotpot25.80
Menu ItemPrice (GHS)
Special Combination of Fried Rice21.80
Salt and Pepper Chicken Fried Rice20.80
Sweet and Sour Pork24.80
Singaporean Style Rice Noodles21.80
Sizzling Japanese Beancurd with Chicken and Salted Fish23.80

Booking A Table At The Secret Gardens Restaurant

If you’re in the mood to have a nice meal at the Secret Gardens Restaurant, here’s how you can make a reservation. It’s super easy.

  1. Give them a call: You can just pick up your phone and dial this number: +233 55 441 8957. A friendly voice on the other end will help you book a table.
  2. Send a WhatsApp message: If you’re more into texting, you can also WhatsApp them at the same number: +233 55 441 8957. They’ll chat with you and sort out your reservation.
  3. Shoot them an email: If you prefer email, you can send a message to [email protected]. Just let them know when you want to come, and they’ll take care of the rest.
  4. Ask for recommendations: If you’re not sure what to order, don’t worry. You can also ask the staff for some tasty suggestions when you make your reservation.
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Secret Gardens Working Hours

DayOpening Hours
Monday18:00 – 01:00
Tuesday18:00 – 01:00
Wednesday18:00 – 01:00
Thursday18:00 – 01:00
Friday12:30 – 15:00
 18:00 – 02:00
Saturday12:30 – 15:00
 18:00 – 02:00
Sunday12:30 – 15:00

Location and Contact Details Of Secret Gardens Restaurant

 The restaurant can be found at Lagos Avenue Across Togo Embassy, Accra Ghana.

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You can contact them at +233 55 441 8957 for inquiries and bookings. You can also email them at [email protected] or social media: Instagram and Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Secret Gardens restaurant offer vegetarian and vegan options?

Yes, there is a range of vegetarian and vegan options on their menu.

Does the Secret Gardens restaurant have a dress code?

No, there is no strict dress code at the Secret Gardens restaurant, but diners are encouraged to dress comfortably and appropriately.


The Secret Garden has one of the hygienic, serene, and colorful environments designed to ensure a warm welcome of guests.

This restaurant is a culinary setting that you can not afford to miss. They have very decent and friendly staff.

In the article, we talked about this cool place called Secret Gardens restaurant. We covered a bunch of stuff like how to get in touch with them, where they’re located, what kind of food they serve, how much it costs, and even answered some questions people usually have.

So, it’s like your one-stop guide to everything you need to know about Secret Gardens.

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