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Telande Tea Garden Menu Prices, Location, Contact Details, How To Order, How To Book A Table, And More

Once again, I am delighted to present to you an exquisite dining establishment, the Telande Tea Garden, nestled in the vibrant heart of Accra.

In this comprehensive guide, I will furnish you with essential details encompassing menu prices, location specifics, contact information, ordering procedures, table reservation guidelines, compelling reasons to choose Telande Tea Garden for your dining experience, frequently asked questions, and more.

About The Telande Tea Garden

Telande Tea Garden stands as Accra’s verdant vintage haven, offering a delightful array of the finest teas, food, and drinks.

Nestled in the heart of Accra, this establishment boasts a tranquil atmosphere.

Distinguished by its unique features, Telande Tea Garden provides a range of services including delivery, takeout, reservations, outdoor seating, regular seating, ample parking, wheelchair accessibility, an alcohol-serving establishment with a full bar, options for wine and beer, digital payment facilities, cash acceptance, credit card payments, table service, a jazz bar, drive-thru convenience, playgrounds, and a family-friendly ambiance.

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With such an extensive array of amenities, Telande Tea Garden is committed to ensuring your satisfaction, providing everything needed to make your experience enjoyable and fulfilling.

Menu Prices At Telande Tea Garden

  • Grilled or Crispy Seasoned De’lish Chicken Wings Regular – GHS 20.00
  • Spring Rolls with Small Salad Regular – GHS 10.00
  • Grilled Chicken or Beef Kebabs: 3 Skewers with Veggies and Small Salad Regular – GHS 15.00
  • Samosas with Small Salad Regular – GHS 10.00
  • Calamari with Tartar Sauce Regular – GHS 20.00
  • Grilled Tilapia & Banku Regular – GHS 40.00
  • Golden Fries or Yam chips Regular – GHS 10.00
  • Yam, Plantains with Garden Egg Stew Regular – GHS 30.00
  • Omotuo with Groundnut Soup Regular – GHS 30.00
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Chicken Royal Pizza

  • Large – GHS 35.00
  • Medium – GHS 26.00

Make Your Pizza Medium

  • Medium – GHS 35.00
  • Large – GHS 48.00

Veggie Delight Pizza

  • Medium – GHS 26.00

Location And Contact Details Of Telande Tea Garden

You can find the restaurant conveniently situated at HRCF+75, House No, 234 Peter Ala Adjetey Ave Labone, Accra Ghana, and you can easily reach them directly for bookings and orderings at +233 59 602 9555. Their representative will be ready to assist you.

How To Order With GlovoApp From Telande Tea Garden

For the utmost convenience, you can reach out to Telande Tea Garden directly by calling +233 59 602 9555 to seamlessly place your order over the phone.

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The amiable staff is dedicated to assisting you in ordering your delectable meals, ensuring a smooth process, and having your culinary delights delivered right to your doorstep.

How To Book A Table At The Telande Tea Garden

For those who prefer to plan, securing a table at Telande Tea Garden is a breeze. Simply dial their contact number at +233 59 602 9555 to connect with their customer service personnel.

They will not only confirm the availability of a table but also guide you through the process of reserving a table that aligns perfectly with your desired dining experience.

Your satisfaction is their priority, and the attentive customer service team is ready to assist you in ensuring a seamless reservation process.


Indulge in a pampering and relaxing experience while savoring your favorite meals at Telande Tea Garden in Accra.

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In this comprehensive guide, I have provided you with key details including menu prices, location specifics, contact information, ordering procedures, table reservation guidelines, answers to frequently asked questions, compelling reasons to visit, and more about the inviting ambiance of Telande Tea Garden.

There’s truly no excuse to miss out on the exceptional offerings at this delightful establishment.

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