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KFC Osu Menu Prices: Where Variety Meets Affordability

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the KFC Osu branch. Before diving into menu prices, location, and more, let’s take a moment to appreciate the rich history and worldwide popularity of KFC.

Founded by Colonel Harland Sanders, KFC’s secret blend of 11 herbs and spices created a recipe that’s cherished globally. Now, let’s explore the mouthwatering offerings at the KFC Osu branch.

KFC Osu Branch Menu Prices 

Mini blueberry krusherGHS 10.00
Fully loaded mealGHS 44.00
Chicken bitesGHS 125.00
Wicked Zinger mealGHS 57.00
2 Piece of chickenGHS 21.00
Chicken popsGHS 24.00
Zinger burgerGHS 28.00
Streetwise 1 with chipsGHS 18.00
Family treatGHS 115.00
6 Crispy stripsGHS 35.00
Twister mealGHS 40.00
3 Crispy stripsGHS 35.00
Mini oreo krusherGHS 10.00
4 Hot wingsGHS 21.00
Hash brownGHS 10.00
1 Piece of chickenGHS 16.00
Large chipsGHS 17.00
ColeslawGHS 5.00
Regular chipsGHS 15.00
15 pieces bucketGHS 130.00
Tower burgerGHS 26.00
Oreo krusherGHS 15.00
Streetwise 2 with riceGHS 75.00
Streetwise 2 with chipsGHS 25.00
Colonel burgerGHS 28.00
9 pieces bucketGHS 75.00
Box master mealGHS 45.00
Box masterGHS 33.00
Streetwise 3 with chipsGHS 31.00
ShitoGHS 2.00
SundaeGHS 13.00
Soft twirlGHS 10.00
18 pieces bucketGHS 135.00

A Prime Location In The Heart Of Accra

Situated in Osu F739/2 Oxford St, Accra, one of the most vibrant zones in Accra renowned for its commercial and entertainment hub, KFC’s Osu branch is easily accessible.

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A prime location for the foodies, the store attracts a diverse clientele, from locals to tourists alike.

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Get In Touch With KFC Osu Branch

For any inquiries, feedback, or general assistance, KFC’s Osu branch can be reached at the following contact number: +233302963086. Customer-friendly and efficient, the staff is ready to assist you to make your experience at KFC enjoyable.

KFC Ghana Delivery Partners 

KFC has partnered with many food delivery apps and websites. Currently, you can order Your KFC meal through:

  • Glovoapp 
  • Jumia food 
  • Pizarea
  • Eziban

Ordering Online From KFC Osu Branch

Never worry about having to step out to gratify your KFC cravings. KFC Osu Branch offers convenient online ordering options, bringing mouthwatering delights right to your doorstep. Here is how you can order online:

Numerous platforms such as Eziban, Jumia Food, Glovoapp, and Pizarea, host the KFC Osu Branch, allowing you to explore its broad array of offerings with a few simple clicks.

Choose from the menu, add items to your cart, proceed to checkout, choose your payment method, and place your order. Please note that the availability and efficiency of these platforms can rely on your location.

Once your order is placed, all you need to do is await the arrival of your delicious KFC meal. Remember to check the estimated delivery time as it may vary depending on your location and order size.


Wrapping Up

In all, the KFC Osu Branch stands as a testament to KFC’s commitment to serving up comforting, delicious food in a friendly and efficient manner.

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Whether you plan a visit to the location or prefer ordering online, KFC Osu ensures an enjoyable fast food experience.

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Keep the contact number handy, your next craving for KFC might be just around the corner.

You can also check out other KFC branches in Ghana such as the KFC NIA Melcom branch, Sakumono branch, and Achimotal Mall branch.

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