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Real Estate Companies In Kasoa (Our Top Picks)

Are you looking for the best real estate companies in Kasoa? Then this article is for you.

Here at real estate companies in Kasoa, we have researched and helped some of our clients buy and sell their homes in Kasoa.

Most people think it’s hard to find real estate companies in Kasoa. That is not true. There are real estate companies in Kasoa.

When you search for real estate agencies on Google.com, you tend not to get good results as all the results appear are not relatable.

And because of this, I decided to do the research and write this article covering everything you need to know when finding the best real estate companies in The Capital region of Accra.

If you plan to build a new house and your target is Kasoa, then you may be in search of reliable and professional real estate companies in Kasoa.

These companies will help guide you through planning and building your dream home.

They will guide you to choose the right kind of house, built according to your preference.

These companies also provide maintenance services for your house in the future (which is one thing I love about Real estate agencies in Kasoa and even Ghana as a whole).

People no longer have to work with just one real estate agency, but they can browse through various agencies to find the right professional to help them build their dream home, factory or institution.

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These companies have been established for several years, relying on excellent customer service and satisfied repeat clients to ensure they continue the business.

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Before diving into the best real estate, let us cover things to look out for when dealing with real estate companies.

Here Are The Things To Look Out For When Dealing With Real Estate Companies

Check If The Real Estate Company Is Reputable

The first thing you need to check when working with an insurance company is how they work, some of their work and how they deal with clients.

To do this, all you have to do is to make enquiries and then study how they interact with you. 

How is their customer service? How do they do business with their customers? All these will help you know whether or not you should do business with them.

Check Online For Reviews About Them

The next thing is to check what people are saying about them. You must visit popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and then search for that company’s name plus review.

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You will get to see all the posts and comments about them. You can also use Google to find reviews about them.

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Now let us dive into the best real estate companies in Kasoa that you can do business with if you plan on buying land or building a house in Kasoa.

Best Real Estate Companies In Kasoa

Here are the best 3 real estate companies in Kasoa:

  • Regnant Properties And Construction
  • 21st Century Construction Limited
  • 21st Century Construction Limited

Regnant Properties And Construction

Regnant properties and constructions limited is one of the best real estate companies in Kasoa. 

They are known for real estate development, sales of land, building and construction, architectural works, and travel and tours.

The company has been in operation for quite a long and customer satisfaction is its priority.

Price Of Land At Regnant Properties And Construction

The price of land at Regnant properties and construction ranges from GHS 40,000 to GHS 1,000,000. The price also ranges from what you intend to use the land for and the size of land you want to buy.

Regnant Properties And Construction Address And Working Hours

  • Working hours: Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Phone number: 0245037567/0209254863
  • Mobile phone: 0559452247
  • Website: http://regnantproperties.com
  • Address: P.o.box D/C 166 Dansoman Accra, Kasoa, Ghana

21st Century Construction Limited

21st-century construction is known for building many homes in Kasoa. Due to how they deal with their customers, many homeowners prefer to work with them.

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If you plan on working with a real estate company, this company should be on your list. 

They deal in buying and selling lands, building and construction, leasing and many more.

Price Of Land At 21st Century Construction Limited

You can get a plot of land from 21st-century construction, ranging from GHS 70,000 to GHS 150,000,000. 

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The price of the land will depend on the area you want and what you intend to do with the land.

21st Century Construction Limited Address And Working Hours

  • Working hours: Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Phone number: +233 302 226251/+233 544 314500
  • Website: http://millenniumcitygh.com


Kasoa is a very great town to live in. Depending on what you intend to do at Kasoa, getting a plot of land in Kasoa to buy shouldn’t be a problem.

And that is why this article covered real estate companies in Kasoa that you can work with to get your dream land or home.

And in recap, the best real estates companies in Kasoa are:

Regnant Properties And Construction

24st Century Construction Limited

We also covered things to look out for when dealing with real estate companies and added the contact details of the selected real estate companies.

Were you looking for something that was not added to this article? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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