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UPDATED: Estates Houses With Their Prices And Location In Ghana

This article is going to cover estates houses with their prices and location in Ghana, we will also cover their location, contact details and more.

Property in Ghana has been on the boom for many years and the land and estate market is projected to grow further in the next ten years, and many people have been on the hunt for estate houses in Ghana.

Because of this, there are many reasons you might want to buy property in Ghana now, even while considering estate houses with their prices and location in Ghana.

Ghana is one of the cheapest Countries for Estate houses in Africa. And there are cheap prices and affordable houses in Ghana (and this article is going to make you know estates in Ghana and their prices).

We are also going to make sure you find the best and most popular ones. 

In this article, you will find the top most affordable Estate Houses to buy and their prices in Ghana

Some of them are on sale and are also affordable houses to buy in Ghana with different location prices.

Ghana, Africa’s most exciting and vibrant nation, has been a haven for home buyers and investors looking to purchase quality estate houses at affordable prices. 

If you are one of the many brave hearts searching for real estate solutions in Ghana, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will not only give you only the affordable estate houses for sale in Accra or Kumasi, but we will also talk about all the real estate.

This article will also cover their details and things to note when dealing with real estate companies 

In This Article:

What Is Real Estate In Ghana?

Real estate refers to land, along with any permanent improvements to it, be it man-made or artificial, such as minerals, trees, water constructions, houses, fences and bridges. 

Real estate is distinct in comparison to personal properties, which are items that aren’t permanently connected to the land like vessels, boats, furniture, jewellery or farm-related equipment.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Real Estates 



People looking to buy real estate houses are more worried about their security and safety. 

And when an estate property provides security, it actually makes them feel comfortable buying one of their houses.

This is why some estates have security options such as access-controlled gates, perimeter fencing, alarms and security guards that are managed by a third party giving residents assurance of their security. 

This is usually something people will spend a lot of money on.

Real Estate Is The Best For Families 

When someone searches for top estates in Ghana, he or she will be considering buying the property for his or her family. 

So this buyer will be looking at so many things, such as if the property has a playing ground for his or her kids, and how is the neighbourhood.

Real Estate Is Affordable

Many people see buying a real estate house to be expensive, but when you do the calculation right, you will get to see that building the house is more expensive.

With building a house, there are so many factors to consider and there are so many people to hire. 

It starts with hiring masons, architects, building materials and even the amount of time it will take to build the house.

Many people will tend to build their house because they do not have the amount of real estate property in cash, but don’t worry because there are so many estate agencies that allow you to buy a house in Ghana and pay monthly and we are going to cover all of them in this article.

Higher Property Value 

Lands tend to be more expensive and when it comes to selling your real estate property, after some years, you will be in profit because the prices of lands and houses always increase due to how real estate houses are built. They always tend to have value( just like iPhones).


Of course, since we have tackled the advantages of owning a real estate house, it is best we always cover the cons when it comes to buying a real estate house in Ghana.

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When buying a house or a plot of land, the first thing you will have to check is the location of that land or building.

Many real estate buildings are not located in the capital city and because of this, if your work is mostly located in the capital city, then you will have to wake up early to avoid the traffic and the long route. 

Building Regulations 

When you decide to buy land and build your own house, you get to decide the type of building you want to build, but when it comes to buying a real estate land or house, the buildings are mostly designed the same to make the area a consistent visual appeal.

Most top estates in Ghana have their own building design so when you decide to buy a real estate house, be sure to ask as many questions as you can, get to know the rules and requirements and get to know if you can get to modify the building or make changes to the building when it finally becomes yours.

Estates Houses With Their Prices And Location In Ghana

Now let us cover all the estates houses with their prices and location in Ghana, this article covers estates in Ghana, their house prices, location contact details and more.

If you are also on a budget, some of the estates we are about to cover also fall under the cheap estate houses for sale in Ghana so you are not going to finish this article saying your budget was not included.

I know you can’t wait to dive into the real estate houses for sale in Ghana, I can’t wait too so let’s get to it.

Here are the best real estate house and the prices of their houses in Ghana:

1. The Greens Estate

If you want one of the most popular real estate buildings with aesthetic designs, then you need to get yourself one of Green estate’s real estate. 

The company’s real estate is located in Tema community 25.

They offer modern homes with extra spaces for all your activities. Their houses are categorized into two types which are THE CEDAR building and THE CYPRESS building.

One thing that makes Green estate stand out is that you can have a view of their homes, areas and even sections of their house while sitting in the comfort of your home.

After going through their house and you seem interested but do not have the full amount to pay, you don’t have to worry because green estate allows you to buy a house in Ghana and pay monthly.

They have a flexible payment plan that will allow you to make payments based on how you can afford to pay monthly or yearly.

Click here to have a 360-degree tour of their buildings and even inside their buildings. 

You get to see their houses, kitchen, bedrooms, hall and many places all you need to access is an internet connection.

They have different house types and they are: 

  • The Cypress – 4 Bedrooms 
  • The Cedar – 3 Bedrooms 
  • The Juniper – 3 Bedrooms 
  • The Neem – 2 Bedrooms 
  • The Oak – 3 Bedrooms 
  • The Pine – 2 Bedrooms 
  • The Oak Plus – 3 Bedrooms 

The Greens Estate House Prices And Location 

the greens estate
UnitsLocationPrice In Cedis
The CypressTema Community 25GHS 890,896
The CedarTema Community 25GHS 600,962
The Juniper Tema Community 25GHS 645,120
The Neem Tema Community 25Sold Out
The Oak Tema Community 25Sold Out 
The Pine Tema Community 25Sold Out
The Oak Plus Tema Community 25Sold Out

So here are the updated house prices at the green estate. As you can see, these are the updated prices and some houses are sold out. 

We decided to give you the updated house prices so that you will get to know the one to choose when you finally contact them.

Speaking of contacting them, let’s cover their contact details.

The Green Estate Contact Information And Address

  • Website: https://thegreensgh.com/
  • Phone number: +233 540 102 102 / +233 550 555 000
  • Address: 26 Tema Motorway, Spintex Road, Accra – Ghana

2. Devtraco Courts

If you have been searching for cheap estate houses for sale in Ghana, then you definitely need to check out Devtraco real estate.

Devtraco real estate is one of the oldest real estates in Ghana, the agency has been in existence since 1993.

The company aims at providing users with exclusive homes, making sure they have the most satisfied residents in their real estate.

The real estate company is also the first and the only Ghanaian real estate agency to receive the CNBC international residential property award which was held in the UK.

Their estate houses over 1,000 residents, in addition, you will find a playground, police station, fire station, clubhouse and a swimming pool in their real estate.

You can get a 4-bedroom apartment at Devtraco courts at a starting price of GHS 1,192,992.

Devtraco has different estate houses for sale, here are some of their popular buildings:

  • Naa Borley Enclave
  • Sunset Court 
  • Mildred Courts 
  • Legacy Court 
  • Horizon 
  • Deligreen 
  • Bellavilla
  • Heritage Court 
  • Crystal Court 
  • Riverdale Cluster 
  • Park Cluster 

Devtraco Courts Estate House Prices And Location 

Devtraco courts
UnitsLocation Price In Cedis
Naa Borley EnclaveTemaGHS 2,067,854
Sunset Court Accra GHS 1,192,992
Mildred Courts TemaGHS 1,232,759
Legacy Court Accra Sold Out
Horizon Tema Community 25Sold Out 
Deligreen Tema Community 25Sold Out
BellavillaTema Community 25Sold Out
Heritage Court Tema Community 25Sold Out
Crystal Court Tema Community 25Sold Out
Riverdale Cluster Tema Community 25Sold Out
Park Cluster Tema Community 25Sold Out

Devtraco Courts Contact Information And Address

  • Website: https://devtraco.com
  • Tel: +233 (0)24 340 0300
  • Address: 2nd Plot after Coca-Cola Factory, Off The Spintex Road.
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3. Regimanuel Gray Estate

Regimanuel Gray estate is also one of the best estates that comes with unique building designs, you can get to see the agency that built it by just looking at their building designs.

They offer cheap estate houses for sale in Ghana. They are known for helping address the major Ghana housing challenges in areas like Platinum place and diamond hills, the eagles place at Sakumono, east airport development and many more.

The company has over 600 executive homes and over 240 apartments ready to be sold in Ghana. Their estates also include swimming pools and tennis courts.

Regimanuel Gray estate house prices range from GHS 600,300 to GHS 5,167,279 depending on the type of apartment you want and the location you want it.

Aside from buying a home at Regimanuel, you can also buy a serviced plot of land and they have flexible monthly payments for everyone.

You can check out their ongoing Residential projects and their completed residential projects, they also have non-residential projects if you are looking for that one also.

How To Buy A House At Regimanuel Gray Limited (Buying Procedure)

  • Step 1: decide on the type of house you want for yourself and your family, if you are also looking for a non-residential building, know the type you want and the location you want
  • Step 2: know how to want to make the payment, are you willing to pay in cash or through a mortgage? check out their payment plans 
  • Step 3: Once you have decided on how to make payment, now is the time to contact the sales team at Regimanuel, click here to complete the application form.

After doing so, the sales team will send you an offer letter. The letter will contact the available houses with their terms and conditions 

  • Step 3: They will then arrange a home inspection with you, you will then visit the house to inspect if the design, size and location are exactly what you are looking for. Click here to book a viewing inspection 
  • Step 4: After inspection and you confirm you are interested, you will then be given the agreement form for you to sign.

Regimanuel Gray Estate House Prices And Location 

regimanuel gray limited
Location Price In Cedis
Tema Community 13GHS 2,707,854
Tema Community 14GHS 1,532,759
Tema Community 15GHS 2,067,854
Tema Community 18GHS 1,192,992
Tema Community 19GHS 1,602,992
Tema Community 20GHS 967,854

Regimanuel Gray Estate Contact Information And Address

  • Website: https://regimanuelgray.com
  • Tel: +233 (302) 764682
  • Address: Head Office, La Bypass, La-Accra / US Office, 1522 Hollybush Drive / Sierra Leone Office, Wilberforce, Freetown

4. Paradise Estate

Paradise estate is mostly known in East Legon hills because most of the buildings there are constructed and sold by them. 

They have been in the real estate business for quite a long now and they are known to be one of the easiest real estate agencies to work with.

They have different house types for you to choose from, the houses have been grouped with an alphabet and they are:

  • Type A houses – 4 bedrooms
  • Type B houses – 3 bedrooms
  • Type D houses – 3 bedrooms

The house prices range from GHS 864,654 to GHS 1,985,700.

Paradise Estate House Prices And Location 

paradise estate
UnitsPrice In Cedis
Type A House GHS 2,301,459
Type B HouseGHS 1,669,452
Type D HouseGHS 1,271,964

Paradise Estate Contact Information And Address

  • Website: Paradise Estate Website
  • Tel: (+233) 559310572 (whatsApp) / +233574433207 / +233243071129 / +233206704123
  • Address: FIB Building, 2 Kairaba Avenue, Serrekunda KSMD PO Box 3227 The Gambia West Africa
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tbgOZRules

Paradise Estate Flexible Payment Terms 

  • 10% Booking Deposit.
  • 20% within 30 days from the booking date.
  • 70% within 12-16months from the date of booking deposit

5. Odum Estates 

odum estates

Odum estate is known for its aesthetic aerial view. Their buildings are designed with styles and have a lot of spaces for every family that is looking for a house with a lot of space.

The 23 Odum which is located at Dzorwulu has 11 townhouses, 5 detached 4 bedrooms united and 6 semi-detacheds 3 bedrooms all designed to make you and your family feel at home not forgetting Odum estate is one of the most known estate houses for sale in Accra, Ghana that also makes it easy for you to get your dream home.

Their houses are equipped with:

  • Swimming pool
  • Playing grounds 
  • Solar panels 
  • Fibre broadband connectivity
  • 24/7 security
  • Electric charging station

Odum Estates House Prices And Location 

UnitsLocation Price In Cedis
3 Bedroom TownhouseDzorwuluGHS 807,854
4 Bedroom TownhouseDzorwuluGHS 1,132,759

Odum Estates Contact Information And Address

  • Tel: +233501646255
  • Address: 23 Odum Street, Dzorwulu, Greater Accra, Ghana

6. Ayi Mensah Park 

Ayi Mensah park comes with a motto saying ‘Love where you live. This real estate agency has been in operation for quite some time now and its building comes with awesome landscaping views.

Ayi Mensah real estate is located in Ga East Municipal district in the greater Accra region of Ghana with Kofi Anku being their board member and also a shareholder.

Their houses range from GHS 651,872 to GHS 1,987,415. The pricing depends on the type of building you want and the location.

Here are the available homes at Ayi Mensah park:

  • The Soho – 1 bedroom
  • The Green – 2 bedroom
  • The Chelsea – 3 bedrooms
  • The Sutton & – 4 bedrooms

Ayi Mensah Park House Prices And Location 

ayi mensah park
UnitsPrice In Cedis
The SohoGHS 651,872
The Green GHS 1,112,952
The Chelsea GHS 1,510,435
The SuttonGHS 1,653,529

Ayi Mensah Park Contact Information And Address

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7. Appolonia City Estates (The Oxford)

We cannot talk of the best ghana estate houses for sale right now in the country without mentioning Appolonia city estates on the list.

They are known to be one of the best real estate with colourful buildings making them one of the most ambitious property development agencies in Ghana.

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You can locate the estate at Dodowa road, of Oyibi, Appolonia is a residential estate with over 600 houses for all types of income earners.

You can get to buy homes, lands, industrial parks and also non-residential plots and houses at Appolonia estate at affordable prices.

Before buying a house or land at Appolonia, you can have a virtual tour of their houses and lands, rooms and more, click here to have a virtual tour at Appolonia estate scroll down a bit and you will see their buildings, click on any place and the 3d tour will start.

There are three types of homes in Appolonia city and they are:

  1. The Walton 
  2. The Eaton
  3. The Barton

The Walton Features:

  • Panic Alarm System
  • Plasterboard Ceilings
  • En-suite Master Bedrooms
  • Air-condition & Water Heater Preparation
  • UPVC Casement Glass Windows
  • Kitchen with Pantry Area
  • Kitchen Cabinets with Quartz Worktop
  • Contemporary Hidden Roof Design
  • Visitor’s Washroom
  • The Eaton – 3 bedrooms

The Eaton Features:

  • Contemporary Hidden Roof Design
  • Plasterboard Ceilings
  • En-suite Master Bedroom
  • Visitor’s Washroom
  • Kitchen with Pantry Area
  • Kitchen Cabinets with Quartz worktop
  • Air-condition & Water Heater Preparation
  • UPVC Casement Glass Windows
  • Panic Alarm System
  • The Bartons – 4 bedrooms

The Barton Features:

  • Visitor’s Washroom
  • UPVC Casement Glass Windows
  • Kitchen with Pantry Area
  • Air-conditioning Units in all rooms
  • Kitchen Cabinets with Quartz Worktop
  • Contemporary Hidden Roof Design
  • Plasterboard Ceiling
  • En-suite Master Bedroom
  • Panic Alarm System

Houses at Appolonia city range from GHS 596,448 to GHS 1,153,656. Let us check the prices out.

Appolonia City House Prices And Location 

appolonia city
UnitsPrice In Cedis
The WaltonGHS 596,448 – GHS 659,232
The EatonGHS 753,408
The BartonsGHS 1,153,656

How To Buy A House Or Land At Appolonia City Estate

Buying a house or land from Appolonia city estate is not all that easy, here are the steps to follow if you want to acquire a property in Appolonia city.

  • Arrange a visit to The oxford to meet the sales and marketing team
  • Fill and submit your application form with your preferred house or land
  • You will receive an offer letter within 48 hours
  • You will then be required to pay a non-refundable committable fee of GHS 39,748 ($5,000). Note that the committable fee is part of the total price of the house
  • You will be asked to sign an offer letter and then submit 
  • Sign the sales and purchase form when you first make the initial 20% down payment 
  • You will then be handed over your property after you are done with the payment (depending on the type of payment you chose)

Someone Will Ask, What Are The Payment Methods At Appolonia City Estate?

appolonia city street view

There are two payment methods at Appolonia city estate and they are:

Self Financing Payment

With this payment, you will be required to pay for the house within 6, 12, or 18 months. 

You will be given the payment plans, on Appolonia city, here are the payment plans:

  • 6 Months – You will have to pay it in a 40% 40% 20% ratio if you choose to pay for the property within 6 months
  • 12 Months – You will have to pay it in a 20% 40% 40% ratio if you choose to pay for the property within 12 months
  • 18 Months – You will have to pay it in a 20% 15% 15% 15% 15% 20% ratio if you choose to pay for the property within 18 months
Mortgage / Loan Payment

When you also don’t have all the money or can’t pay the amount within one and a half years, you can opt to pay in a mortgage form.

Appolonia city estate works with the best brands that offer home loans. These banks in Ghana are Ecobank, HFC, Stanbic Bank. 

Or you can choose your preferred bank that allows you to own a property through a mortgage.

Appolonia City Contact Information And Address

  • Tel: +233 204 693 673
  • Address: #15 Acre Crescent, The Oxford at Appolonia City, Accra
  • Website: https://www.appolonia.com.gh
  • Email: [email protected]

8. Trasacco Estates 

Even if you are not into real estate, you would have heard about Trasacco estates, this is one of the most popular real estate in Ghana and is the leading estate developer in Ghana.

It houses some of the country’s wealthiest figures because of its awesome designs and environment. 

The estate is quite expensive but if you have been searching for houses for sale in Accra, Ghana, and want to live in a place with many celebrities and public figures, then you can design to get yourself a house in this real estate.

Trasacco Estates House Prices And Location 

trasacco estate
Units Location Price In Cedis
2 Bedroom Arjinganor, East LegonGHS 300,450 – GHS 1,800,000
3 BedroomArjinganor, East LegonGHS GHS 701,458 – GHS 3,500,454
4 BedroomArjinganor, East LegonGHS 1,000,000 – GHS 7,000,000
5 BedroomArjinganor, East LegonGHS 2,700,546 – GHS 13,500,456

Trasacco Estates Contact Information And Address

  • Tel: 00233 302 785 756
  • Address: Plot No 1 | Trasacco Valley | Accra | Ghana Post Box UPO PMB LG 21 | Legon | Accra
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: https://www.trasaccogroup.com/

9. Emef Estate

Emef construction limited is your to-go place if you have been searching for cheap real estate houses in Ghana.

They offer affordable real estate houses and have flexible payment plans for their customers. They have partnered with popular banks to allow you to pay in a mortgage form or you can choose to pay in cash.

The company was established in 1993 and has been building major projects in Ghana.

They built some of the most popular real estates in Tema such as the royal view.

Emef Estate House Prices And Location 

emef construction limited
Units Location Price In Cedis
Royal ViewGbetsile, TemaGHS 516,727
ElmoradaMataheko, TemaGHS GHS 45,000

Emef Estate Contact Information And Address

  • Tel: 00233 302 785 756
  • Address: Plot No 1 | Trasacco Valley | Accra | Ghana
  • Email: [email protected]


Buying a house in Ghana is one of the best decisions to make. If you are already living in Ghana or you are outside and thinking of buying a house in Ghana, there are two options for you. 

And the options are either to buy land and build your dream home or go through real estate for sale in Ghana.

When you decide to buy a house from a real estate company, you tend to look for cheap real estate buildings and also real estate that will allow you to buy and pay in instalments.

And that is what this article is about, in this article we went through all the top real estate houses with their prices and location in Ghana.

We covered the ones that will allow you to pay through mortgages and the ones that will allow you to make direct payments.

This article also includes all their house prices, contact information and many more.

There are so many sites giving estimated prices, but with this article, we decided to do thorough research and come up with the actual prices.

For more real estate articles, you can check out HFC real estate house prices, real estate companies in Kasoa and also the best real estate investment companies in Ghana.

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