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HFC Houses For Sale In Ghana: Prices, Location, Contact And More

Are you looking for how to buy a house in ghana and pay monthly? Or HFC mortgage houses in Ghana? then this article is for you.

By the end of this article, you are going to know:

  • More about HFC real estate
  • Why buy a house at HFC Real estate
  • Steps to Buying a House in Ghana

If your dream is to buy a house in Ghana, but you’re not sure how to get started, where, or even when to buy, this article is for you.

We first wrote an article covering real estate companies in Kasoa and also real estate investment companies in Ghana for our readers and after these articles went live, we saw our readers searching for HFC house prices.

And because of this, we decided to do our research and feed our readers with HFC real estate prices and everything they need to know about HFC realty company limited.

Let us start by looking at the criteria that are all important factors to look out for when buying a house in Ghana or HFC properties. 

These include Property type, location, and price.

there are so many houses in Ghana for sale, when you venture into real estate houses, you will come across many real estate houses for sale in Ghana.

You will be confused about the best one to choose. Maybe you are yet to discover one or have heard about HFC Real Estate and will want to buy one of their houses.

And I believe you have gone to Google and searched for the best HFC house for sale and have not been getting the best results. Most of the results show you random houses with random prices.

That is not what this article is about. Before writing this article, I did a lot of research, and I can assure you the information you are about to read is the most precise and updated info about HFC real estate houses in Ghana.

If you are tired of searching for the best HFC house prices and have not been getting the best results, this article is for you. 

In this article, I will take you through HFC houses for sale in Ghana, their various house and location, why you choose HFC real estate houses, and also dive into the house’s features.

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So, without wasting much time, let us dive into one of Ghana’s most popular and cheapest real estate houses.

About HFC Real Estate House

HFC is one of the best real estate agencies in Ghana. They are known for their unique designs and awesome buildings. The company has been in operation for quite a long time.

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The company is known for selling and renting out its real estate in Accra.

What makes them stand out is how their homes come with huge spaces.

So if you decide to go for the HFC house, you will have enough playground space for you and your families, and you can also get to do other things in your remaining spaces (you can even get to build another house on the remaining space if you want).

Here are some features of their buildings:

Their buildings come with tile floors for bathrooms, ceramic tiles for the interior, and emulsion paint on the walls.

Their kitchen is equipped with aluminum framed glazed windows, making it easy for you to have an outside view easily.

This is most important if you are someone who likes staying inside and still wants to watch what’s happening outside the area.

Why Choose HFC Real Estate?

So you decided to buy a house and have chanced on HFC properties and want to know why you should buy a house from HFC Real Estate.

Let us cover why you should buy a house from HFC real estate.

Their Building Are Built With Care And International Standards

When buying a house from a real estate or any place, you should first consider the environment and how the houses there are built.

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Some real estate has awesome house designs and allows you to modify it the way you want after you make a payment, and it finally becomes yours.

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Others, too, have strict rules and regulations stopping you from making home modifications.

Some real estates also build their houses without any standards, but HFC real estate is known to be one of the best real estates according to the building standards, ensuring you will never have a problem with your building even after 100 years.

Their Buildings Are Located In A Serene And Gated Environment

I know you might be someone like me who wants a quiet environment. I know we all do because when you live in a serene and gated place, you tend to have enough peace of mind to think about your future.

HFC real estate has that in mind, and if you are in for that, you should buy one of HFS’s real estate houses. Their real estate is known to have maximum security, making it hard for armed robbers to attack those living there.

A Playground And Other Social Functions

Most real estate only focuses on building houses and tends to forget to build other playgrounds for the neighbors.

With HFC real estate, you can be assured of having access to a playground and also spaces designed for social gatherings. 

This will help the neighbors have some parties and get to know each other rather than always staying at their houses.

The Area Is Serviced With Tarred Roads

Most real estates only focus on the buildings leaving the roads there, but with HFC real estate, all their roads are tarred, making it easy for you to drive through or walk through without getting dirty.

Enough Space For Future Expansion

HFC gives every landowner enough space for them to use. You can get to park additional two cars inside your remaining compound.

When you buy a house at HFC, you don’t have to worry about parking space.

Location Of HFC Real Estate Properties

HFC real estate properties are located at Tema Community 20 and Temma Community 25.

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Payment Terms At HFC Real Estate

There are two forms of payment at HFC real estate, and they are:

  • Paying in direct cash – You will be required to make a 40% deposit upon accepting the offer, another 40% after you move in, and then you will have 6 months to make the remaining payment
  • Paying through a mortgage – You will have to make a 20% down payment and then make the 80% through mortgage financing.
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Price Of HFC Houses

The price of HFC houses in Ghana ranges from GHS 959,789 to GHS 1,989,228. The price is determined by the location you are buying from and the type of house you want to buy.

Steps To Follow When Buying A House At HFC Real Estate

  • Pick up an offer letter and fill in your details.
  • Schedule a meeting with them, and they will take you to their real estate for you to inspect
  • Discuss payment plans with them. This is where you get to choose if you want to make it a direct payment or through a mortgage.
  • Sign the sales agreement and the allocation of properties papers
  • HFC real estate will hand over your dream home to you after making full payments

If you find buying or renting a property difficult, contact Property Man at +2330244580673 for clarification and free advice.

You have to let them know the Mekabi.com team referred you.

HFC Houses For Sale In Ghana

HFC house prices

Here are the current houses that are available for sale. These are the updated HFC house prices after our research. You can also check out the price of land in Tema.

UnitLocationPrice In Cedis
2 Bedroom Semi-DetachedTema Community 25GHS 959,789
2&3 Bedroom Houses(Expandable To 4)Tema Community 25GHS 959,789 – GHS 1,989,228
4 Bedroom 2 Storey Houses(Duplex)Tema Community 25GHS 1,957,228


When you decide to buy a house from a real estate agency, there are so many things you need to consider because there are so many real estate agencies to choose from.

If you are into real estate that is located in Accra and Tema, then you can choose to buy a house from HFC real estate.

This article covered everything you need to know about HFC real estate. We also covered why you should buy a house from HFC real estate.

Their location, how to buy a house from HFC real estate, and also added all the available HFC houses for sale in Ghana.

There were many search results on Google that were not giving searchers the current HFC house prices, so we decided to do thorough research with the help of a Property Man consult. (+2330244580673), their Facebook page.

Property man consult is also a real agency that deals in selling and renting houses. They have houses at HFC real estate for sale and some for rent.

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