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Land Prices in Accra: The Complete Guide

Accra, the bustling capital and largest city of Ghana situated along the Atlantic coast of West Africa, has experienced remarkable growth, emerging as one of Africa’s swiftly expanding urban centers, with a metropolitan population exceeding 32.83 million.

Functioning as the economic and administrative nucleus of Ghana, Accra accommodates major financial institutions, corporations, and government ministries.

The city has undergone rapid urbanization and substantial expansion over recent decades.

In tandem with the city’s population surge, the real estate market in Accra has witnessed exponential growth.

Land and property prices have soared, propelled by escalating demand. However, it is pertinent to note that the real estate market in Accra faces challenges, characterized by a lack of regulation and transparency.

In understanding the dynamics of land prices in Accra, location emerges as the paramount determinant.

The city encompasses diverse neighborhoods, each varying in income levels, amenities, and resource accessibility.

Notably, areas proximate to the city center and coastline command higher desirability and, consequently, steeper prices.

This article endeavors to furnish readers with a comprehensive overview of the prevailing land prices across Accra.

Delving into the factors steering these costs, it explores the nuances of price differentials across various areas. Furthermore, it extends guidance to prospective buyers navigating Ghana’s competitive real estate milieu.

For those seeking insights into the cost of land in Accra, optimal locations for land acquisition, and key considerations when purchasing a plot in Accra, the subsequent sections offer valuable guidance and information.

How Much Is A Plot Of Land In Accra?

In Accra, the standard cost for a plot of land is generally estimated at GHS 20,000. However, it is crucial to emphasize that this figure is subject to considerable variation based on the specific location within the city.

For those seeking premium plots in Accra, the upper echelon of land prices hovers around GHS 150,000, underscoring the exclusivity and desirability of certain areas.

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Conversely, for budget-conscious buyers, there are opportunities to acquire land at a more economical rate, with the lower end of the spectrum starting at GHS 12,000.

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With an understanding of the broad price range for land in Accra, a closer examination of individual towns within the city is warranted.

This exploration will shed light on the nuanced variations in land prices across different locales, providing valuable insights for potential buyers.

Towns In Accra And Their Land Prices

These are the updated and verified land prices of all the various towns in Accra.

Town Price Of Land
Accra GHS 65,000
Tema GHS 31,500
Gbawe GHS 150,000
AshaimanGHS 1,200,000
Adenta EastGHS 70,000
Nungua GHS 500,000
Dome GHS 2,000,000
Madina GHS 2,634,730
Airport Residential GHS 6,270,000
Ada Foah GHS 80,000
Teshie GHS 350,000
East Legon GHS 101,086,596
Lashibi GHS 180,000
Achimota GHS 1,450,000
Tema New Town GHS 11,291,700
Taifa GHS 150,000
Abeka GHS 180,000
Accra New Town GHS 5,300,789
AkweteymanGHS 150,000
Awoshie GHS 200,000
MaamobiGHS 180,000
Suhum GHS 145,000
Adenta GHS 200,000
Ashongman EstatesGHS 11,000,000
Patang West GHS 250,000
Kokrobite GHS 200,000
Sabon Zango GHS 180,000
Dansoman GHS 22,500,000
Cantonments GHS 19,572,280
Legon GHS 50,000
Nima GHS 150,000
Dodowa GHS 100,000
Sakumono GHS150,000
Labadi GHS 50,000,000
Abokobi GHS 18,000
Odokor GHS 15,000
kokomlemleGHS 5,645, 850
SugbaniateGHS 85,000
Korle Gonno GHS 100,000
Prampram GHS 100,000
segeGHS 50,000
Weija GHS 180,000
Kpone GHS 18,000
Oyarifa GHS 80,000
sowutoumGHS 80,000
LartebiokorshieGHS 10,000,000
AblekumaGHS 150,000
AdabrakaGHS 1,000,000

Factors Influencing Land Prices

The high cost of land in Accra is driven by several key factors:

The vibrant dynamics of Accra’s real estate market can be attributed to a combination of compelling factors, shaping a robust seller’s market.

As Ghana’s capital and largest city, Accra accommodates a burgeoning population, exceeding 2.5 million residents and witnessing continuous growth.

This influx of both businesses and workers, drawn by economic opportunities, has ignited a surge in demand for land.

The rapid population increase, nearly doubling between 2000 and 2010 alone, intensifies the scarcity of available land.

With a fixed quantity of land in Accra, much of which has already been developed, finding undeveloped, vacant plots becomes a challenging endeavor.

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The resulting competition for this finite supply propels land prices upward, distinguishing it from the more flexible dynamics of housing units or commercial spaces.

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The allure of prime locations in the heart of Accra further amplifies this trend. Central areas, offering easy access to jobs, shopping, entertainment, and transportation, are highly coveted.

The limited availability of land in these sought-after locales contributes to premium pricing.

In essence, the interplay of high demand, population growth, limited supply, and the desirability of prime locations has firmly established Accra as a seller’s market.

This trend, characterized by escalating land prices, is anticipated to persist as demand continues its upward trajectory.

Consequently, the future landscape of Accra’s real estate market suggests a sustained increase in the cost of land.

Most Expensive Areas To Buy Land In Accra

The most expensive areas for land in Accra are East Legon, Airport Residential Area, and Cantonments. These prime locations offer amenities and proximity that drive high demand.

East Legon

east legon

East Legon stands as a pinnacle of desirability and prestige within Accra, attracting a distinguished community that includes embassies, diplomats, politicians, celebrities, and affluent business executives.

The real estate landscape in East Legon reflects its elevated status, with land prices exhibiting a notable range, spanning from GHS 80,000 to well over GHS 1,000,000 per square meter.

This spectrum is indicative of the exclusive and opulent nature of the neighborhood.

Beyond the premium land offerings, East Legon boasts a repertoire of luxurious homes, contributing to its allure.

The neighborhood also hosts renowned international educational institutions such as the American International School of Accra, further enhancing its appeal for families seeking top-tier educational opportunities for their children.

Amenities in East Legon include sophisticated shopping malls and upscale restaurants, providing residents with a lifestyle characterized by convenience and luxury.

In essence, East Legon encapsulates a distinctive blend of opulence, cultural significance, and convenience, making it a coveted residential choice for those who seek the epitome of prestige within Accra.

Airport Residential Area

Top Restaurants In Airport Residential Area

The Airport Residential Area holds a unique charm in Accra due to its proximity to Kotoka International Airport. Picture the experience of residing so close to the bustling activities of airplanes taking off and landing.

A lot of people who work at the airport, like airline staff, pilots, and business executives, really like living in this area.

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It’s super handy for them because they can get to the airport quickly whenever they need to.

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Now, let’s talk about the cost of land there. It can be anywhere from GHS 85,000 to over GHS 900,000 per square meter.

That might sound like a lot, but it’s because the location is so convenient and sought after.

And guess what? The houses and buildings in the Airport Residential Area are pretty new and have really cool modern touches.

So, if you like the idea of living close to the airport and in a place with modern and stylish homes, this could be the perfect spot for you!


best restaurants in cantonment

Cantonments is a fancy neighborhood in Accra, and it’s in a pretty important spot close to government ministries and institutions.

If you’re thinking about buying land there, you should know that the prices can be quite high.

They range from GHS 80,000 to over GHS 850,000 per square meter. That’s because Cantonments is a popular choice for diplomats, government officials, and families with lots of money.

The houses in Cantonments are big, and the streets are lined with trees, giving it a classy feel. People consider it one of the best places to live in Accra because of its prime location and fancy homes.

Now, if you’re dreaming of a place with a prestigious address and you’re ready to spend a lot of money, Cantonments, along with the Airport Residential Area and East Legon, are the most expensive spots to buy land in Accra right now.

They offer some of the fanciest and well-placed land in the city. So, if you want to live in a really luxurious and exclusive neighborhood, these places might be just right for you.

The Cheapest Places To Buy Land In Accra?

The cheapest places to buy land in Accra are:

  • Sowutoum
  • Abokobi 
  • Ada Foah
  • Tema
  • Adenta East
  • Maamobi
  • Oyarifa
  • Taifa

Things To Look Out For When Buying A Land In Accra 

Deciding to buy land for your dream home or business is an exciting step, but it’s crucial to consider some factors before making that payment. Here are key things to think about:

1. Location Matters

Check the land’s location. Is it close to the roadside? Does it have a risk of floods? Consider how visible your business would be if you plan to open one there. Asking these questions helps ensure the land meets your needs.

2. Development Status

Some areas in Accra might have lower land prices, but it’s essential to assess if the area is developed. Depending on your plans for the land, make sure it’s in a location with easy vehicle access. A developed area can offer more convenience.

3. Disputes and Ownership

Before being tempted by a seemingly cheap piece of land, research if there are any disputes. Engage with the neighbors, discuss your plans, and inquire about any issues related to the land. Their insights can provide valuable information.


Buying land is a significant investment, and thorough research is essential. Consider the location’s suitability, and the development status of the area, and ensure there are no disputes.

Taking these factors into account ensures that the land you purchase aligns with your vision for your dream house or business.

And that is why we at Mekabi have taken it upon ourselves to cover everything about building in Ghana.

To avoid making mistakes when purchasing land in Accra, we also added things to look out for when buying a plot of land in Accra and the best companies to buy your land from.

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