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Land Prices in Accra: The Complete Guide

Are you searching for land prices in Accra? Or a land to buy in Accra? Do you want to buy land in Accra? What is the price of land in Accra? Is Accra lands cheap? Which town in Accra has the lowest land prices? 

All these questions will come to your mind when you decide to look for land in Accra to buy

Maybe you are relocating to Accra and planning on buying a plot of land in Accra and then building your house.

You might also be planning on building a factory or setting up a business, and when you have this in mind, you have to get a plot of land in the capital town.

We all know Accra is the capital of Ghana, and due to this, many things happen in Accra, although Kumasi, the second capital, also has many things going on.

Accra is the capital, where many institutions and platforms are located.

When you plan on settling in Accra for work, stay, or business, you have to think of where to sleep or where to set your business up, which all comes to getting a plot of land first. 

In this article, we will cover the land price in Accra. We will cover the best places to get land at a lower price in Accra, and also we will cover the towns in Accra with their land prices each.

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So if you want to know the price of land in Accra, the best place to buy land in Accra and also things to look out for when buying a plot of land in Accra, then continue reading this article.

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In This Article:

How Much Is A Plot Of Land In Accra?

A plot of land in Accra has a standard price of GHS 20,000. 

When it comes to buying land in Accra, the location also determines the price, the most expensive lands in Accra have a standard price of GHS 150,000, whiles you can get some of the cheapest lands in Accra for GHS 12,000.

Now that we have covered the price of land in Accra let us dive into the towns in Accra and Their prices of land.

Towns In Accra And Their Land Prices

These are the updated and verified land prices of all the various towns in Accra.

Town Price Of Land
Accra GHS 65,000
Tema GHS 31,500
Gbawe GHS 150,000
AshaimanGHS 1,200,000
Adenta EastGHS 70,000
Nungua GHS 500,000
Dome GHS 2,000,000
Madina GHS 2,634,730
Airport Residential GHS 6,270,000
Ada Foah GHS 80,000
Teshie GHS 350,000
East Legon GHS 101,086,596
Lashibi GHS 180,000
Achimota GHS 1,450,000
Tema New Town GHS 11,291,700
Taifa GHS 150,000
Abeka GHS 180,000
Accra New Town GHS 5,300,789
AkweteymanGHS 150,000
Awoshie GHS 200,000
MaamobiGHS 180,000
Suhum GHS 145,000
Adenta GHS 200,000
Ashongman EstatesGHS 11,000,000
Patang West GHS 250,000
Kokrobite GHS 200,000
Sabon Zango GHS 180,000
Dansoman GHS 22,500,000
Cantonments GHS 19,572,280
Legon GHS 50,000
Nima GHS 150,000
Dodowa GHS 100,000
Sakumono GHS150,000
Labadi GHS 50,000,000
Abokobi GHS 18,000
Odokor GHS 15,000
kokomlemleGHS 5,645, 850
SugbaniateGHS 85,000
Korle Gonno GHS 100,000
Prampram GHS 100,000
SegeGHS 50,000
Weija GHS 180,000
Kpone GHS 18,000
Oyarifa GHS 80,000
SowutoumGHS 80,000
LartebiokorshieGHS 10,000,000
AblekumaGHS 150,000
AdabrakaGHS 1,000,000

The Cheapest Places To Buy Land In Accra?

The cheapest places to buy land in Accra are:

  • Sowutoum
  • Abokobi 
  • Ada Foah
  • Tema
  • Adenta East
  • Maamobi
  • Oyarifa
  • Taifa
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Things To Look Out For When Buying A Land In Accra 

When you decide to finally buy your dream land and use it for your dream house or dream company, there are some factors to consider before making a payment. Here are some of the factors to consider:

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The Location Of The Land

One thing you need to check is the location of the land, is the land near the roadside? Is it located in a place where there can be floods? 

When you open a business in this area, how well can you get people to see your business? 

These are some of the questions you must ask yourself before buying that land.

Is That Place Developed?

When you decide to buy land in Accra, you will see that some towns will have a lower land price, so you will be tempted to buy land in that town. 

Before making a payment, there are some factors that you need to consider, and one of them is, is that area developed? 

Depending on what you intend to use the land for, you should always make sure you are buying land in a location where it will be easy for vehicles to pass.

Are There Any Disputes On The Land 

You might come across a land that is so cheap, and you might be tempted to buy. Before making the payment, you need to do your research first.

Check to see if there is no dispute on the land you are about to buy. How do you check if there is a dispute?

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All you have to do is have a conversation with the neighbors in that area, ask them questions about the land, let them know your plans, and they will gladly let you know everything they know about that land.

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There will be a time when you will start thinking of owning land, you might decide to look for land in Accra to buy, and you will start searching for the price of land in Accra and then go through the prices.

We knew this time would come, so we decided to write this article for you.

Getting to know the land price in Accra was difficult because there was no verified website talking about that.

And that is why we at Mekabi have taken it upon ourselves to cover everything about building in Ghana.

This article covered all the towns in Ghana and the amount you need to budget if you want to buy a plot of land in any of them.

We added the land price list in Accra and covered the cheapest places to buy land in Accra.

To avoid making mistakes when purchasing land in Accra, we also added things to look out for when buying a plot of land in Accra and the best companies to buy your land from.

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