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PeterPan Restaurant (East Legon Branch) Menu Prices, Location, How To Order Online And More

Do you want to see the menu for Peterpan – East Legon? If you are seeking the menu and rates for PeterPan (East Legon branch), then you have come to the correct place.

Here is a comprehensive list of everything they provide, from breakfast to dessert, as well as lunch and supper.

Everything you can eat at the PeterPan (East Legon branch) is detailed and illustrated below.

Peterpan East Legon Menu Prices

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  • Wonder Burger (only) – GHS 28.50
  • Wonder Cheese Burger (only) – GHS 33.50
  • Story Burger (only) – GHS 39.00
  • Wonder Wrap (only) – GHS 36.50
  • Blazing Wrap (only) – GHS 41.50
  • Potato Cheese Burger (only) – GHS 34.00
  • Worcester Burger (only) – GHS 28.50
  • Worcester Double Cheese (only) – GHS 43.00


  • Hot & Crispy Boneless Chicken (boneless only) – GHS 23,300.00
  • Hot & Crispy Bone-in Chicken (bone-in only) – GHS 38.00
  • Hot Wings Only – GHS 43.00
  • Sweet Spicy Boneless Chicken Only – GHS 39.50

Individual Items

  1. Fried Rice – GHS 19.00
  2. Original Boneless Chicken Only – GHS 41.00
  3. Sweet Spicy Bone-in Only – GHS 41.50
  4. French Fried Chips – GHS 22.00
  5. Hash Brown – GHS 26.00
  6. Popcorn Chicken – GHS 23.00
  7. Coleslaw Salad – Starting from GHS 3.50

Family Packs

  1. Family Pack (Hot & Crispy Boneless) – GHS 108.00
  2. Family Pack (Hot & Crispy Bone-in) – GHS 125.00
  3. Family Pack (Original Boneless) – GHS 136.00
  4. Family Pack (Sweet Spicy Boneless) – GHS 130.00
  5. Family Pack (Hot Wings) – GHS 142.00

Specialty Items

  1. Wonder Fried Rice – GHS 33.00
  2. Fried Rice Mixed with Crispy Chicken Pieces and Sriracha Topping – GHS 28.00

How To Order Online On Peterpan East Legon Restaurant

To make an order for food delivery from Peterpan Restaurant in East Legon, you may dial 0577737701 on the phone.

In order for the dispatch rider to verify that you are the one who requested the food, they will ask you for your location, the type of food you wish to get, and some personal data.

You can also order from Peterpan East Legon restaurant using Jumia food.

Perterpan East Legon Location And Contact Details

  • East Legon Location: Boundary Rd, Accra
  • Peterpan East Legon Contact: 0577737701


With locations all around Ghana, Peterpan is a top restaurant in the country.

Everything you need to know about the Peterpan East Legon branch, including their menu prices, location, how to place an order, and contact information, is included on this page.

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