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List Of Travel Agencies In East Legon [Our Top Picks]

Suppose you are located in Accra and are in search of reputable travel agencies that can assist you with hotel reservations, airline reservations, and more. In that case, your search should end in East Legon.

A number of the finest travel agencies in Accra are located in East Legon.

Therefore, continue reading as I list several travel agencies located in East Legon.

Best Travel Agencies In East Legon

Here are the best travel agencies in East Legon:

  • Travel Bureau Ghana LTD
  • Ermitrade Travel And Tour Limited
  • Enquiry Eco Tour
  • Westlink Travel Limited
  • Luxe-Sam Travel And Tours
  • Travelnet
  • Koppan Hospitality

Travel Bureau Ghana LTD

Travel bureau Ghana LTD

Travel Bureau Limited, a leading travel and tour company in Accra, offers excellent destination packages and superior service.

It is situated at No. 1 Bamboo Street in East Legon, off Jungle Road. Given its more than a decade of experience, it is unsurprising that the majority of individuals rely on this travel agency.

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The range of services offered comprises travel insurance, hotel reservations, airline reservations, and ticketing, among numerous others.

Travel Bureau Ghana LTD Contact Details

Tel number: 

  • 0204201400
  • 0302542247
  • 0302542143
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Ermitrade Travel And Tour Limited

Ermitrade Travel And Tour Limited

Recognized for its commitment to overall customer satisfaction, Ermitrade Travel and Tour Limited is a Google-approved travel agency with a 4.8-star rating.

It is situated in East Legon on La-Bawaleshi Road. This travel agency provides an extensive selection of packages, and its personnel is readily available to provide clarification on any matter that may become complex.

The range of services provided consists of hotel reservations, airline reservations and ticketing, and tour packages, among others.

Ermitrade Travel And Tour Limited

  • Tel number: 0501448377
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Website: https://ermitradetravels.com/

Enquiry Eco Tour

Enquiry Eco Tour

The address of the inquiry eco-tour in East Legon is 14 Jungle Avenue. This esteemed travel agency provides online appointment scheduling exclusively, due to the unavailability of onsite services.

Eco Tour is renowned for its tours conducted within Accra, encompassing cultural and heritage tours, walking and bicycling excursions, forest camping, hotel reservations, meet and greet services, car rental assistance, and inquiries regarding tour locations across Ghana.

Enquiry Eco Tour Contact Details

  • Tel number: 0558712206
  • Website: enquiry-eco-tour.business.site

Westlink Travel Limited

Westlink Travel Limited

Westlink Travel Limited, an additional renowned travel agency in Accra, is composed of dynamic and resourceful individuals who possess extensive local knowledge and understanding; consequently, they offer valuable perspectives on authentic Ghana.

It is situated in East Legon at Anum Yemoh Plaza on Dakar Avenue. This travel agency is ideal for Accra visitors because it offers event management, vehicle rental services, and hotel reservations, among other things.

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Westlink Travel Limited Contact Details

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Luxe-Sam Travel And Tours

Luxe-Sam Travel And Tours

As evidenced by the high regard in which Luxe-Sam travel and excursions are held by their clientele in Accra, their stellar reputation for customer service should come as no surprise.

Its address in Accra is 46 Lagos Avenue. Offering services including flight and hotel reservations, travel insurance procurement, visa assistance, and airport protocol service, this travel agency specializes in locating exceptional bargains for luxury travel.

Luxe-Sam ensures that every aspect of your ideal travel is meticulously planned, leaving no margin for error.

Luxe-Sam Travel And Tours Contact Details

  • Tel number: 0302959205 / 0559693812
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Website: www.luxetravelsgh.com



Travelnet, an exceptional travel agency with over five years of experience, provides customers with exceptional tour packages and timely responses to their inquiries.

The area in question is East Legon. The credibility of this travel agency is enhanced by its accreditation from the International Air Transport Association.

In addition to numerous other services, this location offers hotel reservations, budget-friendly tour packages, and travel consulting.

Travelnet Contact Number

Tel number: 0302506871

Koppan Hospitality

Koppan Hospitality

Koppan Hospitality is situated in East Legon at Special Plaza, 1 Lagos Avenue.

This reputable travel agency has maintained an unrivaled reputation for offering tour packages for more than five years.

They specialize in tailoring one-of-a-kind arrangements to the taste and budget of each traveler.

Koppan Hospitality offers an extensive range of services at competitive rates, including group tours, vehicle rentals, city excursions, and airline reservations, to Accra and the surrounding areas.

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Koppan Hospitality Contact Details

  • Tel number: 0262349886 / 0302998778 / 0242687086
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Website: www.koppan.com
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Here Are Ghana Tours

This Accra-based tour company, headquartered in Ghana, is a prominent travel agency that assists clients in realizing their aspirations of thoroughly investigating the nation of Ghana.

It is situated in East Legon on Pear Street. To ensure that each client is completely satisfied, this travel agency maintains a dedicated staff that is accessible both through the website and in person.

In addition to car rentals and city excursions, this establishment also offers group tours, private tours, adventure tours, boat voyages, and camping.

Here Are Ghana Tours Contact Details

  • Tel number: 0202964593
  • Website: hereisghanatours.business.site

Wrapping Up

Travel Bureau can be contacted at 0204201400, Ermitrade Travels at 0501448377, Here Ghana Tours at 0202964593, Enquiry eco-tour at 0558712206, Westlink Travel at 0302513697, Luxe-sam Travel at 0302959205, Travelnet at 0302506871, and Koppan hospitality at 0262349886.

While we make every effort to provide you with accurate and verified information, we strongly advise our readers to conduct their research before undertaking any endeavor that requires payment.

Additionally, the finest travel agencies in Kumasi and Takoradi can be explored.

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