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Kicks Bar And Restaurant Menu Prices: Your Path To Gastronomic Bliss

Do you yearn to find a restaurant in Kumasi that makes dine like enjoying mom’s meal in the kitchen? then you need to stop at the Kicks bar and Restaurant.

When we talk of delicious meals, a hygienic environment, and good customer service, they are top-rated.

You will discover more about this restaurant as you read but first, let us have a look at the article focus:

Article Focus:

  • What  you should know about Kicks Bar and Restaurant
  • Location and Contact Details
  • How to order online
  • how to book a table
  • How unique Kicks Bar and Restaurant is
  • How To Order With Glovo from Kicks Bar and Restaurant
  • How to book a table at  Kicks Bar and Restaurant
  • Working hours of Kicks Bar and Restaurant
  • Menu prices at Kicks Bar and Restaurant
  • Another restaurant that is close to Kicks Bar and Restaurant

What You Should Know About Kicks Bar And Restaurant

Kicks Bar and Restaurant is one of the most preferred and top-rated restaurants in the city of Kumasi which was at the start a small joint.

However, over the years, it has been well known by the majority of the people in the city of Kumasi due to its conducive environment, dedicated staff, delicious and affordable meals, and more, not to forget about its mouthwatering international and continental dishes.

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How Unique Kicks Bar And Restaurant Is

Hey there, if you’re into good food and checking out cool spots, you’ve gotta hit up this restaurant—it’s like a foodie’s paradise.

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They’ve got all sorts of yummy dishes, from local favorites like mouthwatering jollof to international treats like tasty grilled chicken and more.

And let me tell you, the vibe it is top-notch! It’s the perfect place for a fun night out with your family or a special someone. The atmosphere is lively and buzzing with good energy.

What’s even better is their customer service. These guys are on point—they’re super friendly and always ready to help you out with anything you need.

So, make sure to drop by and experience the awesome food and great times for yourself.

Other Restaurants That Are Close To Kicks Bar And Restaurant In Kumasi

  1. Ike’s Cafe and Grill: It’s a restaurant with a rating of 4.30, based on 3364 reviews. People seem to like it.
  2. KFC Asokwa Shell Service Station: This place has a rating of 4.20, with 3001 reviews. So, it’s also a good spot according to a bunch of folks.
  3. Tasty Queen: Now, this restaurant has a rating of 4.10 and 2640 reviews. People love the food there too.
  4. Bar Naas: Bar Naas is holding strong with a 4.10 rating, backed by 2449 reviews. Seems like a popular choice
  5. KFC Bekwai Roundabout Shell Service Station, Kumasi: Last but not least, we’ve got another KFC at Bekwai Roundabout Shell Service Station in Kumasi. It’s got a rating of 4.20 from 2031 reviews. That’s a lot of satisfied eaters
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Menu Prices At Kicks Bar And Restaurant In Kumasi

They offer a very wide range of cuisines at affordable prices. The average price of a meal can be GHS 20.

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You can also order drinks, desserts, and more at affordable prices. Below are the menu prices at Kicks and Bar Restaurant.

Classic Cocktails

CocktailPrice (GHS)
Long Island40.00
Pina Colada30.00
Mai Tai35.00
Moscow Mule35.00
Scotch Sour35.00


MocktailPrice (GHS)
Virgin Mojito25.00
Virgin Colada25.00
Babe In Red25.00


YardtailPrice (GHS)
Bull Frog40.00
Purple Summer40.00
Green Island40.00

Ordering From Kicks Bar And Restaurant In Kumasi With Glovo Via Online

First, head to the Google Play Store or Apple Store and get the Glovo app. Once it’s downloaded:

1. Sign up either using your Facebook account or by entering your name, and email, and creating a password.
2. Add your delivery address and allow the app to know where you are.
3. On the homepage, tap on “Food” and then “Restaurants.”
4. Look for Kicks Bar and Restaurant in the search bar.
5. Check out their menu, pick what you want, and press “Order.”
6. Enter your delivery address or let the app use your current location.
7. Share specific instructions about your floor and front door to help the delivery person find you easily.
8. Confirm your order by making the payment and adding your phone number. You can pay when the food arrives or link your card for online payment.
9. Glovo will take care of delivering your food, and the delivery person will call you when they’re nearby.
10. After successfully paying, wait for a bit, and your food will be on its way to your location. Enjoy your meal.

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Booking A Table At Kicks Bar And Restaurant In Kumasi

If you enjoy the meals prepared by the restaurant, you can book a table in advance to avoid disappointment.

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You should simply call their number for a reservation or visit the restaurant’s website to make a booking. The staff are very sincere enough to reserve a table for you and your family.

Location And Contact Details Of Kicks Bar and Restaurant in Kumasi

The restaurant can be found in M93M+JWM, Kumasi, Ghana and You can contact them at +233 24 367 9724 or by email at [email protected].

Kicks Bar And Restaurant Working Hours

DayOperating Hours
Wednesday12 pm to 12 am
Thursday12 pm to 12 am
Friday12 pm to 12 am
Saturday12 pm to 12 am
Sunday12 pm to 12 am
Monday12 pm to 12 am (Labor Day), Hours might differ
Tuesday12 pm to 12 am

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the restaurant provide an opportunity for catering services?

Of course, the restaurant offers catering services for events, parties, and others. You only have to reach the restaurant’s event coordinator to discuss your needs and requirements.


Hey, if you’re thinking of a cool spot for a fancy meal, check out Kicks Bar and Restaurant. They’ve got tasty food that won’t break the bank.

And get this—you don’t even have to leave your house or school to enjoy their grub. Just order online or give them a ring using the number provided in the article.

We’ve got all the deets on Kicks Bar and Restaurant, like how much things cost, where they’re at, how to reach them, and tons more.

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