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Baboo Cafeteria Menu Prices, Location, How To Order Online, And More 

Ghana has many eateries, but some are special.

While some Ghanaian restaurants serve international food, others specialize in indigenous cuisine.

This post takes you to one of Ghana’s greatest eateries, Kumasi.

Babu café is the restaurant. Price, location, and ordering from Baboo cafeteria will be covered in this article. Contact information and more will be included.

About Bamboo Cafeteria

Baboo Cafeteria serves inexpensive, high-quality meals.

The Kumasi restaurant serves numerous cuisines.

Talented chefs employ fresh ingredients to make healthy, tasty food.

Baboo Cafeteria serves appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and burgers.

You can also order pasta or steak dinners and ice cream sundaes or brownies with ice cream.

Baboo Cafeteria serves pancakes, eggs Benedict, and omelets with bacon or sausage links, as well as lunch items like grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup on the side, which are filling and delicious.

If you like local food, this eatery has it all.

Baboo Cafeteria Menu Prices

Finger Licking GoodPrice
Fried chicken with chips / RiceGHS 25.00
Grilled chicken with chips / fried riceGHS 30.00
Chicken kebab with chips / fried riceGHS 30.00
Fried fish with chips / fried riceGHS 40.00
Asian CuisinePrice
Teriyaki chicken with steamed/fried riceGHS 40.00
Kung pao spicy chicken noodlesGHS 30.00
Veg / chicken / beef fried riceGHS 25.00
Veg/meat spring rollsGHS 10.00

How To Order At Vic Baboo’s Cafeteria

Please phone +233203737816 to order from Babu’s Cafeteria. You will be asked for your food order, full details, and location. After receiving the appropriate information, they will process your order and deliver your food within minutes.

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Baboo’s Cafeteria Location And Contact Details 

Tel: +233203737816

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Address: 18 Obei Nkwantabisa Ave, Kumasi Ghana


Anytime you want to eat at a restaurant, there are so many things you will consider, such as the best and most affordable restaurants near you.

While searching for affordable ones, you will also be searching for restaurants in Ghana with their menu prices.

And in this article, we decided to cover one restaurant that falls under all the categories. This article talked about one of the best restaurants where you can have a diet anytime in Kumasi.

Baboo Cafeteria has been operating for over 20 years, serving its customers delicious meals. If you want to try them out, we made sure this article includes everything you will be looking for about this restaurant.

This article will find Baboo Cafeteria menu prices, how to order from Bamboo Cafeteria, and their contact details.

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