restaurants in kumasi city mall

All The Restaurants In Kumasi City Mall

This article will take you through all the restaurants in Kumasi city mall.

Kumasi Mall is one of Ghana’s biggest and best malls with so many stores, restaurants, and awesome occasion venues.

If you are around Kumasi Mall and want to know all the restaurants inside Kumasi Mall and their menu prices, this article is for you.

Aside from giving you all the available restaurants inside the mall, I will also cover contact details of all the malls, plus how to order online from the restaurants inside Kumasi City Mall.

Though Ghana has an abundance of restaurants, not all restaurants are good. Some are overrated or just poor quality. 

Many things can affect how well a restaurant serves its food, including customer service, cleanliness, and ambiance. 

In this article, we’ll help you find the best restaurants in Kumasi Mall that satisfy your palette with great food.

Kindly note that all the restaurants we will talk about have good reviews on various food review sites like Tripadvisor, and these restaurants are loved by Ghanaians, probably due to their unique flavors.

Businesses operating in Kumasi Mall must realize that they are competing with the major food and beverage industry players. 

The competition is at the national level and within the mall itself. No restaurant in Kumasi Mall is not doing its best to maintain and get new customers.

Because of this, if you are in a restaurant and don’t prepare delicious food, people shopping there or coming there to eat will not eat at your place.

About Kumasi City Mall

Kumasi City Mall is one of the most well-known and also one of the biggest malls in Kumasi. It is the first of its kind in the Ashanti region.

The project cost $95 million to construct and took the developers 24 months to complete.

Kumasi Mall is owned by Delico Property Investment Ghana Limited, and they are the same group that owns the Achimota Mall.

The mall’s building started on June 6, 2014, when the Asantehene Otumfour Osei Tutu II cut the sod for the construction. 

The Kumasi city mall was then opened on May 10, 2017. Since then, it has been serving the people in the Ashanti region with everything they need.

The mall is located at Asokwa, which is inside Kumasi municipality. 

The Kumasi City mall offers grocery and foodstuffs, fashion and clothing, budget and designer, restaurants, theatres, electronics and telecommunications, fashion, beauty and wellness.

Now let us dive into all the restaurants you can find inside the Kumasi city mall, their menu prices, contact details, and more. 

Restaurants In Kumasi City Mall


peterpan kumasi city mall

If you love pizza, then you should check out Peterpan. It’s not just the best pizza in Kumasi, but it’s one of the best pizzas we’ve ever had, and it still happens to be our favorite.

It’s not just their pizza that makes them stand out, though. Their friendly staff and great atmosphere make Peterpan an absolute must-visit.

Peterpan Kumasi Mall Branch Location And Contact Details 

Peterpan Kumasi Mall Location And Contact Details 

Location: Kumasi City Mall

Tel: 057 773 7708

For their food menu prices, you can check out below:

Peterpan restaurant Kumasi city mall branch

Peterpan restaurant East Legon branch 

Peterpan restaurant Madina branch 

Peterpan restaurant Osu branch

Peterpan restaurant Takoradi branch

Biggs Inn

biggs inn restaurant

Biggs Inn has an eclectic menu with items ranging from steaks and seafood to pizzas and pasta dishes! You can’t go wrong with this place.

They have an awesome restaurant design where you can take awesome pictures whilst waiting for your meal.

Biggs Inn Location And Contact Details 

  • Location: Kumasi City Mall
  • Tel: +233247986686 / 0322496228
  • Facebook:

You can click here to check out Biggs Inn menu prices.

1999 Lounge 

1999 lounge

1999 Lounge is known for its incredible drinks selection. They have over 80 different kinds of beers and 25 different kinds of wines.

They also offer a variety of other mixed drinks like Ceres, Don Simon, pineapple juice, martinis, and margaritas if you prefer something non-alcoholic. 

You can also order appetizers there if you want something light before heading out for dinner with friends or family.

1999 Lounge Location And Contact Details 

  • Location: Lake Rd, Kumasi
  • Tel: +233557855453 

You can click here to check out the 1999 lounge menu prices.

Pinkberry Kumasi City Mall

pinkberry kumasi city mall

Pinkberry KCM is another awesome restaurant if you want to try something new. Their selection is extensive, and they have a variety of healthy options.

Their restaurant is known for its extraordinary meal, which stands out from the other restaurants inside Kumasi Mall.

Pinkberry KCM Location And Contact Details 

  • Location: City Mall, Kumasi
  • Tel: 0552511488

You can click here to check the Pinkberry KCM menu prices.


jivendi restaurant

If you are looking for a place to grab some delicious food and drinks after work, Jivendi is the place to go inside Kumasi City Mall.

The restaurant has an extensive menu of beer, wine, liquors, cocktails, and more.

Jivendi Location And Contact Details 

  • Location: City Mall, Kumasi
  • Tel: 0557570554

 You can click here to check out the Jivendi menu prices.

Akenti Restaurant 

akenti restaurant

Akenti restaurant is a popular spot for foodies. The restaurant’s menu includes noodles, sushi rolls, and hot pots. 

The atmosphere is fun and casual. You will feel right at home with friends or family here.

Akenti Restaurant Location And Contact Details 

  • Location: City Mall, Kumasi
  • Tel: 0208000740

 You can click here to check out Akenti Restaurant’s menu prices.

Pice Pizza And Restaurant

pice pizza kumasi city mall

This restaurant has some unique dishes on its menu, so it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for something new. 

They also offer delivery so if you can’t make it out there, and when it comes to food pricing, they also have the best and most affordable food prices compared to the other malls inside Kumasi Mall.

Pice Pizza and Restaurant Kumasi Mall Branch Location And Contact Details

  • Location: Kumasi city mall
  • Tel: 054 167 5935
  • Website:

For their food menu prices, you can check out below:

The Basement Bar And Lounge 

the basement scene

The basement bar and lounge are among the best restaurants to have all your local and international meals.

The bar is known for hosting many events, so if you are looking for a place to eat and have fun, you should try out the basement bar and lounge anytime you visit Kumasi city mall.

The Basement Bar and Lounge Location And Contact Details 

  • Location: Kumasi City Mall
  • Tel: 024 476 8153
  • Website:

 You can check the basement bar and lounge location menu prices.

Sweet Roses Chinese Food 

sweet roses chinese restaurant kumasi city mall

This restaurant has been around since 1992 and is still going strong. And they also have a branch inside Kumasi city mall. 

It’s known for its delicious food and excellent service, so you can’t go wrong if you want to try it out.

Sweet Roses Chinese Food Kumasi Contact Details And Location 

  • Location: Kumasi Kumasi City Mall
  • Website: Check it out 
  • Tel: 0540305999

For their food menu prices, you can check out below:


Kumasi City Mall happens to be one of the most popular malls in Ghana – Kumasi.

The restaurant is packed with everything you need, including spaces for occasions.

If you are visiting the Kumasi city mall and wondering if you can get food to buy, the answer is yes. There are plenty of restaurants in Kumasi.

This article covered all the restaurants that can be found in Kumasi city mall. In recap, the restaurants in Kumasi City Mall are:

  • Sweet Roses Chinese food
  • Peterpan 
  • Biggs Inn
  • 1999 lounge 
  • Pinkberry KCM 
  • Jivendi 
  • Akenti restaurant 
  • Pice pizza and restaurant 
  • The basement bar and lounge
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