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Can I Travel to Ghana Without Visa?

Everybody will want to visit Ghana because of its peaceful nature, several tourist attractions, rich culture, stunning landscapes, and more.

You wish to travel to Ghana but you may be wondering whether you need a visa or not. There are various requirements to fulfill before you can enter the country, of Ghana.

In this article, we will answer the question Can I enter Ghana without a visa?’’, the entry requirements to Ghana.

The Entry Requirements To Ghana

All visitors to Ghana must satisfy the entry requirements. The requirements are :

Valid Passport

If you are visiting Ghana, you must have at your disposal a valid passport that is at least 6 months away from the expiry date.

Valid Visa

To visit Ghana you are required to have a valid visa. There is an exception to this requirement.

Traveling To Ghana Without A Visa

There is a visa-free agreement between Ghana and a few countries to allow citizens of those countries to come to Ghana without a visa.

The countries whose citizens do not need visas to enter Ghana are ECOWAS countries. If you are a citizen of any of the 15 Economic Community of West States, you can enter Ghana without a visa.

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In our previous article, we mentioned these ECOWAS countries in Africa.

Visa on Arrival

Citizens from some countries can travel to Ghana without a visa but can get a visa on arrival in Ghana.

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This is to say you can travel to Ghana without a visa. However, you will have to get a visa at the airport upon your arrival in the country.

Such countries with visas on arrival include Category 1 countries: citizens of this country can get visas on arrival at any port of entry into Ghana.

These countries include Egypt, Brazil, Kenya, Lebanon, and several others and Category 2 countries: citizens of these countries can get a visa on arrival in Ghana only if they arrive at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra.

The countries include Iraq, China, Iran, Syria, Yemen, and several others.


Ghana provides an e-visa service that allows you to apply for a visa online before you travel to Ghana.

This service is available to all countries except the 15 ECOWAS countries who can enter Ghana without a visa.

Note: you should know that the e-service and visa on arrival are not available to all travelers. you should check with the Ghanaian embassy in your country of residence to confirm your eligibility.

Can I Enter Ghana Without A Visa?

A person who is not a citizen of Ghana must have a valid passport or travel documents and a valid visa before entering Ghana.

What Can I Do If I Overstay In Ghana?

You will be required to pay a fine to the Ghana Immigration Service if I go over the allotted number of days.

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The Ghana Immigration Service has announced a punishment of GHS 60 for citizens of ECOWAS nations who overstay their visa.


Some visitors are allowed to enter Ghana without visas. Citizens of ECOWAS countries can enter Ghana without visas but with their ECOWAS passports.

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Ghana also has an agreement with some countries whose citizens can enter the country without visas but can obtain visas at the airport.

E-visas are also available to all countries except ECOWAS countries and it is advisable to confirm online whether you are eligible for this service or not.

Make sure you have satisfied the entry requirement before you decide to travel to Ghana.

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