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Is Ghana A Safe Country To Visit?

Ghana is among the most peaceful countries in the world with its natural beauty of vegetation, vibrant market, and nightlife in its capital, Accra.

The country also possesses stunning landscapes, waterfalls lush vegetation rich culture, and more.

However, as with many destinations, safety concerns might arise. when planning a trip to Ghana, it is very important to be aware of the potential risks and how to stay safe as you enjoy your visit.

We will provide you with the safety situation in Ghana and give you practical tips to help you have lasting memories and a safe experience.

Safety Situations And Practical Tips While On Your Visit To Ghana

Below are some potential safety situations and how to avoid them.

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The Crime And Violence In Ghana

Ghana is not an exception to the many countries in the world that experiences crimes and violence and travelers to Ghana can be targets to these.

When we compare the crime and violence rate in Ghana to other countries, Ghana’s crime rate is relatively very low.

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Most of the popular crimes against tourists or travelers to Ghana are pickpocketing and bag snatching and these mostly happening crowded areas such as public transport areas, and markets.

Muggings and street robbery are also very common in larger cities such as Kumasi and Accra.

Practical Tips To Avoid The Crime And Violence In Ghana

To reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime, you need to avoid carrying huge sums of money or valuable items on you, especially in crowded places.

Make sure you keep your personal belongings close to you. Also, be very vigilant in your surroundings. Use a travel wallet to keep your money and important documents secured.

The Political Situation in Ghana

The country, Ghana has a very stable political climate, and since the country is a democratic state, free and fair elections have been held regularly since 1992.

It is rare to experience political violence in Ghana. Protests and demonstrations sometimes occur which results in violence.

Practical Tips To Avoid The Political Violence In Ghana

You need to stay informed on current events. you also need to get rid of large gatherings, demonstrations, and protests, especially in the days leading up to elections.

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The Health Risks In Ghana

Ghana is located in the tropical region and tourists are at risk of varying health issues such as typhoid, malaria, cholera, and several others.

Practical Tips To Avoid The Health Risks In Ghana

It is very important to consult your travel health clinic before your trip to Ghana to ensure that you are up to date with all the necessary medications and vaccinations.

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Food And Waterborne Illnesses

Food and waterborne illnesses are common in Ghana and so travelers be very cautious to avoid them.

Practical Tips To Avoid Food And Waterborne Illnesses In Ghana

To avoid this, you have to drink only boiled or bottled water and avoid street food especially if it is not served or cooked hot.

Road Safety In Ghana

Poor road conditions, reckless driving, and inadequate lighting system have made road accidents a significant risk in Ghana.

Practical Tips To Avoid Road Accidents In Ghana

When you visit Ghana and want to drive, be aware of the risks and follow duly traffic laws. It is also ideal to use a renowned taxi service, especially at night.

 Is Ghana A Safe Country To Visit?

Ghana located in West Africa is a very safe place to visit but you still have to exercise caution for potential risks.


Ghana is relatively a safe country to visit as compared to other countries. However, you need to take precautions to ensure that you are safe.

Try as much as possible to avoid large gatherings, keep your personal belongings close to you, avoid protests and demonstrations, and must also take precautions against health risks.

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When you follow all that is said in this article, I promise you to have a very memorable and safe visit to Ghana.

We covered some important safety situations and practical tips to avoid when you visit Ghana.

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