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Jivendi Restaurant Menu Prices, Contact Details And Location, How To Order Online And More

Jivendi Restaurant, nestled inside Kumasi City Mall, stands out as one of the premier dining destinations for a delightful culinary experience, whether it be breakfast, supper, or dinner.

As we explore the reasons behind its acclaim, you’ll discover why Jivendi has earned its place among the best restaurants in the region.

The allure of Jivendi lies not only in its convenient location within Kumasi City Mall but also in its commitment to offering a menu that satisfies diverse tastes and preferences.

From the first meal of the day to the last, Jivendi ensures a memorable dining experience characterized by quality and variety.

Stay tuned until the end of this article, where we’ll delve into the specifics of Jivendi Restaurant’s menu prices, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the culinary offerings and their affordability.

Additionally, we’ll furnish you with essential contact information, making it easy for you to connect with Jivendi for inquiries or reservations.

Discover the seamless process of ordering from Jivendi, and gain insights into the unique features that set this restaurant apart.

By the end of this exploration, you’ll be well-acquainted with Jivendi Restaurant, and we trust that your culinary journey with them will be nothing short of exceptional.

About Jivendi Restaurant

Jivendi, situated within Kumasi Mall, has successfully carved a niche for itself, drawing in a considerable number of patrons in comparison to other eateries within the mall.

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My initial encounter with Jivendi unfolded while perusing my favorite dining options within Kumasi Mall.

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Driven by a fondness for desserts and a lifelong appreciation for local cuisine, the mention of Jivendi among the top restaurants piqued my curiosity. Intrigued, I embarked on a visit to Kumasi City Mall to sample their offerings.

What awaited me at Jivendi surpassed expectations, presenting a culinary experience marked by a harmonious blend of authentic and expertly prepared flavors.

The restaurant’s distinctive appeal lies not only in its diverse and delectable menu but also in its affordability, making it an attractive choice for those seeking quality dining without breaking the bank.

With each subsequent visit, I found myself increasingly captivated by the tempting flavors and budget-friendly prices, creating a culinary magnetism that kept me coming back.

Jivendi’s ability to seamlessly fuse authenticity, well-crafted flavors, and affordability has undoubtedly contributed to its popularity among patrons.

This restaurant has not only captured my taste buds but has established itself as a go-to destination for those in pursuit of a satisfying and reasonably priced dining experience within Kumasi Mall.

Jivendi Restaurant Menu Prices 

jivendi restaurant menu


  • Vegetable rice – GHS 40.00
  • Plain rice – GHS 40.00
  • Fried rice – GHS 40.00
  • Jollof rice – GHS 40.00


  • Kontomire – GHS 40.00
  • Beef sauce – GHS 50.00
  • Fish sauce – GHS 50.00
  • Chicken sauce – GHS 50.00
  • Tomato sauce – GHS 40.00

Fufu With: 

  1. Abunuabunu – GHS 40.00
  2. Werewere – GHS 35.00
  3. Groundnut soup – GHS 40.00
  4. Palmnut soup – GHS 40.00
  5. Light soup (Goat) – GHS 30.00
  6. Chicken soup – GHS 40.00
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Banku With:

  • Fish – GHS 45.00
  • Burger – GHS 40.00
  • Okro soup – GHS 45.00
  • Potato Chips With:
  • Grilled chicken – GHS 4
  • Fish with pepper – GHS 25.00
  • Tilapia – GHS 50.00
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  • Vital milk – GHS 7.00
  • Mixed fruit – GHS 7.00
  • Visco malt – GHS 9.00
  • Can sprite – GHS 7.00
  • Pure heavens – GHS 8.00
  • Don Simon – GHS 15.00
  • Cocktail – GHS 15.00
  • Can coke – GHS 7.00
  • Can Fanta – GHS 7.00


  • Savanna – GHS 10.00
  • Can Star – GHS 10.00
  • Club – GHS 10.00
  • Gulder – GHS 10.00
  • Smirnoff – GHS 10.00
  • Guinness – GHS 10.00
  • Bottle Star – GHS 15.00
  • Red Grape – GHS 15.00
  • Club – GHS 10.00
  • Fizz – GHS 15.00
  • Heineken – GHS 20.00

Jivendi Location And Contact Details 

How To Order From Jivendi Restaurant

For those unable to make it to the enchanting ambiance of Jivendi’s restaurant at Kumasi City Mall, the convenience of doorstep dining is just a phone call away.

Jivendi extends its culinary offerings beyond the restaurant walls, providing a seamless ordering and delivery service.

To embark on this hassle-free culinary journey, all it takes is a call to Jivendi’s delivery number, 0244284030.

This dedicated line ensures a straightforward process for placing your order. Upon connecting with Jivendi’s delivery team, you’ll be prompted to provide essential details to facilitate the smooth processing of your request.

Expect to share information about the delectable dishes you wish to savor, your current location, and, of course, your contact details. Once these details are conveyed, the diligent team at Jivendi takes charge to ensure a prompt and efficient delivery of your chosen culinary delights right to your doorstep.

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Whether you’re indulging in the comfort of your home or organizing a gathering, Jivendi’s delivery service ensures that their flavorsome offerings reach you with convenience. Elevate your dining experience by enjoying the authentic and well-cooked flavors of Jivendi, delivered directly to you.

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When it comes to savoring the best in local and international cuisine, look no further than Jivendi, with a restaurant conveniently situated near you.

In this comprehensive article, we’ve delved into the essence of Jivendi, covering essential aspects such as menu prices, locations, and the seamless process of ordering online for doorstep delivery.

Explore the diverse and delectable menu that Jivendi has to offer, catering to a range of culinary preferences and ensuring a delightful dining experience.

Whether you’re in the mood for local delicacies or international flavors, Jivendi’s menu is designed to satisfy discerning taste buds.

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