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How To Buy A Land In Ghana [Step By Step Guide]

Are you looking for steps to buying a property in Ghana? How to acquire land in Ghana? Or how to buy land in Ghana?

Then read this article as we have covered everything you need to know when it comes to building in Ghana, after this article.

You are never going to search for how to acquire land in Ghana again because this article is equipped with all the steps in buying land in Ghana without getting scammed.

There is no denying that Ghana has its charm. The country is one of Africa’s best places to be regarding hospitality. 

If you are looking for how to buy land in Ghana, you are not alone. People worldwide have been trying to do the same thing in Ghana.

How to buy land in Ghana is one of the most frequently asked questions on Google, and because of this, we will take you through everything you need to know when it comes to buying land in Ghana

So, before you embark on your search for land or even once you’ve identified a potential location, gathering information about the process and how to buy land in Ghana is vital for the success of your investment. 

Below we will break down this complex process into simple steps, so you can successfully take the first steps toward owning your piece of Ghanaian land.

If you are considering what steps to follow to buy land in Ghana, let me share my experiences and knowledge.

You might wonder, will this article cover everything you need to know about buying land in Ghana? Will this writer give me the correct information about purchasing land in Ghana?

Well, I bought land in Ghana the right way. Here’s everything I learned to help you buy land in Ghana without these headaches.

What Is The Size Of A Plot Of Land In Ghana?

In Ghana, the standard size of a plot of land is 100 x 100 feet or 100 x 80 feet. The measurement depends on the region you are buying the plot of land. In Kumasi, the size of a plot of land is either 100 x 80 feet or 90 x 80 feet.

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The size of a plot of land might also be different for other regions in Ghana, especially the regions that have a smaller population. 

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Types Of Land In Ghana

Before buying land in Ghana, you first need to know the types of land in Ghana. Here are the four types of land in Ghana:

  • Customary/Stool land 
  • Vested land 
  • Family/Private land 
  • Government land

The ones that require a lot of processes are the government and the vested land. To purchase these lands, you must fill out an application at the Lands Commission or the regional lands commission.

When we talk about customary land, these are the lands that belong to the chiefs, and these are the lands that are easy to buy because you will be buying straight from the chief.

How To Buy A Land In Ghana

Here are the steps on how to buy a land in Ghana without getting scammed:

  • Know The Types Of Land You Want
  • Now Start Searching For The Land
  • Make Inquiries And Checks
  • Obtain A Cadastral Plan
  • Get To Know The Lease Period Of The Land You Are Buying
  • Drafting And Signing Of The Land You Have Purchased
  • After Buying, Register Your Land
a plot of land

Before buying land in Ghana, here are some steps to follow. Now let us dive into the guidelines to buy land in Ghana.

Know The Types Of Land You Want 

To buy land in Ghana, you must have the type of land you want. Are you looking for land to build a house? Are you going to use it to build a factory?

After knowing all these, you then have to decide on the size of land you want to buy. Knowing this will help you decide the best place to buy your land.

Now Start Searching For The Land 

You can then start searching for the land. Since you know the location you want, you can start visiting those locations and then going through the available lands and talking to the rightful owners.

If you also want to buy a plot of land in Ghana because you are currently not living in the country or for your reason, many sites in Ghana will help you buy your dream land in Ghana.

You can visit Meqasa.com and ghanapropertycentre.com and browse the available to buy your preferred land.

Make Inquiries And Checks 

When buying land in Ghana, you will have to be careful. Some people do not own land but will try to sell the land to people. 

What they mostly do is they will offer the land to you at a lower price. You will then feel like you have gotten land for a lower price and proceed to make payment.

Later the owner of the land will come, and then you will see yourself scammed (this has happened to me before, so I know what I am saying)

So when you set your eyes on the land, do thorough research, get to know who owns the land, and check to see the name on that land’s papers. Ask the neighbours around that place to see if the land is available for sale.

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And also, check to see if that area is a flood zone. You see, many people tend to buy land during the dry season. 

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And when we hit the rainy season, it starts to flood and then it is at that time they get to see that they have purchased land in an area that isn’t supposed to be sold.

Obtain A Cadastral Plan 

When you finally decide to buy the land, ask the surveyor to provide you with the cadastral plan. A cadastral plan is what shows the site plan; it helps you know the boundaries of the land and their measurement.

Getting the cadastral plan also makes you the actual owner to avoid future disputes. This is because there will be two cadastral plans, one will be with the surveyor, and one will also be with the lands commission.

Get To Know The Lease Period Of The Land You Are Buying

Lands in Ghana can only be done as a lease, meaning the land will be sold to you for a limited time. In Ghana, the maximum ownership duration for expatriates is 50 years and 99 years for locals.

So when buying land in Ghana, make sure to ask questions about the lease period and also ask if the lease period can be extended or not.

Drafting And Signing Of The Land You Have Purchased 

sample of land document in Ghana
sample of land documents in Ghana

Before proceeding to make any payment, be sure to go through all the papers. If you can get a lawyer or a real estate broker by your side to do the review for you, it will help you a long way.

This is because the broker will ensure everything is legit and original before allowing you to make any payments.

After Buying, Register Your Land 

Now you have done all the necessary investigations and have finally purchased the land, the next thing to do is to register the land in your name. 

Head to the nearest lands commission and then show them the transaction receipt indicating you have purchased the land. 

When you can prove that the land is now yours, the lands commission will give you a title certificate and a cadastral plan (please know that you will not receive this plan on that same day, it might take days or weeks)

The Best Way To Buy A Plot Of Land Without Getting Scammed?

One of the best ways to buy a plot of land is to buy from a trusted real estate company in Ghana.

Buying land from a real estate company is one of the easiest and smoothest ways to become a landlord.

The process is smooth because the real estate company will handle a lot of the paperwork.

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There are estate brokers available to help you in any step you decide on after buying the land from them.

These real estate companies can even help you build your dream home or company from the land you bought from them 

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Companies that Sell Lands In Ghana

  • DK Surveying
  • Appolonia
  • Green Real Estate
  • Kwanim Properties
  • RockHill Properties 
  • Morning Links
  • Shandonia Properties
  • CBC Properties
  • Everest
  • Brierly Hill
  • Afric Realtors

Best Places To Buy Land In Ghana 

Now Let us cover the best places to buy land in Ghana.

Land For Sale In Accra 

Since Accra is the capital town of Ghana, that is where everything goes on, from companies to clubs and even to churches.

If you want to buy land in Ghana, you can check out lands for sale in Accra and purchase your preferred land.

The cost of land in Accra ranges from GHS 40,000 to GHS 120,000,000.

Land For Sale In Kumasi 

We all know Kumasi (Oseikrom) to be the second capital of Ghana. You can get lands for sale in Kumasi at a lesser price as compared to the costs of Accra lands. 

The price of land in Kumasi ranges from GHS 30,000 to GHS 900,000, depending on the location. You can read our guide on the price of land in Kumasi and the best places to buy land in Kumasi.

Land For Sale In Tema 

Tema is an industrial area, so if you are planning on buying a plot of land for business or planning to build a house and live or give it out for rent, then Tema is the right spot for you. Tema has become a very busy place due to the port.

You can check out the lands available for sale in Tema and then make a deal on the one you prefer.

The price of land in Tema ranges from GHS 50,000 to GHS 2,000,000, depending on the location and what you intend to use the land for.

What to Consider When Buying A Property In Ghana?

  • Check the area before buying the property
  • Make sure to make payments through banks
  • Make sure you don’t fall for scammers who lure you with cheap properties
  • Do a background check and ask the neighbors some questions regarding the property you want to buy
  • Verify the availability of the land at the Ghana lands commission


Many people will want to know about the process involved in buying a plot of land. 

And everyone also deserves to know at least a fair idea of what they are trying to do.

People planning on buying a plot of land tend to wonder about the process they have to undertake to own a plot of land in Ghana; that is what this article is all about.

In this article, we covered how to buy land in Ghana. We dived into the process of things to look out for when buying a plot of land.

In recap covered the types of land in Ghana are:

  • Customary/Stool land 
  • Vested land 
  • Family/Private land 
  • Government land

We also explained all the types of land and the ones that are easy to buy.

For people not in the country who want to purchase land in Ghana, you have to buy from a real estate agency, and in this article, we talked about the best real estate agencies you can buy land in Ghana from.

If you are a foreigner too, you can check out our article covering can a foreigner buy land in Ghana. In that article, we covered all the steps you need to go through when buying land as a foreigner in Ghana.

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