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Pizzaman Ahodwo Branch Menu Prices, Location And How To Order: An Unforgettable Experience

PizzaMan, a culinary venture born from the shared passion for pizza by friends Ebenezer Essuman Amankwah and Christian Boakye Yiadom, has quickly evolved into a prominent pizza destination.

The founders, drawing from their experiences working in pizzerias during high school and college, envisioned a pizza shop dedicated to crafting artisanal pizzas of the highest quality.

Their commitment to utilizing fresh, locally sourced ingredients set the foundation for PizzaMan’s success.

From its humble origins in Kumasi, PizzaMan has burgeoned into a network of over 200 locations nationwide, each striving to evoke a welcoming neighborhood pizzeria ambiance.

At the heart of PizzaMan’s offerings is a dedication to authenticity, with family recipes passed down through generations shaping the creation of signature elements such as pizza dough, sauce, and other daily in-house preparations.

While renowned for its exceptional pizzas, PizzaMan goes beyond, presenting a diverse menu featuring Italian-American classics.

From delectable pasta and fresh salads to hearty sandwiches, flavorful wings, and tempting desserts, PizzaMan aims to satisfy a spectrum of culinary preferences.

An integral part of PizzaMan’s ethos is the sourcing of ingredients from local vendors and farms, emphasizing the celebration of fresh, seasonal flavors.

This commitment to quality, both in terms of ingredients and customer service, has propelled PizzaMan to the forefront, solidifying its status as one of America’s most cherished pizza chains.

Pizzaman Ahodwo Branch Menu Prices

Margherita (Tomato Sauce, Cheese)

  • Small – GHS 35
  • Medium – GHS 50
  • Large – GHS 70
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Crisibreezi (Beef, Chicken Breast, Brisket, Mortadella, Ham, Pepperoni (optional)

  • Small – GHS 55
  • Medium – GHS 75
  • Large – GHS 95
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  • Obiridan (Beef, Chicken, Tuna, Barbecue Sauce)
  • Small – GHS 60
  • Medium – GHS 85
  • Large – GHS 110

Tuna Pizza (Tuna)

  • Small – GHS 40
  • Medium – GHS 60
  • Large – GHS 80

Beef &Tuna (Beef, Tuna)

  • Small – GHS 45
  • Medium – GHS 67
  • Large – GHS 85

Smoked Chicken Fillet & Brisket Pizza

  • Small – GHS 45
  • Medium – GHS 60
  • Large – GHS 80

Chicham (Chicken,Ham)

  • Small – GHS 45
  • Medium – GHS 65
  • Large – GHS 80

Gretaben (Beef, Chicken, Pepperoni)

  • Small – GHS 42
  • Medium – GHS 64
  • Large – GHS 83

Kersame (Beef, Chicken)

  • Small – GHS 44
  • Medium – GHS 58
  • Large – GHS 80

Pepa Babe (Beef, Pepperoni)

  • Small – GHS 44
  • Medium – GHS 59
  • Large – GHS 80

Panchito (Chicken, Pepperoni)

  • Small – GHS 43
  • Medium – GHS 66
  • Large – GHS 87

Hawaiian (Ham, Pineapple)

  • Small – GHS 45
  • Medium – GHS 60
  • Large – GHS 80

Dukeman (Beef, Chicken, Pepperoni, Mushroom, Tuna, Barbecue Sauce)

  • Small – GHS 60
  • Medium – GHS 100
  • Large – GHS 120


  • Fried Rice & 3pc Wings – GHS 35
  • Jollof Rice & 3pc Wings – GHS 35
  • Fried Rice & 6pc Wings – GHS 45
  • Jollof Rice & 6pc Wings – GHS 45
  • Yam Chips & 3pc Wings – GHS 35
  • Fries & 3pc Wings – GHS 35
  • Chickenman Fried rice & 3pcs Wings – GHS 40
  • Chickenman Jollof rice & 3pcs Wings – GHS 40
  • Chickenman Fried rice & 6pcs Wings – GHS 50
  • Chicken Man Jollof rice & 6pcs Wings – GHS 50

Bucket Combos

  • Mini Bucket (Jollof /Fried Rice & 8pcs Wings + Coleslaw) – GHS 55
  • Maxi Bucket (Jollof /Fried Rice & 12pcs Wings + Coleslaw) – GHS 95
  • Mini Bucket (Chickenman Jollof /Fried Rice & 8pcs Wings) – GHS 75
  • Maxi Bucket (Chickenman Jollof/fried rice 12pcs wings) – GHS 115
  • Mini Bucket (Chickenman Noodles) – GHS 55
  • Maxi Bucket (Chickenman Noodles) – GHS 85

Meat Bites (Pizza)

Klarabella (Beef Pizza) Beef, Onions, Sweet Corn

  • Small – GHS 40
  • Medium – GHS 55
  • Large – GHS 75
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Daisy Lawre (Chicken Pizza) Chicken Fillet, Onion, Green Pepper

  • Small – GHS 40
  • Medium – GHS 55
  • Large – GHS 75
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Laprisirip (Pepperoni Pizza) Salami Pepperoni

  • Small – GHS 40
  • Medium – GHS 55
  • Large – GHS 75

Chicken Only

  • 6 Piece Of Wings – GHS 25
  • 8 Piece Of Wings – GHS 30
  • 15 Piece Of Wings – GHS 50
  • 24 Piece Of Wings – GHS 75
  • 4 Piece Of Drumsticks- GHS 30
  • 8 Piece Of Drumsticks – GHS 50
  • 12 Piece Of Drumsticks – GHS 75


  • Chickenman Fried Rice – GHS 30
  • Chickenman Jollof Rice – GHS 30
  • Yam Chips – GHS 20
  • Regular Fried Rice – GHS 25
  • Regular Jollof Rice – GHS 25

Asti (Mushroom Pizza) Mushroom, Onion

  • Small – GHS 40
  • Medium – GHS 55
  • Large – GHS 70

For kids

  • Fried Rice + 2pcs Wings – GHS 25
  • Jollof Rice + 2pcs Wings – GHS 25
  • French Fries + 2pcs Wings – GHS 25

Ways To Order From Pizzaman Ahodwo Branch

There are three ways to order from Pizzaman, and they:

  • Using Glovoapp
  • Ordering through their social handles
  • Tex to Order
  • Drive – in

How To Order From Pizzaman Ahodwo Branch By Contacting Them On Their Social Channel

Indeed, Pizzaman extends its reach to the realm of social media, providing an additional avenue for customers to place orders. For a seamless ordering process, interested individuals can connect with Pizzaman through their social media handles:

To initiate an order, simply visit any of these social media platforms and reach out to them. The responsive team at Pizzaman will promptly engage by sending a form for you to complete.

Within the form, you’ll be prompted to specify the desired food items, and provide your full name, address, and contact number.

Following this, you can proceed to make the payment or opt for the convenience of paying upon arrival.

Upon completing the necessary steps and furnishing the essential information, anticipate the delightful arrival of your chosen pizza, courtesy of Pizzaman’s efficient delivery service.

Text To Order

Pizzaman’s commitment to innovation is showcased through its pioneering introduction of a chatbot named Chris.

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This marks a significant advancement, positioning Pizzaman as the first restaurant to offer a chatbot for seamless order placement.

Engaging with Chris is a user-friendly experience, as you can conveniently chat with the bot on WhatsApp to place your order.

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This innovative approach reflects Pizzaman’s dedication to enhancing customer convenience and embracing technological solutions in the realm of food ordering.

Here is how to Order from Pizza Man by chatting with their chatbot Chris:

To place an order with Pizzaman through their chatbot Chris, follow these simple steps:

  1. Message Pizzaman Chatbot Chris on WhatsApp: You can initiate the process by messaging Chris on WhatsApp at 0553871228.
  2. Bot Menu: The bot will present you with options such as placing an order, redeeming a voucher, reporting an issue, or giving feedback. Choose “Place Order.”
  3. Food Selection:
    • You will receive a link to select the food items you want to order.
    • Browse through the options and add your selected items to the cart.
  4. Proceed to Checkout: On the chat screen, click “Buy Now.” Choose your preferred delivery option, in this case, “Delivery Within Kumasi.”
  5. Provide Location: Share your location details or the name of your location.
  6. Delivery Fee: The bot will inform you about the delivery fee.
  7. Personal Information: Provide your Name, Active Contact Number, Popular Landmarks to locate you, and any additional delivery instructions.
  8. Confirmation: After providing the necessary information, your order will be confirmed, and your delicious food will be on its way to you within minutes.

Enjoy your Pizzaman experience.

Pizzaman Ahodwo Branch Location And Contact Details

  • Malcolm Road, Kumasi (click here to get the Direction using Google maps)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • 0552817948 / 0552817984
  • Monday to Sunday – 10:00 am to 12:00 am


Pizzaman holds an esteemed position as one of Kumasi’s premier pizza destinations. As they steadily expand their presence with new branches throughout the country, they continue to reign as the finest pizza restaurant in all of Ghana.

What truly sets them apart is their commitment to streamlining the ordering process and making their delectable offerings incredibly affordable, ensuring that customers receive top-quality food without breaking the bank.

Within this comprehensive article, we delve deep into the realm of Pizzaman. We explore the roots of the company, its visionary founder, and the remarkable journey that led to its establishment.

Our coverage extends to the Ahodwo branch of Pizzaman, providing an extensive insight into the menu prices.

Additionally, we furnish you with a step-by-step guide on how to place orders conveniently with Pizza Man Ahodwo Branch. To ensure you have all the essential details at your fingertips, we also include contact information for the Ahodwo branch.

This article is your definitive resource for everything related to Pizzaman, designed to offer you valuable insights and practical information to enhance your Pizzaman experience.

You can also check out the Pizzaman Kumasi alternative which is Tasty Queen Restaurant, in this article, you will know more about Tasty Queen Santasi menu prices, how to order online and more.

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