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Darling Royal Twist Price In Ghana

Delve into the world of crochet braids with the exquisite Darling Royal Twist hair extension. In this article, I’ll walk you through the wonders of crochet braids, and the uniqueness of Darling Royal Twist, and provide insights into its pricing in Ghana.

The Allure of Crochet Braids: While not as trendy as before, crochet braids continue to captivate with their speed, simplicity, and minimal impact on natural hair.

A crochet hook, resembling a latch hook, is employed to attach the hair extensions, with the only braiding involved being the creation of cornrows as a foundation.

Crochet braids serve as a protective style, preserving your natural hair while adding length. The foundation of cornrows holds the style together, with curly twist extensions attached using the looping method.

This technique ensures a swift and efficient crochet braiding process that is easy to install, manage, and maintain.

Whether your hair is natural, pressed, relaxed, or transitioning, crochet braids are an excellent protective style.

The versatility of this technique makes it suitable for various hair textures, safeguarding your hair from damage and over-styling.

Why opt for Darling Royal Twist for your crochet braids?

Firstly, it’s a cost-effective choice, requiring only three packs for a full head of hair. Weighing a mere 150 grams, it ensures comfort and freedom of movement.

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The shiny, lustrous curls and pre-twisted strands simplify the styling process, making it efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Maintenance Tips

To prolong the life of your Darling Royal Twist, detangle from tips to roots, moisturize your scalp with conditioner and oils to prevent dryness, and occasionally use serum and mousse for a smooth finish.

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Price Of Darling Royal Twist In Ghana

The price of Darling Royal Twist in Ghana varies, ranging from GHS 55 to GHS 150 per bundle.

Factors such as length, number of bundles, and purchase location contribute to the pricing. Salons across Ghana offer this exceptional hair extension, enhancing the accessibility of Darling Royal Twist for crochet braids enthusiasts.


Embrace the beauty and practicality of Darling Royal Twist in your crochet braids journey. With its affordability, lightweight nature, and stunning curls, this hair extension stands as a testament to the versatility and charm of crochet braids in the Ghanaian beauty landscape.

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